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FREE PDF í BOOK Grim Reaper ç NATURALTREATMENT æ Patrick Shep Shepherd was a promising major league rookie baseball pitcher when September 11 2001 hit Shaken by the attacks Shep leaves behind his soul mate and newborn daughter to enlist in the Armed Forces Eleven years and four deployments later Shep finds himself in ManhattPatrick Shep Shepherd was a promising major league rookie baseball pitcher when September 11 2001 hit Shaken by the attacks Shep leaves behind his soul mate and newborn daughter to enlist in the Armed Forces Eleven years and four deployments later Shep finds himself in Manhattans VA hospital His left arm is gone his wife and daughter are gone and his tarnished soul is haunted by the nightmares of war December 21st While world leaders meet at the At first glance “Grim Reaper End of Days” has all the potential attributes to make it a very thrilling horrorthriller novel Obviously it’s written by Steve Alten so it’s predicted it should be highly researched and well written Secondly the plot sounds like the makings of a summer blockbuster A deadly plague released amongst the crowded confines of Manhattan island And finally just look at the cover The grinning visage of the Grim Reaper glaring over the skyline of New York shows the capacity for a for both an entertaining and possibly scary story However “Grim Reaper” is NONE of those It’s empty flat and so full of Alten’s weird mix of conspiracy theories and pseudo religious dogma that it’s almost impossible to even read the basics of this bookIn the preface Alten states that this book may come off as “anti soldier” but it is in fact a statement of anti war That would be all well and good but then why are all of the soldiers in this book made out to be trigger happy racist morally obtuse corrupt individuals They gun down innocents in the street disobey direct orders and in Patrick’s flashbacks are seen calling EVERY Arab a terrorist a Godless individual and a scrounge across the Earth Even a chaplain soldier is uoted as saying it’s America’s duty and God’s calling to kill every single IraiSpeaking of God that brings us to Altens twisted warped and all together highly annoying views on religion His ideas are so twisted and convoluted its almost sad and to be honest I have no clue as to where Alten is coming from and where he’s going Among the pages there are insights into Kabbala Christianity Buddhism and Judaism Alten somehow manages to twist all of these World views into one strange concoction into which Heaven and Hell are different dimensions where God is uncaring and Stan is the true master It gets to a point where these ideals seem to be almost anti religioussuch that being good alone will get you the top of the 10th dimensionor wherever heaven is supposed to beNow I understand novels are generally fiction and I try not to read too much into them however even that cannot disguise Alten’s far far far far left wing views That Alten believes America is run by a bunch of war hungry citizen killing right wing nut jobs comes off the page and practically slaps the reader in the face Honestly you would have to be flat out dumb to not read the author’s political agenda hidden amongst the paragraphs He accuses republicans of being instigators in attacking foreign countries and setting up the NWO even going as far as to calling members of the tea party “tea baggers” He comes right out and blatantly blames the Bush administration for perpetuating the terrorist attacks of Sept 11 and other “false flag” events He mentions maybe I should say “praises” here all the democrats that rejected the production of the hydrogen bomb only to unnecessarily mention “criticize” Ronald Regan for bringing it back He comes across as a hater of large corporations and private industry suggests America is producing toxic chemicals to release on her own people and makes the military out to be a bunch of gung ho shoot em all to death crazies I could continue to go on but I think you get the pictureFinally I couldn’t get past the weird Dante’s Inferno allegory that Alten tries unsuccessfully to weave throughout the plot of “Grim Reaper” I’m no stranger to horror fantasy as I’ve read both “The Stand” and “The Rising” but while those 2 works come off as sure works of literature for entertainment’s sake this one seems forced as if Alten wants to shove all of his distorted views down our throats In doing so it comes off as an empty and joyless attempt In doing so parts made no sense such as John Lennon appearing for no reason whatsoever an amputee’s prosthetic suddenly and mysteriously revealing the 72 names of God a man who decides that carrying his new born infant son into the nearly frozen Hudson river will save everyone a sex trafficking operation continuing to run even under a mandatory evacuation miraculous healing water and a man volunteering to become the dreaded Grim Reaper Really there’s so much I could write but like this book it would just be taking up spaceIt’s been a long time since I’ve read any of Alten’s work and to say I’m disappointed with “Grim Reaper” is a humongous understatement I won’t mince my words here when saying this was truly a ridiculously bad novel The only reason I continued reading was in some vein attempt in hoping against hope everything would resolve itself and wrap up with a conclusion that made some lick of sense Needless to say it never did What’s makes my disappointment even that much painful is that this was done by the same author who wrote the fantastic “Meg” and the thoroughly enjoyable “The Lock” This Steve Alten is NOT that same author and in trying to be deep and meaningful he just makes himself that much worse

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UN Mary Klipot a bio hazard level 4 scientist working at the CIA labs in Fort Dietrick enters Manhattan with Scythe a swift acting version of the Black Death developed to annihilate America's enemies abroad Believing God has chosen her to bring forth the End of Days Mary infects herself with Scythe unleashing a pandemic Officials rush to seal off the island trapping three million people the President among them with the only vaccine now in Shep I first started reading Steve Alten in high school when I ran out of Peter Benchley novels and needed a uick sea monster fix Now however it seems Alten is no longer content writing simple thrillers about prehistoric monsters It's apparent from his last several books that he wants to write something that BLOWS YOUR MIND and he's willing to throw in as much Dan BrownMichael Moore nonsense as possible in order to do itYou might be surprised to learn that a novel called GRIM REAPER END OF DAYS takes itself so damn seriously So seriously in fact that the author has written a lengthy Introduction just to emphasize the importance of this book's message And what is the book's message exactly Well that the American government is hopelessly evil and behind everything from 911 to the swine flu That most American soldiers are soulless murderers who Dick Cheney has hoodwinked into helping him steal Middle Eastern oil That republicans are destroying the world and the only thing that can save us is Jewish mysticism which teaches that the Bible is written in a special code only a handful of enlightened mystics can understand starting to sound like Dan Brown yet and that people are reincarnated over and over as preparation for entering into heaven The main character in the story is actually the reincarnation of both Noah from the Bible and Jim Morrison from The Doors Cool right No Ah oh wellLots of stupid things happen in this novel Alten tries to make the storyline parallel that of Dante's INFERNO and the result is fairly lousy A man who spends most of the novel becoming a pacifist suddenly chooses a path of death and retribution John Lennon pops up out of nowhere to provide directions to a parking garageIt's too bad because the novel actually starts out great For the first half it reads like a poor man's version of Stephen King's THE STAND and I mean that in the best possible way Somebody needs to tell Alten to stop being so self indulgent and just get back to writing thrillers that make at least a modicum of sense

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Grim Reaper End of Days's possession Determined to use the vaccine to rescue his wife and child Shep and his guide Virgil Shechinah trek through the plague infested and nightmarish neighborhoods of Manhattan which mirrors the Nine Circles of Hell portrayed in Dante's Inferno Plagued by greed corruption and two endless wars it is man's ego that has brought about the End of days unleashing the Grim Reaper upon the earth and the Angel of Death is stalking Patrick Shepher This is not a book I would have picked up on my own I was only made aware of it because one of my best friends was made into a character in this book Unfortunately her role in this book was over at around the 50% mark The premise of the book was promising who wouldn't be fascinated by the idea of weaponized bubonic plague threatening to end life as we know it I initially found the writing relating to bubonic plague interesting and well researched though his use of medical terminology was faulty at times making me cringe in a few places I'm trained in a health care profession so I knew enough to pick out errors The detailed descriptions of New York City were interesting at first but as the story went on it started to really feel like he was cutting and pasting from Wikipedia just to fill pages The same especially goes for the descriptions of military vehicles and ammunition After awhile I really just skimmed these sections just so I could see the plot moving alongI found the movement of the plot was particularly hindered by the character Virgil who kept freuently launching into long sermons often at what seemed like really inappropriate times I'm not sure if this is how Virgil in the original Divine Comedy spoke but it got very unnerving after awhile It was VERY obvious from the beginning that the author is very devout and really wants to share his religious views with the world While I respect this much like the long winded descriptions of New York and military stuff I really think less would have been Unfortunately I don't think I will pick up another Steve Alten novel I gave this one two stars as the ideas he tried to tie together were very good just not well executed and he did make my friend into a character