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read Secrets and Lies epub ✓ Redemptions Edge #2 Ó A single mother must protect her teenage son from organized crime and from himselfCarol Daniels thinks she out ran her enemies until a detective arrives at her door with a warning from her convict brother Minor incidents take on a sinister meaning An anonymous phone call warOl has always handled crisis alone but this one might break her Late night deejay Joey Hill offers friendship and moral support Can she trust him? One thing's certain She can't risk prayer I have only read one other book by Janet Sketchley which I reviewed back in March This book is a seuel to it and is even better than the first book I will avoid giving spoilers away for the first book and just say the main character in this book is trying to hide her and her teenage son from bad guys associated with her criminal brother The first book was really good but it centered for the most part on two people a captive and her captor This book has a lot going on and I found myself even engrossed in it than the first After I finished it I was thinking to myself what a great book it was and although it is a self published book it is better than some books published by well known publishers on the Christian market so a publisher imprint doesn't necessarily mean anything The writing is top notch in this novel it has great suspense great characters and a terrific plot The book is suspense which is my favorite genre' and it met my expectations very well in that department but there was other things I liked about the bookA mother determined to protect her son no matter whatThe book brought out that we can't always hide from our past and it is often better to just bring it to lightGod can bring good out of anything I appreciate an author who isn't afraid to make their books Christian and that is the case with Janet The Gospel message is in this book and the truth shown that God loves all of us and that we matter to Him That belongs in any book even a suspense novel I recommend this book and the one that came before it Heaven's Prey

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Convict brother Minor incidents take on a sinister meaning An anonymous phone call warns her not to hide againNow she must cooperate with a drug lord while the police work to trap him Car Carol Daniels has moved with her 16 year old son Paul from Calgary to Toronto at the beginning of Secrets and Lies Janet Sketchley’s second book in the Redemption Edge Series It wasn’t a move of choice but of necessity to get away from the terrifying lowlife associates that had begun threatening her in her western home—characters that were seemingly connected to her brother the convicted killer Harry Silver from Heaven’s Prey – Redemption’s Edge 1 Her hopes of hiding from the thugs are dashed when disturbing anonymous phone calls start again Not only is the voice in the calls creepy but the threats are terrifying and the character behind them far too aware of her whereabouts and movements for comfort His demand is for money that her brother has apparently salted away The detective on the case suggests Carol will eventually have to get in touch with the brother she despises and has disownedThose calls aren’t her only worry There’s Paul too—a good kid but too much like Skip his egotistical musician father At least Paul’s not into drugs—the most loathsome of substances that killed her other son Keith And she’s determined to keep him safe from the present danger and from following in the footsteps of his musical father When nightmares awaken her or worries about her son or the spooky calls keep her from sleep she makes mint tea and phones the oldies station to talk to the DJ Joey He always has a sympathetic ear and a repertoire of Billy Joel tunes to serenade her out of any mood It turns out that Joey in person is just as nice as on air—and then she discovers he too is hiding secretsSketchley’s skill at merging the believeable and homey details of a modern single mom’s life with criminal threats and shadowy danger makes her main character relatable and in a situation that seems real and plausible More than once I found myself gripping my e reader muttering Don’t answer the stupid phone don’t trust him don’t go with himBut the story is than a well plotted tale of romantic suspense For in it Sketchley wades through all kinds of waters a mother’s attempts to control her son a son’s attempts to find his own way while not hurting his mom trust how we earn it and find courage to place it forgiveness God’s for us and ours for each other and In the faith department I appreciated the way Sketchley’s Christian characters don’t have all the answers but wrestle with their beliefs like we all do Several characters have a strong faith and through them we hear good reasons why God is worth putting our faith in even if it seems He’s let us down in the pastThis second book in the Redemption ‘s Edge series is gentler than Heaven’s Prey but with moments just as nailbitingly tense Sketchley’s sense of timing and ability to lull us with sweet ordinariness only to fling us in the next page into the arms of cold unscrupulous evil makes this a must read for lovers of Christian suspense Believable complex characters and a keen eye for telling details make Sketchley’s writing a pleasure to read for anyone And there are bonus treats For the music savvy this book is a sentimental stroll down memory lane For the reader with the munchies all those good smells coming from the Sticky Fingers café and Carol’s own kitchen are enough to drive a person to brownies—with mint tea of course A set of discussion uestions at the end of the book makes this a perfect choice for book clubsReaders who can’t get enough fiction delivered with doses of tension and danger will want to keep an eye on Sketchley’s lengthening list of books No Safe Place Redemption’s Edge 3 is due out in 2015 This excellent read launches November 5th 2014 Check it out

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Secrets and Lies Redemptions Edge #2 A single mother must protect her teenage son from organized crime and from himselfCarol Daniels thinks she out ran her enemies until a detective arrives at her door with a warning from her Who can she trust? The author sets up a situation where Carol Daniels a pretty blonde waitress at a local café her son Paul and antagonist Patrick Stairs are caught in an elaborate trap set up by drug lord Lear a man with a far reach Sadness is a burden Carol carries as her oldest son Keith died of a drug overdose and his father and her husband rock 'n roll guitarist Skip Daniels abandoned her and Paul As if that is not enough to weigh her down Carol's brother Harry Silver is in prison having been convicted of serial murder and rape He's also holding out on Lear having hidden a large sum of illicit drug money and the drug lord is threatening Carol to help him get his money backThe author does a fine job with characterization We get to know jittery suspicious emotionally shut down Carol who is on the verge and sometimes even crosses the line at being over protective and controlling toward her teenage son Paul Yet the author somehow makes this tense mother likeable and I found myself in her cornerOldies radio jock Joey Hill is likeable from the get go He's an all around nice guy but unbeknownst to Carol he's also got a drug past When she finds out she's unable to trust him and turns to Patrick who is being manipulated by Lear And so the treacherous web gets tangledThis is a Redemption's Edge Novel book two but it is definitely a stand alone It is Christian fiction and a clean read I recommend it to anyone who likes a well plotted suspense novel with well developed characters