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Vindication (Matt Royal Mystery #11) characters ☆ 7 Ç Premier adult community with everything you could possibly want need or dream of doing in your retirement years is just a golf cart ride away—now the scene of a murderIn this John Grisham style mystery Matt Royal the retired lawyer turned beach bum is called back into the Rida retirement community of The Villages A best selling author has been murdered after a book signing and Aunt Esther has been arrested Matt has a history with the local sheriff one which may not bode well for his clientMatt reluctantly suits up for the courtroom and JD takes a leave from the police department to go undercover A bizarre specter from the past haunts their in. 4 starsFormer attorney Matt Royal is enjoying his “retirement” on Longboat Key when he receives a telephone call from his girlfriend Jennifer Diane “JD” Duncan who is a detective and takes a few weeks off to help Matt resolve Aunt Esther’s situation Her aunt Esther Higgins has been arrested for the murder of writer Olivia Lathom Olivia Lathom was a member of a bookreading club that focused mainly on mysteries Aunt Esther asked one of the women to review her novel and the woman said it wasn’t very good Imagine her surprise when the murdered woman steals the novel and it becomes an immediate bestseller It seems no one knew the deceased woman very well Her past is a mystery She can’t be located on any database and her fingerprints are not in any system Matt interviews many people and travels all over Florida and Georgia seeking answers to his uest She claimed to be from a wealthy family from Georgia When Matt tracks down the surviving family member Charles Lathom he is surprised to learn that Olivia Lathom was the sister in law who was married to a younger brother called Danny He died just one month after his marriage to Olivia under mysterious circumstances The woman who gave Olivia Esther’s novel is Ruth Bergstrom and she is very hostile and defends her deceased friend loudly and often JD goes “under cover” to interview her in hopes that she’ll let something slipThe police are being very nice as is the prosecutor Matt wonders what is up He is followed and threatened by hostile men As the trial date grows closer JD and Matt continue to interview witnesses and talk to people Some very interesting facts come out as they speak to scientific specialists and computer people The trial begins The identity of the killer is not so much of a surprise but Matt reaching that conclusion is a study in patience and determination This book is very well written and plotted It is easy reading and moves along apace The descriptions of South Florida were wonderful and honest The weather is awfully hot in August – yuk I like Matt JD and Aunt Esther The other characters in the book were – for the most part – likeable The book was interesting in that it offered little asides in how an attorney prepares for trial and what they can and can’t say or do It was very well done I’ve read H Terrell Griffin’s novels before but it has been some time I’d forgotten how much I like him as an author Well done Mr Griffin I want to thank NetGalley and Oceanview Publishing for forwarding to me a copy of this good book to read and enjoy

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Premier adult community with everything you could possibly want need or dream of doing in your retirement years is just a golf cart ride away now the scene of a murderIn this John Grisham style mystery Matt Royal the retired lawyer turned beach bum is called back into the courtroom to defend his girlfriend J D Duncan's Aunt Esther who lives in the sprawling North Central Flo. Matt Royal is a retired lawyer turned beach bum He finds himself called back into the legal system when his girlfriend's aunt is arrested for murderAunt Esther lives in a retirement community in Florida She is accused of murdering a sort of friend who lives in the same area She was shot in the back and dumped in a parking lot The victim was a best selling author and had just finished a book signingThings don't look good for Aunt Esther The murder weapon is found in her house with her fingerprints all over the gun and bullets She was heard saying that she was going to kill the victim the day before she was shotMatt has his hands full as well as trying to find a way to beat these charges The local sheriff and Matt have a history and not a good one And there are people who aren't who people believe they are It is only when Esther goes to trial that the puzzle pieces begin to fall in some kind of orderI really enjoy a good legal thriller especially when it is well written and not a Perry Mason moment anywhere to be seen Matt Royal is a great character as is his girlfriend J D who is also a law enforcement officer I love how they interact with each other as well as with their friends One of them is Jock who's a sniper for an unnamed company Murder is serious but there's always room for a little humor and the author writes it wellThis is book 11 in a series and it does well as a stand alone I have read some of his earlier books and found all of them to be engaging filled with twists and turns and surprising endingsMany thanks to the author Oceanview Publishing Netgalley for the advanced digital copy Opinions expressed here are unbiased and entirely my own

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Vindication Matt Royal Mystery #11Vestigation every step of the way As they delve further into the case the pieces of the puzzle refuse to fall into any kind of coherent pattern Jock Algren arrives with his special skill set to expose the real murderer and free Aunt Esther but to no avail Not until the case goes to trial and the evidence is revealed does the truth emerge and a strange kind of justice prevail. Griffin is an author that leaves bread crumbs along a path for the reader to follow Excellent crime drama with likable characters that travel through the pages in a smooth and entertaining format This being the eleventh book in the Matt Royal series it has no problem being a stand alone Matt is a retired lawyer who has found the spice of life as a beach bum His girl friend JD's aunt Esther has been arrested for murder and Matt is putting his shorts away to come to her rescue Loved the way that Griffin left clues but kept the mystery moving till the very last page All the evidence was gathered and justice was served in this case A copy of the book was provided by Oceanview Publishing via Netgalley with no reuirements for a review All comments here are my honest opinion Would not hesitate reading any of the others in this series