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Book ´ Haunted Honeymoon Ê 320 pages · Naturaltreatment Ë There’s than her heart at stakeAs the only human to survive vampire infection Milagro de Los Santos has become uite a celebrity among the blood drinking elite Too bad the perks of her condition—increased strength super fast healing—don’t pIan Ducharme and pining for her ex fiancé Dr Oswald Grantthe fabulous man whose kiss changed her lifeIt’s when Milagro irked by Ian’s attentions to his neighbor travels to London and enjoys a sexy flirtation of her own that the blood really hits the fan Suddenly those around her are dying gruesome deaths and Milagro’s being interrogated Who would kill to set he This is the end and I am sad but at the same time I am very happy because it was truly the end I wantedMilagros is now with Ian but things are still not great She can't seem to find her place and she still thinks about Oswald Oh yes Oswald the hot but for me boring wasp vampire So not for our curvy and lively Milagros But they will meet again as she gets amnesia and there is a chance to start all over again What happens? Oh I am not telling you that but she will get one of these menThis book is about a fun trip to London a crazy scientist trouble with Ian murder charges and a happy ever afterBut let's get back to the men since they are so interesting Ian oh that goddamn Ian Ducharme I said last time that he is like chocolate and that is so true You look at it on the shelf and crave it then you get it and eat too much But if you try to stay away you just long for it again So what does this tell you? Well you just have to learn that chocolate is awesome just do not eat too much and do not try to stay away from it And that is Ian lol Milagros just have to come to terms with her Ian addiction Because in the end a bit of chocolate is actually good for you But will Milagros stay with her chocolate or go back to healthier food that taste funny? Find out The book throws a few surpries and I liked itWhat we have is a fun book and even though I am sad that it is the end it was fun while it lasted It is a series that I totally would recommend to others

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There’s than her heart at stakeAs the only human to survive vampire infection Milagro de Los Santos has become uite a celebrity among the blood drinking elite Too bad the perks of her condition increased strength super fast healing don’t pay her condo fees There are other complications too She’s feeling guilty about her fling with enigmatic Vampire Council member After unexpectedly finding a vampire series that has meant so much for me it was a bittersweet moment to read the final book of the Casa Dracula series Very rarely does one encounter a vampire story that is not cheesy but witty engrossing and sexyI actually started the series by reading Book #3 Bride of Casa Dracula which I don't regret even though I'm so anti getting out of the order because it definitely got me on Team Ian from the get go I will never know if I would have had such a strong attachment to the Ian team if I had started reading book from the start but alas it no longer mattersI love that this book gave insight to how a life of Milagro and Ian can be and how exciting to share those feelings of passion I could see that there were going to be challenges but I loved how we very very slowly starting to see softer sides of Ian I think you could always catch brief glimpses especially in book 3 and I totally sided with Milagro as we also want to hear Ian say the big L word at the same time knowing that he actually might not do it as his L refers to Lust I really enjoyed that Milagro had a limit and responded to it to get a reaction out of IanI do have to say that I was getting nervous about her revisiting her feelings for Oswald But I can relate when one is out of the relationship you sometimes forget why you're out of the relationship in the first place Again I wasn't sure about the amnesia I didn't know if I would enjoy that plot but I totally did I think the one thing that I did not like or believe as much is the character of Oswald in the pool scene I don't know if I necessarily believed that he would start making out with Lily when he was so into getting married with Milagro I think it was too easy for him to find another girl just about the time Milagro comes back to his life I also didn't appreciate his comments about him just wanting to be with Milagro because it was the right thing to do as I totally think he loved her Part of me liked the storyline of them not working out because they just weren't meant for each other Also why would Milagro invite Oswald to her wedding with Ian????? And why would Oswald go???Anyway can I just say MAJOR SPOILER I loved that she ended up with Ian I was always curious about that and really loved the book because of that direction it took Now can we please have someone do 4 movies of each of the Casa Dracula book

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Haunted HoneymoonR up as a murder suspect?Milagro just wants to turn back the clock and have another chance to make things right but no sooner has she escaped to Oswald’s ranch than an accident obliterates her memory Will the murderer come after her now? And will amnesia spark a romantic do over with Oswald or will she make all the same mistakes before she ever gets to say “I do” Haunted Honeymoon is the final installment in Marta Acosta’s Casa Dracula Series it is one series I am sad to see end Marta Acosta ends this series wonderfully in a way you would never have suspected Milagro is set up for murder has no idea who would set her up Then as she is escaping to Oswald’s ranch an accident happens that makes her loose her memory it’s tough going From the beginning we’ve been following Milargo de Los Santos the girl who could hardly pay her rent to a woman transformered by a kiss Milargo has been through a lot in the previous three novels has finally began to really grow up and know what she wants in her life But what man does she want in her life? Oswald her first love or Ian who is dangerous in ways then oneThere was a part in the book that was my absolute favorite line in a book ever“Ah but we all choose the partner who gives us what we need not what we think we need or want to need”There was also a uote about big headed pixies that I may need to talk to Mrs Acosta about AhemWe get to say a final goodbye to all our favorite characters even get to meet a few that we haven’t met before Haunted Honeymoon is action packed full of the humor we have come to love in the seriesThe Casa Dracula series was one of the first series I read where the heroine wasn’t a cookie cutter clone I instantly fell in love with Marta Acosta’s writing style it’s witty uirky full of laughs In short it’s my kind of book series a lighter side of all the darkness I may or may not have shed one or two tears while reading the final chapter weirdly enough I feel like I’m loosing a good friendAs a fan of the series I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the story I was pleasantly surprised with the way Mrs Acosta ended the series stayed true the whole way through I am sad to see the series go but Haunted Honeymoon went out with a bang455