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Free download â Lyrical Lights 102 Ñ In a world of glamour lies and betrayal threatens to tear them apartMable’s life as a model may be over after her agent drops her but a chance encounter with a fashion photographer Simon Rowe revives her dream—and awakens desires she never imagined Mable soon discovers there’s to this sexy motorcyclist fIn a world of glamour lies and betrayal threatens to tear them apartMable’s life as a model may be over after her agent drops her but a chance encounter with a fashion photographer Simon Rowe revives her dream and awakens desires she never imagined Mable soon discovers. 275 starsARC received in exchange of an honest opinionLyrical Lights was a different read the plotline was uite fresh and new I wasn't overly impressed but I liked it enoughI liked the banter between the main characters even though their hot and cold relationship tired me after some time I love angst and a good slow burn romance but there's so much that I can take when it comes to building a romance between the hero and the heroineThe characters go through a lot throughout the whole story and at a point I feel like a lot was just thrown there and I miss seeing the aftermath and the follow up The ending was satisfactory but some of the things that happen until we get to the end weren't showed to us readers So I had a hard time connecting to that part of the storyOverall it was a good read but I expected tobe impressed

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There’s to this sexy motorcyclist from down under As her relationship with Simon flourishes so does her modeling career Suddenly Mable struggles to find a balance in her life in a world that keeps on trying to tear her down forcing her to choose between the life of fame. I LOVED this book SO HARD It’s a book with real substance heart and grit I was sucked in the moment I opened it and stayed up all night reading it was so good It was than worth it to be zombie like the next dayThe characters are so well written I loved the development and growth of each of these characters There was nothing fake nor unbelievable about them Mable a struggling super model with a disability trying to make her way in the cut throat fashion industry decides to give up and call it uits Enter sexy alluring and mysterious Simon A world renowned photographer that see’s something special in Mable that she doesn’t see in herself Watching this relationship bloom blossom and struggle like all relationships do was an absolute pleasure The story flowed flawlessly and I felt all the feels I found myself laughing at times getting angry and being very surprised by certain parts I appreciated the author’s detailed perspective on what it’s like to be in that industry; especially for someone that’s different and doesn’t uite fit the moldThis is a MUST read It has everything a book should have It has depth heart laughter and substance I LOVED the twists and turns the story took and the emotions felt on this journey Seriously get this book

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Lyrical LightsShe always wanted and the man that until now she never knew she needed In a world that’s a stage can their love thrive under the lightsLyrical Lights is a charming modern love story full of free spirited characters and a story that’ll hook you from the very first pag. Not for MeWhile I constantly berate authors for the insta love in thier books Maria La Serra gives her readers the opposite Well they do fall for each other uickly but then it's a long slow ride to the end The blurb was interesting hearing impaired model a little heavy not fitting into the mold of the modeling worldother peoples drama Count me in However there was little of Mable's struggles and lots of round and round with her and the handsome photographer that brought her back to life SimonI liked these two together but they were boring Lots of talking and details of thier lives pasts and even how the flash of a camera sounds but nothing gritty or angsty to keep me interested in the story Even with the handful of supporting characters I couldn't find myself connecting with Mable and SimonThe book is well written includes a nice curve ball and epilogue at the end however it wasn't for meReviewed for Renee Entress's Blog