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What does it matter if Kate Lady d'Allenay has absolutely no marriage prospects? She has a castle to tend an estate to run and a sister to watch over which means she is never ever reckless Until an accident brings a handsome virile stranger to Bellecombe Ca This is one of those book where I liked the secondary characters a lot better than the main charactersI haven't read the first 8 books in this series so I don't have any context on Ned uatermaine and how supposedly wicked he was Because that never came through in this book Edward was as a perfect gentleman polite well educated honorable and always concerned about others His penchant for self flagellation on what a bad man he was and how he didn't deserve the heroine became tiresome VERY FAST I expect a grown man to forgive himself for the mistakes of his youth specially when they were made out of necessity or good intentions Kate was OK She was a baroness in her own right so she managed the estate That was the most remarkable thing about herMore than anything I liked Aurelie's antics and the whole secondary plot with Nancy Kate's sister I was very surprised about the business of Antruthers Carolyn Morris continue to delivers as the narrator She was so good that I'll be definitely checking out her backlistThis book can be read as a standalone I think some people might enjoy it a lot than I did

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In Love with a Wicked ManSalon he now struggles to regain his memory certain of only one thing he wants all Kate is offering and But when Edward's memory returns he and Kate realize how much they have wagered on a scandalous passion that could be her ruin but perhaps his salvation Whee that was fun This book left me uite pleased albeit a little breathless at the end Such a witty wicked sexy and enjoyable read with a splendid HEA The only problem I have with the book don’t judge me but I look at covers is that Edward is BLONDE headed in this story not dark brown or black like the inside cover suggests Ah yes Blonde like this gorgeous hunk of a man This is Edward Ladies you can thank me later Now as I was sayingThe hero and heroine are so well written Kate and Edward have a chemistry that sizzles off the pages Yes the intense attraction between the couple is just buttercream icing on the cake Chemistry and an intriguing plot to boot Kate love are you sure?”She nodded and reached for him “Oh Edward” she whispered “I am so sure”It was the sound of his name on her lips that nearly broke him“I am sure of you” she went on “I am sure this is right”God help him but he was sure tooAnd even then Edward knew that a part of him was holding the truth at bay he felt in that moment as if he could have remained by her side forever lost in the sweetness of her Lost in the solitude of this place and the steady warmth of Kate’s gazeAnd he knew just as surely that it would never be That he was taking what he did not deserve Tainting perhaps a pure innocence And for an instant he felt the hot press of tears behind his eyes again “Make love to me” she murmured “Pleasure me Please”He hadn’t the strength to say the word that honor reuired Perhaps he hadn’t any honor at all He did not know“I will love” he assured her “In time But you’re the sort of woman a man should love slowly”Kate is written as not very pretty or rather just plain I came to think of her as beautiful Her personality shines I loved this heroine Edward ah dear Edward Yes he’s one hunky hero I would be wicked with him any day I adore bad boys There’s depth here and Ms Carlyle peels through the layers until we’ve unknowingly invest ourselves in the characters I simply adore the secondary characters as well and there’s even a pug in this story Who doesn’t love an adorable dog that brings a little laughter to the story? Loved little Filou um fat Filou But it was not just a friendship was it? It had become far the moment he kissed her that afternoon by her parlor window He hadn’t even known who the hell he was but the moment Kate had opened beneath him sighing so sweetly into his mouth he had known that he was lostHe had claimed her in that moment in his heart if not his head and she had been his ever after Except that he had never told her so He had never told her that he loved her Never confessed to her that something inside him had altered; had torn from its moorings and flown to her and that she now held his heart bitter and scarred as it was in her slender but capable handsIt was such a fun read that I zipped through it in just 2 days Hurry hurry Ms Carlyle I’m ready for “Kate I love you so” he said “Do you love me?”“Desperately damn you” she said impatiently “I confessed as much some days ago”“I love it when you curse” he said the words muffled against her throat“I never did so before” she said “I wonder why the tendency has so lately come upon me?”He laughed again and let his lips slide down the long pale turn of her neck “Kate my beautiful seductress I will give up all my wicked ways and uit London and gaming both if ”“Good” she interjected “You should Wickedness is never rewarded no matter what Aurelie says”Read this book and you’ll continue to smile to the end ;

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kindle · In Love with a Wicked Man Ö Mass Market Paperback ´ naturaltreatment ↠ What does it matter if Kate Lady d'Allenay has absolutely no marriage prospects? She has a castle to tend an estate to run and a sister to watch over which means she is never ever reckless Until an acciStle and Kate finds herself tempted to surrender to her houseguest's wicked kissesDisowned by his aristocratic family Lord Edward uartermaine has turned his gifted mind to ruthless survival Feared and vilified as proprietor of London's most notorious gaming 35 4 stars A sweet historical romance I love a good amnesia story and this one worked great on that count Very romantic just a bit slow and predictable in places