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A Warrior's Penance Read ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ç Alternate cover edition of ASIN B01GARM1MGThe thunderous conclusion to the award winning fantasy epicFollowing Stronghold’s destruction Rukh and Jessira lead the ragged remnants of the OutCastes on the long march to Ashoka There they seek sanctuary for her people but in orAlternate cover edition of ASIN B01GARM1MGThe thunderous conclusion to the award winning fantasy epicFollowing Stronghold’s destruction Rukh and Jessira lead the ragged remnants of the OutCastes on the long march to Ashoka There they seek sanctuary for her people but in order to do so they must overcome unyielding law tha. A good ending to a great series with a few flaws that made the final entry less enjoyable than it could have been SPOILERS AHEAD The major issues that I had with this entry to the castes and the outcastes revolve around Mira and Jaresh No I do not just mean the relationship between the two although I do have a point on that but rather their roles in the bookMira's role in A Warrior's Penance is basically that she died as a result of the events at the end of the second book and that's it Mira was a POV character for the previous 2 novels and I find it in poor taste that such an important character is essentially killed off between the 2nd and 3rd books She does not die at the end of the second book but is instead gravely wounded and this is even confirmed in the summary at the start of the 3rd novel It just feels like a disappointing way to remove an important character from the storyIn addition to the way she was killed Mira's death does not have much of an impact on the characters or story either In the prologue we see Rector dwelling on her final words to him which would have been better placed at the end of the 2nd novel to make the death feel impactful but after that it is hardly mentioned We do not get to see Bree her best friend and another pov character show her grief to the loss nor do we get to see how Mira's mother the relentless and seemingly cruel mother show how she would deal with the death of her daughter Instead story skips over Bree's period of mourning and kills of Mira's mother off screen as well in a flash back Even Jaresh who was in love with Mira only remarks on the death two or three times in the book and neither occasion really gives the impression of that love other than a mention of a slight shift towards sorrow on his face Instead he falls in love with another woman in what feels like a forced mannerThis leads me to my second point of Jarseh in this novel He is still a POV character but he gets far less time in that area than he did in the previous books The majority of his POV sections seem to have been given over to Rukh which is understandable since he is the main character of the series but I feel that Rukh is a far less relatable character Rukh is someone who is essentially good at everything He's physically gifted he's smart he's wise he's caring he's forgiving and he can even put aside his hatreds and biases when he needs to The only downsides that he has is that he can seem arrogant to those who don't know him and that he can be a little thick headed and stubborn at times Don't get me wrong I am not saying that Rukh is a bad character but he is not one that is easy for readers to relate toJaresh on the other hand is a character that is easy to relate to He is a person who wants to fit into a family where he will never be as good as any of the others in their given profession all because of his birth This is commented on multiple times in the first book and it is clear that it bothers him Despite this Jarseh works hard to become as skilled as possible and he succeeds to a fair degree by managing to join the army despite all that was was holding him back It is for these reasons that I find Jarseh much relatable and likeable than Rukh Which is why I found it disappointing when Jaresh didn't get as much POV time in this book There were so many things that the author could have done with the character that just feel glossed over How does Jarseh deal with the fact that he now has the talents of the warrior caste How do those who were his superior in skill treat him now that he can be their eual or better because of it How does Jaresh cope with the death of the woman that he loved None of these really get answered to any significant degree in the book which leaves Jaresh feeling like a secondary characterThis brings me to my final point in that the complete severing of the Mira and Jaresh relationship was decidedly disappointing This is of a personal preference than an actual criticism but the relationship that the who had in the previous novels was really uite compelling In the first book it was a forbidden love that neither would act on because of societal rules and their own sense of honor Their relationship in A Warrior's Knowledge is essentially a telling of how two people who have broken up but are still forced to be in one another's lives deal with it and I felt that the book demonstrated that fairly well The third book completely cuts the relationship between the two by killing Mira This would not have been as much of a let down if the book spent a little time on how this affected Jaresh but as I mentioned earlier it did not There were so many other avenues that this book could have taken with the relationship between these two than just killing Mira The book could have easily left her a cripple from the wound that she sustained and it could have focused on how that would change their relationship However this was instead given to another character and don't get me wrong it was done well but it just feels silly to push the same basic situation on to another character when you already have one Another angle that Mira and Jaresh could have gone was to continue with their 'forbidden' relationship One could argue that this was already being done by Rukh and Jessira but the dynamic between the two are very different Jessira was an outcaste so while frowned upon their relationship could be explained away by the people of the city Mira and Jaresh however were both upstanding and honorable members of their city and it would have been very interesting to see the reactions to such a thing with everything that was going onTo butcher a uote from one of my favorite authors It is not a storytellers job to tell people how to think but rather to give them something to think upon These things that were left out or cut short from the book feel like there was a great deal that the author could have given the reader to think about but instead chose not to and I find that than a little disappointingDespite these complaints that I posted I still feel that the story was a good one and very glad to have read the book I definitely recommend this series to any epic fantasy lover

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T demands exile for all ghrinasMeanwhile Hal’El Wrestiva exposed and reviled as the Withering Knife murderer escapes from Ashoka and hatches one final scheme to resuscitate his soiled reputation The Virtuous a newly formed organization full of certitude and strife plots the destruction of House Shektan And Li Choke and th. I don't usually write reviews but for some reason after finishing this trilogy I just have the urgeOverall opinion of the entire series Solid compelling with a rich world lush with history lore and culture set in a pretty uniue world compared to most other fantasy novels My opinion on the third installment DissapointingA slow and extremely uneventful first half barring the Fate of the OutCastes and the anticlimactic Virtuous subplot compiled with a jarring deus ex machina ending that renders most of what the characters have accomplished throughout the series as insignificant because apparently all the problems are solved through the willingness to serveOn top of that interesting and fascinating subplots and characters Chimera POVs Hal'El fail to deliver a satisfying conclusion after two novels of buildup Regardless I'd still recommend the series to any fans of fantasy Just be weary of the final installment

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A Warrior's PenanceE Baels launch a final desperate plan to save their kind as well as all of HumanityBut it is Rukh who must confront the harshest of choices It is one that will cost him everything he loves but might also see to the salvation of his home He cannot falter for Suwraith has once again turned Her ruinous intentions toward Ashoka. A pretty good ending to an overall great series Slight spoiler if you have read the first Mistborn trilogy the ending felt very similar I didn’t really like the ending of that as well I feel like it could have gone so many different ways but it ended with this mystical finale that felt too grand and almost an easy way to end it Overall the book was great The ending just wasn’t what I was hoping for and I left with a couple of uestions and feeling like there were some minor holes in the storyline But again really fun story and would highly recommend to any fantasy readers