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Akfast Party of the Season wearing a perfectly stunning Chinese silk gown only to discover Lord St Cleve clad in unmentionables cut from identical cloth Lord St Cleve despises pretension of any kind He cannot abide the self important airs put on by some members of the Ton He takes wicked pleasure. 35 stars rounded up to four “Oh I see Having a bit of fun are we Poking your finger in society’s eye Throwing down a challenge for Brummel and his ilk eh Silly me Here I thought you were in London to find a wife”The girl Elizabeth Hampton on the hunt for a wealthy husband to save her family's finances long story I don't need to recap it Elizabeth has a talent with the needle and an eye for fancy cloth so she can stand out in the crowd at any partyThe guy Lord St Cleve first name Valentine Valen for short he's promised his ailing father to enter London society to find a bride and one that he truly loves His opinion of the ton isn't very high and he mocks them a bit by dressing as an overstuffed dandy Long story short our pair meet and don't get along too well at the start but being this is a romance you know that's not going to last long There's also a bit of a mystery surrounding the merchant Elizabeth gets her cloth from and a spy from Valen's mysterious secret pastThis was a nice fluffy read and very clean just a few slightly steamy kisses My only real disappointment were some unfinished loose ends at the finish

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Cut From The Same ClothIn making a mockery of Brummell's fashion strictures Conceited frauds Hadn't his grandfather's snobbery made his mother's life a misery Maddening to discover the one woman who captures his interest is the biggest pretender of all He vows to teach Miss Elizabeth Hampton a lesson she won't soon forg. Valen and ElizabethLady Elizabeth Izzie is hunting for a rich husband The family finances need saving and her twin brother Robert isn't coming up to snuff Izzie feels it is up to her to save the family Valen Lord St Evert has half heartedly promised his father Lord Ransley that he would search for a wife and produce a grandson before his father dies Valen does not like the arrogance of the nobility even though he is one of them He dresses in outrageous outfits to snub his nose at the Brummell's fashion strictures He wears unmentionables of the same Chinese silk as Izzie's dress at a most fashionable Breakfast Party of the Season Izzie feels humiliated When she discovers that Valen is a good friend of Robert's she scolds Valen instead of making polite conversation When she finds out Robert has told Valen their financial predicament her humiliation is complete Lady Alameda offers Izzie and Robert to stay at Alison Hall for the season When Izzie sneaks out early in the morning to walk to Smythe and Sons for some fabric to sew a new dress Valen spots her leaving and follows her After Izzie leaves with her purchase Valen walks into the shop and makes a deal to buy any remaining fabric from Izzie's purchases He plans to bring Izzie down a few pegs by having the remaining fabric made into clothing for himself Two days later Izzie walks down in the most beautiful uniue gown he has ever seen Valen can't bring himself to wear the ugly jacket he had made from the same fabric Later that evening Izzie scolds Valen for wearing a jacket the same shade of green as her gown Valen defends himself by telling her the jacket is his cousin'sIt took a while for me to warm up to Izzie I could understand her motives but her personality seemed cold and yet innocent Valen appeared as a dandy with a large emotional chip on his shoulder We later find out he served as a captain in the English army Aunt Honore Lady Alameda is my favorite character and provides humor to the narrative There were several subplots left untied which Kathleen Baldwin tidied up with an Afterwords download from her website book club The plot was predictable The description is excellent I've read all three books in this trilogy I found them to be light and funny Regency reads This is a clean romance with just kissing but has some suggestive dialogue

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Cut From The Same Cloth Free read ô eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Ä Why does the powerfully built golden haired Lord St Cleve dress like an overdone Dandy His outlandish wardrobe belies the hard unyielding lines of his face Whoever he is he's ruining Elizabeth Hampton's desperate scheme to secure a rich husband Terribly vexWhy does the powerfully built golden haired Lord St Cleve dress like an overdone Dandy His outlandish wardrobe belies the hard unyielding lines of his face Whoever he is he's ruining Elizabeth Hampton's desperate scheme to secure a rich husband Terribly vexing to arrive at the most fashionable Bre. The subtitle for this title was A Humorous Traditional Regency RomanceSo by 27% in I should have cracked a smile at least once right That would have me forgiving a supposed Regency gentleman wearing lace other anachronisms Embarrassingly unfunny I only made it this far because of a game of Battledore Shuttlecock I have fond memories from when our whole family played badminton I hoped it's precursor would provide a few laughs Nope Just terribleEdit Had a rethink decided 2★ was too charitable