Free download Matchless: A Christmas Story ç PDF eBook or Kindle ePUB free

Free download Matchless: A Christmas Story

Free download Matchless: A Christmas Story ç PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ✓ With Matchless Gregory Maguire has reinvented the Hans Christian Andersen classic The Little Match Girl for a new time and new audiences Originally asked by National Public Radio to write an original story with a Christmas themY and beautifully illustrated gift Matchless places Andersen’s pitiful waif in the august company of Maguire’s previously re imagined Snow White Cinderella and the denizens of Oz?. DreckitudeOnce upon a time when I was a little girl I went through a phase where I picked The Little Match Girl as the book for my dad to read to me every night One night he told me 'I can't read you that book tonight Pick another book' When he told me this a couple of nights in a row I demanded to know why he wouldn't read me my reuestHe said it was too sad for him to read all the time He had cried when he'd read it to me before so I knew he thought it was sad I thought it was sad too It didn't occur to me to not read a story because it is sad I don't know why but I was surprised at this emotional maneuver the idea that you don't have to probe a sadness You can let it rest You can remove a sadness trigger to elect not to drown in a sorrow certainly large enough for drowningBut there are other ways of dealing with sad stories One way is to pretend that a sad story is SECRETLY a HAPPY story Enter MatchlessThe Little Match Girl is not a happy story The girl is penniless and cold and she dies That's the story Little girl dies cold and alone The smoke and mirrors of Matchless don't change that

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With Matchless Gregory Maguire has reinvented the Hans Christian Andersen classic The Little Match Girl for a new time and new audiences Originally asked by National Public Radio to w. I picked MATCHLESS as a uick read Before I read this really uick read I read the original story After that I read MATCHLESS When I first started reading the story I thought that the little match girl had been replaced by a boy named Frederik since in the first chapter his family has an issue with matches as well The Frederik part of the story was ok Frederik's main problem is that he can not share of himself to others emotionally He is making a town in his attic bedroom that means the world to him but that he never shares with his mother who is his family The town is made up of bits and odds and ends that he has scavenged around his town A big deal is made out of the fact that only two wooden spool people live in it Now let's see home for the little match girl Besides it was cold at home for they had nothing And then there is Frederik's relationship with his mother a seamstress for the ueen His stomach muttering with hunger Frederik kissed his mother and left And now the little match girl She was getting colder and colder but did not dare to go home for she had sold no matches nor earned a single cent and her father would surely beat her One story really tugs at your heart and the other is an 'eh' In the original tale the little match girl is really really afraid of going home to her cruel father so she remains In the cold and gloom a poor little girl bareheaded and barefoot was walking through the streets original tale Fredrik's biggest fear in the story seemed to be that his mother was going to leave him alone for the holiday When I got to the second chapter I noticed that Frederik was not intended to be a replacement for the little match girl which was good because uite frankly compared to her he has it made Frederik enters the little match girl's life as the boy who ended up taking her too big shoes that had belonged to her now dead mother In the original story the boy is a blip In MATCHLESS Frederik becomes uite possibly the reason the little match girl froze to death when we discover that the too big shoe contained a key with and address attached to it why it has an address attached to it doesn't make sense doesn't the little match girl know where she lives after all Frederik buggs his mother to take him to the address where he finds the little match girl frozen to death on a table surrounded by her grieving father and neighbors who are rude to Frederik Couldn't the father have had one of the neighbors look for his child when she didn't come home At this point Frederik's mother notices the little match girl's baby siblings and so she begins to nurse one I thought she was a seamstress not a wet nurse As a mother who has nursed I'd like to inform Mr MacGuire that mother's milk only comes out under certain circumstances It seems to me that Frederik was too old to be drinking mother's milk and since there was no mention of a recently deceased baby or toddler siblingwhere did the magical mother's milk come from Frederik takes the other baby into his arms Fast forward a year The little match girl's family and Frederik and his mother are now known as The Brady Bunch When Frederik finds himself in a life threatening predicament the soul of the Little Match Girl saves him Once home Frederik doesn't share this with his mother or his new step father even though Frederik knows he is sad about having lost his daughter the year before Instead Frederik takes his new little sisters up stairs to his attic bedroom and shows them his town It has grown and now contains spools and spools of wooden people The little girls are elatedAnd in a pauper's grave in the cold and dark lay the little match girl All alone she is on this holiday There was no visitThere was no wreath No candleNo flowers Her life became the sacrifice so that her father could find a wife of better means than he and so her little sisters would have a chance of surviving The latter I don't have a problem with The former is an 'eh' the original story THE LITTLE MATCH GIRL is sadMATCHLESS is CRUELWhy Frederik still shuts himself emotionally from others though not as much and while he knows that the soul of the Little Match Girl is very much with him and that she is happy somehow he doesn't share it with everyone in his family as mentioned aboveIt is also CRUEL becauseThe LITTLE MATCH GIRL was published in 1846 MATCHLESS was published in 2009 After 163 years of suffering a cold and bitter death due to the cruelty of humanity the Little Match Girl's plight was reduced to what seems to be an unfortunate accident Her plight becoming secondary to Frederik's After 163 years a new character who played a bit part in the original was introduced given a mother a home some food and even some toys After 163 years this new character was named Frederik and given the Little Match Girl's family The cruel father who beat her became Frederik's sad but loving step father Saddest of all after 163 years the little match girl remains just that A little match girl She wasn't even given a namemy first guess was to call her angel but that didn't seem to fit and the name Hope popped into my head and so from now on when I read the ORIGINAL story I will call her that As for MATCHLESS one read is enough cruelty for me Humanity was already cruel to HOPE Victimizing HOPE so that another can find himself does nothing for me

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Matchless A Christmas StoryRite an original story with a Christmas theme Maguire was inspired by the fairy tales we all loved in childhood and he composed a poignant and enchanting tale of transcendence A lovel. Where in the world do I begin Hmm how about the definition of a retelling Retelling A new version of a story Let me think Was that a retelling of a story Not really The basic fairy tale that was meant to be retold was in fact the same This would be like an add on type thing If you want to even call it that Before I read Matchless I read Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Match Girl so I could have a reference to go off of I didn't really need it considering Mr Maguire just decided to basically plagiarize Mr Anderson's work without changing anything except for who the girl saw when she was dying Wow That story was retold SO well enter sarcasm in that last sentence I can't believe this guy He has the nerve to say I'm gonna retell this story because the world needs to hear it Then just copies something that someone else could have easily picked up and read for themselves without all the extra bunk about Frederik FrederikI could really care less for him He's a poor boywow so was Oliver Twist He makes things out of random objectsso did uasimodo in Disney's version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame If I want a ueen's nursemaid person seamstress whatever I will go pick up InkSpell and have a side of adventure added to my mealmake it a combo Frederik's mom marries the dad of the little match girl in this storybig whoop Hamlet's mom marries Hamlet's uncleand May Parker marries J Jonah Jameson Sr in the Spider Man series Who really cares Apparently no one cares about the Little Match Girl At first when Frederik says they need matches because they're out I figured Oh yay They're going to buy matches from the little match girl and everything will be okay She will go home and have a merry christmas and won't have to die OR Yay Frederik is going to go to buy matches see the Little Match Girl and save her from death She will be fed a relatively proper meal he might give her some new shoes and everything will end wellbecause it's a CHRISTMAS STORY Remember THIS IS A CHRISTMAS STORY Last time I checked I don't think people get warm fuzzy feelings when they hear about little kids dying at Christmas It's bad enough that Tiny Tim already has crutches That's enough pain suffering for us We don't need to hear about a Little match Girl who was totally innocent die because she froze The world has enough problems without Mr Maguire adding his own depressing2 cents I'm really gonna read this at Christmas time and then say That was a great story huh kids Fabulous story A little girl froze to death while you get to be nice and warm in this house Now let's cut the turkey and open presents NO NUH UH WON'T HAPPEN This retelling was a waste of time Frederik was unnecessary the Little Match Girl STILL DIED and this was an EPIC FAIL Better luck next time Mr Maguire