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Free download The Ninth Life of Louis Drax ë PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Louis Drax é um miúdo de nove anos precoce inteligente problemático e muito dado a acidentes Em cada ano da sua curta vida sofreu pelo menos um episódio de maior gravidade acidente ou doença mas sobrevive sempre como o gato Sempre como o gato ue cai sobre as uatro patas No seu nono aniversário durante o piueniue familiar o peueno Louis cai de uma falésia e afoga se num rio permanecendo num coma profundo de onde poderá não re. view spoiler Bettie's Books hide spoiler

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Gressar Uma história brilhante contada a duas vozes a do próprio Louis dentro do seu inacessível subconsciente e a do neurologista ao cuidado de uem o jovem fica após o misterioso desaparecimento do seu pa. Oh my God Spent the whole day reading this and oh my GodThe reason I'd bought this book in the first place was because it was ridiculously cheap at a Popular books clearance sale I hadn't thought much of the book since I've never heard of the title and the author before Books which I buy without actually wanting to buy them are books that are normally left on my shelf for a long time until I go through my booklist But this was different and after finishing The Fault In Our Stars I decided to read this book which was strangeAnyway the story started off really slow and draggy but I knew it wasn't a bad book because Liz Jensen can write really well but the plot just wasn't moving fast enough for me But I always ploughed on desperate to finish the book because of its initial dullness And then today I arrived at the part when things got exciting not to mention well disturbing Because if this book is anything it's wildly disturbing Louis's perspectives were always chilling to the bone because he thought such horrible thoughts for a child And it was interesting how I was so tricked into believing the goodness of Natalie Drax and how horrified was I when I and everyone else in the story found out about the truth In short there were a lot of surprising plot twists that later on made me howl in disbelief and shock alone in my room of course as I flipped through the pages eagerly Did I mention that the story was set in France Which did well for my French fetish

Summary The Ninth Life of Louis Drax

The Ninth Life of Louis DraxLouis Drax é um miúdo de nove anos precoce inteligente problemático e muito dado a acidentes Em cada ano da sua curta vida sofreu pelo menos um episódio de maior gravidade acidente ou doença mas sobrevive. The opening line draws you in on the instant' I'm not most kids I'm Louis Drax Stuff happens to me that shouldn't happen like going on a picnic where you drown 'Such an opening could I suppose head off in a number of different directions Downwards to cliched cleverness upwards to bizarre stratospheric confusion meander around the foothills in which wood and trees get totally indistinguishable or settle into a mixture of all three and from that melee produce a really fascinating reflection on universal uestions such as the way appearances can deceive the pros and cons of sacrificial love the demands and responsibilities inherent in parenthood the sinister effects cloying vulnerability and artificial neediness can have on relationship and the brutal actions some will take in order to survive at any costThis was an incredibly ferocious book; one of those in which it was difficult to settle down in to a comfortable place because everytime you did so another strand holding you attached to 'normal' and 'predictable' snapped and you swayed ever confusedly over a big dark dropThe basic plot is of a boy who is in a coma brought about as a result of an horrendous fall This fall may have been an accident but likely the result of horribly foul play Was it the act of spur of the moment madness or a long term journey of cruel intentional planning The story is a mixture of the gradual answering of this uestion the slow revelation of the real character of the parents the uncovering of the hurt and harm done to various characters on the periphery of the story and the wreckages of relationship and friendship left in the wake of the action's passingWe hear the story from two first person narrators The doctor in charge of the comatose Louis and ingeniously from inside the labyrinthine mind of the boy himself The dark nature of one of the main characters is chilling and shocking the extraordinary lengths to which they go to flourish in their own warped way is truly unsettling but the honest way in which other mistakes and presumptions and obsessions are examined is strangely hopefilled This is a really powerful book one which will definitely bear re reading because now the truth of the history is clear it enables the reader to address honestly the uestions it may have thrown up but which were submerged in the mists and fogs of claim and counterclaim theory and fable Well I have just re read it And thought i would let you all know; it is definitely worth a re read 17iv13