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epub ☆ A Land Twice Promised ñ Noa Baum On and as they shared memories of war years in Jerusalem an unlikely friendship blossomedA Land Twice Promised delves into the heart of one of the world’s most enduring and complex conflicts Baum’s deeply personal memoir recounts her journey from girlhood in post­ Holocaust Israel to her adult encounter with “the othe When I first started this book I wondered if I could finish reading it because initially it seems so pro israeli but because a friend had given me her copy to read I felt an obligation to continue reading As I did I was intrigued by Noa Baum's ability to introduce in a very personal way the Palestinian side of the conflict with the IsraelisI found it mind expanding to have Noa Baum extend her story to include all situations where I might find myself to include listening to another with the idea of really understanding the why's where's and How's of another's viewpoint UOTES from the book that I found meaningfulp 200 The only way to get what you've never received is to give itp 236 Being able to imagine and understand their point of view does not mean I have to adopt it It does however open the possibility that eventually adding another's point of view may challenge my opinions or perhaps reveal misconceptions but I don't have to change or replace it in the moment Listening to another's story is not a declaration of defeatchokengtitiktitikchokeng 244 We had been dancing this dance for so many years Suddenly I realized that much of that frantic admonishing and judgmental combativeness between us all of the years since my adolescence was part of her anxiousness to be UNDERSTOOD and VALIDATED by mechokengtitiktitikchokeng 245 Without intending to I had given my mother what she's always so desperately wanted and never knew how to get that crown with a bright burning candle on the top The validating proof that she is LOVED And something delicate and silky like peace alighted between usp 259 If we can make room for than one story if we dare to validate the story of the other if we open up to the paradox of than one version of truth then we are giving peace a little window of a chancep 260 My hope is that my choices will give permission to my listeners and readers to feel for the other without losing who they are or feeling threatened My hope is that of us will choose to listen to each other and acknowledge the story of the other because it is stories that call out for all of us to surrender prejudice and fear turning instead to listening compassion dialogue and peace

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read A Land Twice Promised doc ´ Paperback è naturaltreatment ´ Israeli storyteller Noa Baum grew up in Jerusalem in the shadow of the ancestral traumas of the holocaust and ongoing wars Stories of the past and fear of annihilation in the wars of the ’60s ’70s and ’80s shaped her perceptions and identi R” With honesty compassion and humor she captures the drama of a nation at war and her discovery of humanity in the enemy  Winner of the 2017 Anne Izard Storytellers' Choice Award among others this compelling memoir demonstrates the transformative power of art and challenges each reader to take the first step toward peac I met author Noa Baum recently This book shows a much deeper side of her than I saw when she performed at the St Louis Storytelling Festival This book is a personal look at the IsraelPalestine issue presenting a complex set of inter related problems Jews and Palestinians endured traumatic experiences in the 20th Century that stretches to this day; can the rights and needs of both peoples be respected Hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were displaced during the Nakba which occurred during the founding of the Israeli state in 1948 How can their right of return be accommodated in modern PalestineIsrael At the same time how do we accommodate the rights of Jews still traumatized by centuries of anti semitism and of course the HolocaustThrough her friendship with Jumana a Palestinian living in California just like Baum they discover that they both grew up in Jerusalem They eventually build trust and exchange stories of their lives there their experiences reveal similarities and stark differences Baum tells their compelling story honestly and with compassion I was brought to tears than once No clear solutions are presented to these thorny political issues but Baum advises that we need to listen to the stories of the other all of us I would say With Israeli settlements expanding into the Occupied Territories is two state solution even possible This is the uestion I would really like to pose to Baum then really listen to her answerA Land Twice Promised is on my short list of books that I wish everyone would read

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A Land Twice PromisedIsraeli storyteller Noa Baum grew up in Jerusalem in the shadow of the ancestral traumas of the holocaust and ongoing wars Stories of the past and fear of annihilation in the wars of the ’60s ’70s and ’80s shaped her perceptions and identity In America she met a Palestinian woman who had grown up under Israeli Occupati Even though I am American and Ms Baum Israeli her experiences as a youth resonated deeply for me As a member of a Zionist youth group I too grew up on stories of Israeli heroism I heard and believed the same explanations about how lands were fairly purchased during the Yishuv; how during the 1948 War of Independence Palestinians were encouraged to stay but Arab nations told them to flee; and how throughout the history of the Jewish state we strove for peace while they wanted war For me as for Ms Baum the myth began to unravel with Israel’s military incursion into southern Lebanon in the early 1980s Even as I write this review I grapple with the same tension she describes between wanting to be faithful to Israel and wanting to see Israel’s past and present in a revealing light I agree that her effort to tell both sides of the Israel Palestine story is a step toward peace I agree that trauma is at the heart of each side’s inability to make peace with the other The first half of the book fully engaged me with Ms Baum’s early life later awakening and discovery of friend Jumana who became co creator of Baum’s one woman production “A Land Twice Promised” The second half which describes Baum’s process of invention and translation—crafting and revising a performable script from hours of transcribed interviews—is really a separate subject It belongs in the Performance Studies literature The discovery that performing your mother’s insufferable stories can build empathy and improve family relationships—wow That’s profound Ms Baum if I were you I’d be pairing up with clinical psychologists to develop story telling as a supplement to talk therapy