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Feuchtgebiete Free read ´ 2 é Wetlands—an international sensation with than a million copies sold worldwide—has been at the center of a heated debate about feminism and sexuality since its publication last spring Charlotte Roche’s controversial debut novel is the story of Helen Memel an outspoken sexually precocious eighteen year old lying in a hoCal adventures in increasingly uncomfortable detail The result is a funny shocking and fearlessly intimate manifesto on sex hygiene and the compulsion to obliterate the covenant that keeps girls clean uiet and nice. This book starts out As far back as I remember I've had hemorrhoids and only goes downhill from there There's been alot of buzz around this book and its new feminism but there's really nothing worthwhile about this book I'll give the book one star just in case something was lost in translation but the writing was horrible there is no plot and is trying to shock just for the cheap shock value

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Wetlands an international sensation with than a million copies sold worldwide has been at the center of a heated debate about feminism and sexuality since its publication last spring Charlotte Roche’s controversi. It’s a book with a buzz It’s the first German book to top the lists of bestsellers and the one to which reviews referred to as a ‘feminist manifesto bordering pornography’ In truth this book is both a tale of a troubled teenager and a reaction to the artificial and sanitized model of femininity of the cosmetic ads and glossy magazines covers Helen an 18 year old heroin desperately needs warmth and attention but nobody really cares about her She wants love; she wants her parents together She does outrageous things to get a stir from them but to no avail She is shameless provocative and promiscuous she experiments with drugs; all of that it seems to come to terms with her mother’s failed murder suicide and her parents’ divorce Just like Helen the book is outrageous irreverent attention seeking but it’s also funny and very bold Somewhat scatological as well355

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FeuchtgebieteAl debut novel is the story of Helen Memel an outspoken sexually precocious eighteen year old lying in a hospital bed as she recovers from an operation To distract herself she ruminates on her past sexual and physi. Oh my good GodDude I can't even Ok There's a weird thing that sometimes happens where people think that if a book is insistently explicit sexually without coming close to being porn or even slightly titillating it must be important We can call this the Palahniuk Principle I mean right now we can call it that; eventually we'll move on with our lives and forget that it ever came upThe thing is though these books seldom actually are important Being sexual without being sexy is not any kind of achievement; in fact it's the very reason humping was coined as a sex verb in the first place Humping however is far too pedestrian a word for what happens in Wetlands; in factit's the sort of polite term at which Helen the narrator and our heroine would turn up her noise in disgust before sticking that nose right into a stranger's ass There really is no way that I can describe to you the lengths to which the 18 year old Helen will to prove that she understands and thus enjoys sex far better than anyone who preceded her on this earth I can only tell you that as with the vain boasting of all 18 year olds who are still a few years away from realizing that just because they've never thought of something before it doesn't mean no one has it is much less shocking than it tiresome And I can offer you the following guidelinesDo not read this book if1 You are ill this book is not soothing it will not make you feel better This goes double if you are sad2 You are eating seriously Seriously You will not want anything to enter your body in any capacity while you are reading this book3 You euate promiscuity with feminism Yeah this book is not going to help un muddy those waters for you And while I don't want to get into a whole big thing I would like to suggest that if you think the greatest gifts you have to offer are your multitude of orifices and that you can have an orgasm simply by taking it up the ass you maybe are not engaging with the world from a position of power4 You don't have time to finish it in one sitting if you put it down it will be a struggle to pick it back up5 You are thinking about getting a divorce Helen pretty clearly seems to think all her problems would be solved if only her parents would get back together; so unless you want your daughter to end up disgusting you will make that relationship workOn the other hand there are a couple of good reasons a person might want to read this book1 You've ever wanted to wonder whether if it was necessary to know a character's name once you know she stuffs avocado pits into her chucha as though she were no than an inedible new age olive personally I came up with No And let's be honest now that I've told you that do you even care that her name is Helen any 2 You want to feel better about yourself as a parent we all know that you're not perfect even though you do the best that you can And your kids are not perfect But so long as they wipe aren't deliberately walking around with dried semen under their fingernails and don't ever land in the hospital because the complete stranger who usually shaves their anus is unavailable one day leading them to cut themselves in a delicate area that uickly becomes infected you have done a splendid job Go out and buy yourself a Wo