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read A Song Without a Melody kindle Á Paperback ã naturaltreatment Ø Collin Hearst is a timid young reporter covering the Pittsburgh music scene during the early 1990's Largely inept at dealing with other people he hides behind personas he refers to as his “routines” December Leigh lead singer of thRs to as his “routines” December Leigh lead singer of the alternative rock band Cancer Moon also has identity issues hiding behind literal masks When they get together wha A Song Without A Melody is the well written ironic debut novel from Ace Boggess and it unravels like a neo noir furtive sprint through the stage door of pure insanity and back again breathless with pounding heart First class read

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T follows is a whirlwind tour of sex drugs and self discovery all set against a backdrop of colorful ’90s subculture and a soundtrack that Collin will hear forever in his mi Song Without a Melody is a romantic comedy from the nineties underground Young reporter Colin Hearst reviews the local music scene for a Pittsburgh newspaper and he's the wannabe wise guy who knows how to get across in every bar he hits For example Colin scores free drinks by volunteering to play guinea pig for creative bartenders and Ace Boggess is such a good writer you can taste the concoctions The newsroom banter is snappy and the relationship at the center of this book unfolds in a convincing manner even if it does start off in a haze of pot smoke Colin is single and he really doesn't want to be but most of the women he meets are just not that inspiring until Yeah I should mention this is a book for mature teens and adults It is full of backstage realism and erotic longing and well at first you may think it's going to be a typical band makes it big tale of an alluring star but it's not It's really about the trouble two people can have trying to find each other when they live in that world There's even an epic kinky sex scene that ends in a closet which works in the same decadent way writers like Tom Robbins do Sure it's indulgent but it's also fun and isn't that why you keep reading these snarky underground comedies? While A Song Without a Melody never loses its sense of wonder at just how bizarre the world can be along its darker edges the flawed narration of the soft boiled anti hero Collin Hearst grounds this story in reality His uestioning judgement of everything is both his best and worst trait and it rings true even when we see right through it For example when Hearst deals with the underworld of drugs whether talking with a dealer watching his friends lose their bearings or having to face a drug test he keeps his cool but he's not above it all and that makes him a believable character Another interesting aspect is how the decade of the 90s permeates the plot Song Without a Melody is one of the most subtle descriptions of vintage I've come across because the author does not rely on the usual memorable headlines of the time or even waxing poetic about the time and place Boggess could have done this after all the narrator works in a news room but Ace is too good of a writer for that Some of the dated tech like the modem he uses to transmit stories feel like insider info but are presented so humorously that they entertain I was reminded of Twain in those places The prose is as expected from an accomplished poet like Ace Boggess very tight Every detail has a purpose and the characters are memorable The plot takes a number of interesting detours so I recommend readers give it a hundred pages to get really rolling The sections about Billy Ray are highly original and should not be missed The bottom line I have picked up a lot of books about the underground over the years hoping they would be like this one It was funny unpretentious believable and well written It also lacked all the self pity and Christian guilt you usually find in these confessionals replacing them with humor I look forward to picking up the next book by this novelist I give it four stars It's not Moby Dick but it's a very satisfying contemporary novel

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A Song Without a MelodyCollin Hearst is a timid young reporter covering the Pittsburgh music scene during the early 1990's Largely inept at dealing with other people he hides behind personas he refe A wise man once wrote “Autobiography is made like sausage only the butcher and the donor animal are the same person” The umami of verisimilitude flavors the pages of this book about an edgy young newspaper journalist who does not so much struggle with addiction as undergo a long sweaty fuck with it The post coital depression is a bitch but satisfying from a literary point of view underscoring the fact that the narrator’s writer routine trumps his junkie routine Also to be found between these covers deft exuberant writing evoking sex music philosophy joy sorrow love loss and the hip seamy side of Pittsburgh in the 1990s Highly recommended