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An English Bride in ScotlandShe never expected to marryAnnabel was about to take the veil to become a nun when her mother suddenly arrived at the abbey to take her home so that she can marry the Scottish laird whois betrothed to her runaway sister She knows nothing. Alternate title An English Bride and her tits in ScotlandSeriously with all the hullabaloo made over Annabel's boobs they deserve a place in the title In fact I'm pretty sure her legendary bosom has words devoted to their bounteousness than some supporting characters within the bookMain plot who's trying to hurt AnnabelSubplot HOW TO CONTAIN THESE TITSI had a lot of problem with this book It is a very simple book there is zero complexity here It is entertaining It is a bodice ripper pure and simple Look no further for deep character development you will find none here That's not to say it's not enjoyable for me it was an extremely easy read an excellent beach read because there is no thinking involved Everything is extremely silly including the main character and there are no grand entanglements of emotion or misunderstanding that gets in the way of true love The characters are simple likeable one dimensional Well except for the main character Annabel whom I found rather intolerably stupid and untrue to character The summary pretty much says it all Annabel is plucked from a nunnery to wed a Scottish laird when her sister falls through Someone tries to hurt her They try to find the culprit all the while trying to figure out HOW TO CONTAIN HER BOOBS I really am not exaggerating about the boobs Here are some problems I had with this book that kept it from being anything than a 2 rating1 Unclear setting the setting wasambiguous There was no attempt to make any sense of the time or place And had I not read this one single sentence I would not have known the era in which the book was set 'The Waverly lord saved Ross'd da' while they were on crusade some twenty years ago' the older warrior explained He then added sorrowfully 'And Ross is paying fer it by being shackled to the English lord's daughter for the rest o' his days'Oh Crusades Oooooook Medieval time then That is it For the entire book nothing else indicated the time period Not the clothing not the speech patterns not the behavior Nothing Zip Zilch2 Speech Ye dinna ken lassie MY GODS THE ACCENT That's the problem I have with Scottish characters in a badly written book The accents and dialect are so badly exagerrated that I'm surprised there aren't a Scottish coalition of males against bad romance writers abusing and outright murdering the Scottish burr in novels“It’s pissen lass' he said helpfully since she seemed unable to voice the word herself 'It's a pissen yer needing Ye can say the word I'll no think less o' ye fer it'3 Lack of character development The main characters start off nice and pleasant and silly They end up nice and pleasant and silly There is no growth along the way They start off liking each other They end up loving each other although the journey from like to love isn't shown at all Ross is a charming hardworking amiable man He is a responsible person altogether likeable he treats Annabel well he respects her he finds her cute Annabel is silly and fluffy and completely innocent of the world She is initially scared of her marriage but then again she was absolutely miserable at the convent where she disobeyed everyone and did everything wrong anyway so it's not like marriage to a really nice guy is a worse fate They like each other They try their best with each other Annabel fails at everything very often Ross finds her adorable There's not much else to be said Oh her boobs are a huge problem No pun intended'Aye' she agreed uietly resisting the urge to try to push her breasts back down again It would just draw attention to them Besides it didn’t really do much anyway They just bounced back upAnnabel is so stupid though she disobeys Ross and rides off alone in dangerous situations when clearly someone is out to get her She's incompetent at everything regarding running a household because she's had zero experience at it Annabel moans out I am a failure every other chapter in the book She is out of character surprisingly comfortable around men considering the fact that she has been locked up in a convent for the past fifteen years with a gaggle of fellow nuns and oblates with the priest as the sole male Yet she's friendly to every man charms them all effortlessly despite her obvious stupidity and silliness Even Ross' band of battle hardened warrior falls into insta love with herIt had not gone without his notice that his wee bride had uickly wrapped his tough as rocks battle hardened warriors around her little finger during the journey home Annabel had chattered away like a magpie for the majority of the journey asking what this or that was and telling this or that taleRoss shook his head as he recalled it and how every tale had held his men enthralledAnnabel is so inconsistent in her character too For not having much experience she's surprisingly competent when it comes to treating injured men Where the hell did she glean that knowledge Wouldn't a nun to be have blushed and run away when confronted with a sick man rather than gritting her teeth and tying him down and cutting off his clothes and stitching him up She's surprisingly competent at some things despite her supposed lack of knowledge and innocence of the worldDid I mention she's silly and stupid Let me reiterate'Aye He said he saw you first' There was a brief pause and then she said tentatively 'He said ye were racing about the clearing like a chicken with its head cut off yer gown around yer head and blind from it'Did I mention her boobs Let me reiterateAnnabel pushed at her breasts trying to tuck them inside the gown a

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Aboutbeing a wife nothing about how to run a household and definitely nothing about the marriage bedHe never expected to fall in loveFrom the moment Ross MacKay sets eyes on Annabel he is taken with his shy sweet bride and the fact that s. Posted on Buried Under RomanceBe prepared to fall in love with Lynsay Sands's new Scottish romance It is a fantastic mix of tender romance sizzling passion and dangerous intrigue all smashed up in one entertaining story I'm happy to report that Sands has not lost her humorous touch with historicals nor her trademark originality when it comes to characterization Annabel about to take her vows as a nun is issued home by her mother to marry her elder sister Kate's betrothed laird Ross MacKay as Kate had previously eloped with the stable master's son Full of trepidation Annabel is surprised at the gentleness her rugged new husband displays towards her and all the pleasure found in Ross's arms Their happiness is however constantly tested by a mysterious adversary who seemed bent on harming Annabel but whose presence had the ironic or perhaps not effect of bringing the two closer together There is a lot to love in this book from the wonderful hero and heroine to the intense plot that twists and turns unexpectedly never creating a single dull moment Annabel is such am adorable person who managed to be sweet and charming despite having a mother who sent her off to a nunnery at the age of fourteen complaining constantly of her failures and lack of beauty; it's a miracle Annabel could think about her family without contempt It is eually wonderful when Ross recognizes all the gold in Annabel and instantly takes a liking to her He was always fair and kind to Annabel providing a strong support from which she can draw strength and become her own person Underneath all those rough manners Ross's kind hearted soul drew his clansmen and Annabel like a beacon and his obvious love for Annabel throughout the book is agonizingly sweet It was a delight to see by the end of the book how much Annabel had grown in confidence and courage and how much Ross's love had aided her growth I must also applaud the author for her excellent crafting of the villain whom I had least expected and I had contrived uite a few theories and found its prescience altogether conducive to Annabel and Ross's relationship albeit with less patience The action was fast paced and intense at times and I absolutely loved all the humor interspersed in the languid scenes Thank god it's Thursday All in all I found this to be a wonderful delightful read and highly recommend it to all fans of Lynsay Sands; for those who have not read one of her books you are missing out and this one does not disappoint

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Read An English Bride in Scotland í PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Ð She never expected to marryAnnabel was about to take the veil to become a nun when her mother suddenly arrived at the abbey to take her home so that she can marry the Scottish laird whois betrothed to her runaway sister She knows nothing aboutbeing a wife nHe'sblessed with lush curves only makes him utter hisown prayers of thanks But when an enemy endangers her life he'll move the Highlands themselves to save her For thoughAnnabel's not the bride he planned for she's the only woman he desir. I has such a big expectations for this book I love Lynsay Sands' historicals such as The Deed The Key and the Chase and I hoped this one will be like themIt is similar but much much blander unfortunatelyAnnabel could have been such an interesting character but unfortunately she came out like a brainless big breasted an overweighted ex nun Which she is I couldn't understand why being oveweighted was such a big issue for her I tought that in that period a big of flesh on the bones was a big plus and that being slender and skinny was a proof of poverty and malnutrition But here even if everybody around her is telling her she's beautiful and great looking she still doesn't believe them and continues with her fixations MahRoss was a big disappontment too He just was a cardboard character I felt he was there just because this was a romance novel and Annabel needed a man I didn't feel any interest in himStill the writing is good and there're some fun moments thus the 3 stars If that too would have been missing this book wouldn't have been worth 1 star Sorry