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Free download ✓ Godspeed º PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook õ Abigail’s young life was saved by the kindness of strangers Schuyler Algernon the man who found her collapsed on cold city streets and uinn Godspeed the doctor who risked everything by breaking the law to keep her fragile heart beatingAs the truth about what she’Abigail’s young life was saved by the kindness of strangers Schuyler Algernon the man who found her collapsed on cold city streets and uinn Godspeed the do. Since I began writing I’m sad to say my tolerance for poor writing has diminished Perhaps this is due to the endless hours spent honing one’s words in attempt to gain a perfection they will never attain Perhaps it’s due to nothing than my tolerance for having my time wasted decreasing as realization of time’s precious nature growsWhatever the reason it is seldom that I find myself enthralled by a work of such exceptional uality as “Godspeed” by February Grace Thus this reviewWhat is Godspeed about If what you seek is a synopsis you won’t find it here – if that is your desire this is not the place for youGodspeed is many things highest amongst them least in my opinion it is a literary marvel Throughout the novel February Grace holds true to the imagined time within which it occurs Godspeed is far real than “is set” could convey Her sentences deliver thoughts that are profound complex yet always consistent Sometimes they reuire you to slow down backtrack calm your beating heart with a deep drawn breath and read them again When this occurs the timepiece of your soul strives to overstep its bounds in its eagerness to answer the pleas of the characters each of whom are dear February Grace states the most complicated thoughts in a fashion that makes you appreciate them and the chance of a reprieve a re read grantsI suffer from heavy feet capable of cracking the fragile shell of disbelief’s suspension The slightest jar and my overly critical mind leaps to the fore ever eager to draw me away from the fantasy world each novel strives to be All too often skeptical mind overcomes willing heart and renders the remainder of whatever novel an exercise in criticism not escape Simply stated Godspeed is so exceptional my critical mind never stood a chance Oh it tried – eagerly pointing out a missing word here an out of place one there Yet I disregarded my mind completely scoffing at its vain attempt to distract me from paradise That is what Godspeed is an oasis of contentment in a sandy sea of also ranWhat is Godspeed It’s a marvelous escape into a cruel yet perfect world – for where else could such passion stand a chance It’s a story of delightful tragedy for in its tragedy the seeds of love are sown and take root It’s a tale of romance rewarded and denied It’s about love lost and gained It’s an imagined world so real its readers find themselves dwelling there It’s of life recovered and life lost It’s not happy yet its joy overwhelms It’s of mystery and mastery In a world of irrelevant star ratings Godspeed shines as bright as the sun and eclipses them allIn short Godspeed is the next book you should read What are you still doing here GoOnly when you reach Godspeed’s end and are able to place it aside if only for a time would I have you venture back and sample my work – perhaps you’ll find similar satisfaction likely notPS I met February Grace on Twitter a few short days ago we exchanged a few words and in her I recognized something very special I hope she enjoys this little tribute You can follow her FebruaryGrace Or me CGAyling

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Ke her Abigail is forced to ask what constitutes life living and what dark secrets are contained within Godspeed’s past and the walls of Schuyler’s house. What does one say when one reads such a profound and amazing book GODSPEED is like nothing I have ever read before – part Frankenstein part love story part memoir – it is all these things and When Abigail is dismissed from the only home she’s ever known and winds up in the street the kindness of a stranger thrusts her into a strange fantastical world of one whom can only be called a “mad scientist” uinn Godspeed with his brilliant mind and strange devices saves Abigail from a weak heart Without him and his “electric” shocks she would die However as Abigail comes to love him she finds uinn is not a man so easily loved He pushes her away for ethical reasons he’s her physician after all yet it seems Abigail means to him than he lets on Unfortunately there is another person who loves uinn as well and jealousy cannot be uelled Not until the end of the book do we see the whole story unfold February Grace has done an incredible job of keeping us spellbound within the context of the mythical town of Fairever Her prose is elaborate but not purple; each and every sentence captivates and forms pictures in the mind Pain despair hope and in the end joy washes over you as the story draws you in Part Victorian steampunk the detail with which Grace writes about the machines is superb The despair in which she feels her unreuited love for Godspeed made me weep And the physical pain with which she writes not only from Abigail’s point of view but the other children as well only shows how strong a character can be if modeled from personal experience If I could give this book 10 stars I would I look forward to reading so much from February Grace

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GodspeedCtor who risked everything by breaking the law to keep her fragile heart beatingAs the truth about what she’s become and her feelings for her savior overta. I'm not a literary romance reader ordinarily—too much Greg Egan in my youth; I'm confused by romance plots confined to two genders and one universe—but I read some of Grace's poetry on Rusty Nail rustynailmagcom and found myself wanting a novel of that stuff A couple of months later there was one such novel to choose from and it was romance or the highwayThe setting is non specific beyond the fictitious city “Fairever” The presence of a few large unwieldy typewriters says it's probably past 1870 More than the technology though the emotional reservation and awareness of social caste evoke Victorian England The story is told entirely from the perspective of Abagail Courage a young woman suffering an arrhythmic heartbeat following a bout of fever Her life monotonous and uninspiring as it was comes crashing down until at death's door she is taken in by a stranger and introduced to the care of the titular Dr uinn GodspeedThe story is predominantly narrative though the dialogue gains ground as the story moves forward The claustrophobic morality of Fairever keeps tension between Abagail and uinn The Doctor's silence coupled with sharp mood swings adds notes of mystery and suspense I enjoyed the adherence to a single viewpoint characterWhile the uality of the prose did not disappoint there were hints of the author's voice overwhelming the characters beyond the prevalence of people with ongoing major medical problems—it is after all a story about an altruistic doctor First most of Godspeed's cast used an assumed name or nickname for much of the story An underlying identity issue is in there shouting for attention Second all of the characters are empathic emotional thinkers listening for each other's hearts with or without a stethoscope Empathic writing is appropriate for a romance but at risk of sounding like a chauvinist pig it becomes conspicuous when a large number of male characters have enough sensitivity and subtlety to follow Romeo Juliet without a map a compass and a foghorn An astute writer might have trouble believing the volume of cluelessness that passes for normal among men I commend Grace for not stereotyping us all as dopes but at the same time I must warn against putting us on a pedestalFinally the editing was the best I've seen to date in an e book This dimension is freuently neglected by everyone from major publishing houses to independent authors Well doneIn summation Godspeed was a very strong debut with disciplined writing and solid characters It was an enjoyable note just beyond my normal range I shall keep my ear to the ground for Grace's next book