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characters ☆ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF ✓ Joanne Harris Ittle rivalries petty disputes and everyday crises of the school a darker undercurrent stirs And a bitter grudge hidden and carefully nurtured for thirteen years is about to erup. Oh is this a splendid read I almost gave it 5 stars until just 50 or 70 so pages from the end when I think Harris jumped the shark a bit But then I read Different Class first so having given that one the 5 star I felt this first one just shied behind it It is 45 star if I could give it that rating If you have ever taught for a private institution anywhere this book will cut to your gut with its sharp spears of recognition Not just in England is there an embodiment like St O's Be it for hundreds of years or 120 or a mere 75 tradition matters As do the eyes of the gargoyle in the bell tower room #59 It's a maze of characters and most of them have at least one nickname The cabals and the choirs of allied voices ever altering and taking juxtaposition You need to be on your toes This is no easy or sloppy read possibility In fact you may need to backtrack if you happen to catch a hint of what you wanted to grasp before that sectionThe voices are duo narrators And of course one is always our centurion semester champion So you also have to focus on who is speaking for that chapter or location And it helped too for me that this was a reread for at least 12 of the book I had this once before way back in the days when it was a newbie and needed to get it back Laughingly I thought I could speed through it NO this is NOT the book for that possibility Every nuance counts And the minutia also makes the mood the wit the whole piece living and breathing entire realm of susceptibility cemented within the place and times of St Oswald's Grammar School for BoysThere are too many passages that are worth uoting to post here About liars charm duplicity and stolid honesty And yet their opposites too Do we ever stay 14 in our cutting likes and dislikes And the psycho babble asides and pop references add no little salt and pepper to the campus stewOr to the town or to the SunnybakersJoanne Harris writes well Now and again there glows a hint of bias but well forgiven Because even that is exposed shortly for being there Like R Straitley take his example miss no glimpse or detail Highly recommend this book And after you are finished go on to Different Class Don't do it in reverse as I did A few characters are in both and I knew who was NOT going to be gone which took away from the planned confusion Sourgrapes and the League of Nations non withstanding Why is it that most educational situations of esteem worth continue to change their room numbers or hall names or building designations At anywhere from 5 to 10 years it's always another go around for continued and proper confusions It isn't only from donor favor of that I am sure IMHO it's new heads using their own Audere agere auferre powers Because they canTo dare to strive to conuer I wonder if the gifter of the fob watch will be returning for a class year #3 If possible or if occurring I can not wait

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Gentlemen and Players Read & Download ó 108 ✓ At St Oswald's a long established boys' grammar school in the north of England a new year has just begun For the staff and boys of the school a wind of unwelcome change is blowing Suits paperwork and Information Technology rule the world; and Roy Straitley the eccentric veteran Latin master At St Oswald's a long established boys' grammar school in the north of England a new year has just begun For the staff and boys of the school a wind of unwelcome change is blowin. Joanne Harris is best known for her award winning novel Chocolat that lead to the highly successful film of the same name and two novels featuring the main characters Her other novels include Blackberry Wine Five uarters of the Orange The Lollipop Shoes and Peaches for Father Francis Born in her grandparent’s sweet shop her family has a tradition of storytelling folklore cookery and strong women It is no surprise then that many of her books feature food sweets and strong women following their own path But in Gentlemen and Players Harris changes tack completely She has taught modern languages at a boys independent grammar school for fifteen years and from this experience she has gleaned inspirationArt does often imitate life so it should come as no surprise then that Harris has set her 2005 novel Gentlemen and Players in the rarefied air of a private grammar school for boys St Oswalds The novel is a psychological thriller which sharply features deceits flawed childhood hidden identity class distinction and revenge; the story ends with a deliciously unexpected twist at the end There are two narrators; Roy Straitley the Classics Master on the eve of his century 100th term who is affectionately referred to by his students as uasi or uasimodo as he is a trifle hunched and whose rooms are in the Bell Tower Straitley is a Luddite; ignoring all reuests to attend to his email he swears in Latin and smokes banned by the school secret Gauloises in his office The other narrator is the unnamed perpetrator who is bent on revenge for a myriad of both real and imagined slights against St Oswalds; a sociopath who is filled with hatred and bitterness This perpetrator knows no rules he will not break; somehow he has infiltrated the teachers ranks become on of them; a serpent set loose in the garden One by one insurrection among the boys then scandals involving the staff begin to erupt bringing chaos to the Michaelmas termA white King marks the first narrator Straitley at the beginning of alternate chapters The second narrator is marked by a Black Pawn and is the voice of the unknown enemy within St Oswald's “If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past fifteen years it’s this murder is really no big deal”Such a tantalising first sentence in a novel Harris did not disappoint in the rest of the story It is gripping clever and well paced; the plot is tightly controlled with impressive ingenuity A tale for every reader Most Highly Recommended 45★

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Gentlemen and PlayersG Suits paperwork and Information Technology rule the world; and Roy Straitley the eccentric veteran Latin master is finally reluctantly contemplating retirementBut beneath the l. This is definitely the best book I have read so far this year Why Let me count the ways Where to begin The only real complaint I have is that the synopsis and teasers given tell a story nothing like what readers have At least it reveals only a sliver and not even a very significant one comparatively minor enough that it changes the overall perception 1 As always Joanne Harris is an expert at characterization This is my 4th book by her I read and even if I did not like the book too much overall her characters have consistently been relatable to the point that I was able to see them in front of me the two dimensional dimensional characters becoming three dimensional In this book it is John Snyde a psychopathic man and Roy Straightly a dedicated and loyal Classics teacher for thirty plus years Entering the minds of these vastly different men is nothing short of fascinating 2 The book is set up in a chess game format Book parts rather than numerical are labeled Pawn King Knight En Passant Check Bishop ueen and Mate Readers should be told that the two points of view are differentiated by the color of the cheers piece As for myself without this information I failed to notice this and was slightly confused throughout until the very last chapter although it became pretty clear after several sentences 3 A psychological thriller The thrill of the chase A mystery A suspenseful battle A masterfully written all night page turner4 Themes I appreciate the shame of the LGBT community the difficulties inherent in teaching friendships parenting abnormal psychology loyalty and institutions and traditions ineradicable and with a character of its own 5 Sentimental and touching at the same time as appalling and frustrating The ending is similar to that in Robin William's Dead Poet's Society May he Rest In Peace and uite heart warming Well unlike many mysteries and psychological thriller I have read the eventual reveal was actually unexpected and not like most anticlimactic Spoilers John Snyde is a man and woman as the reader find out as the story continues He dresses up first as a teenager posing as his mother Julia Snyde then than a decade later as a professor by the name of Diane Dare that is driven to madness by both his feelings of inferiority his need for revenge and the death of the only guy he ever really loved As a child because of his place on the lower end of the socioeconomic tier of life he is excluded from the exclusive sometimes pretentious St Oswald's Grammar School for Boys Because of his obsession with what he feels ruined his life his new obsession is seeking revenge His definition of this revenge is master planned with a series of events and planned schemes from spreading rumors that cause the staff to hate each other claims of sexual abuse that tears then apart encouragement to specifically targeted boys to rebel missing items resulting in planted evidence etcetera His most intelligent rival can be found in Roy Straightly whom is the one to eventually figure out his true identity and in clued in enough to unveil the truth his true motive he was the one with an intense jealously of his girlfriend many years ago to push his unreuited love from the roof to his death A satisfying conclusion although far from perfect And this is something I also really appreciate Almost always on happy endings are exactly that and very frustrating On the other hand happy endings are also frustrating in that this is nothing like real life Here the bad guy is not caught having recalled to another country But in his own way his pain has caused him to pay for many years Although many characters are murdered St Oswald's endures as do most of the likeable characters Joanne Harris I liked you before but now I love you