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When We Were Alive review ✓ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ When we first meet Bobby he is a shy twelve year old magician who falls in love with his best friendWilliam is consumed with self hate and drinks to escape the memories of his father’s sadness and his mother’s deathMyles is writing letters to a mother he has never metThMes each explore the dark side of relationships search for beauty in sadness and try to bear the burden of guilt from living in a world we are powerless to fix. For a debut novel this is very well written To have three male perspectives is something not commonly seen in books so that was an interesting perspective to take I like novels that span time and this saw the characters from the 1930s 1960s and 2012 realise truths and mature before the readers' eyesHowever in terms of plot I wasn't completely happy The author is clearly a gifted writer and can write lengthy paragraphs of description and emotions most of which was rather intense but this did happen uite freuently and I found myself skim reading the middle section of the book without missing anything The plot is slow and often there were tangents to the storylines that felt unnecessary and weren't actually completed just left hanging From what seemed a very slow paced book suddenly in the last couple of chapters the reader is hit with new information plot twists and revelations that feel too rushed and actually leave one uite confused as they appear out of no whereIf you want to read this book I suggest you keep a list of names as I found myself trying desperately to remember who is who Sam when do we meet him which story did he belong toI enjoyed most of the book especially the Bobby and Rose story Myles' letters were also entertaining On the other hand I really didn't relate to William and Dawn and I felt like their story had the least progression and I was most prone to skim reading their chapters That being said there is clear talent in the ability of the author and the faults I've pointed out are common amongst debut novels writing is one of those things one cannot really learn but only improve as they practise I feel confident that CJ Fisher will have a bright future in writing novels

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When we first meet Bobby he is a shy twelve year old magician who falls in love with his best friendWilliam is consumed with self hate and drinks to escape the. The trend for multiple timelines narrators and perspectives in the fiction of the last few years has given us some outstanding novels but this is a tricky literary approach with many potential pitfalls and doesn't always make for a satisfying novel In the case of WHEN WE WERE ALIVE I found myself admiring the writing on a line by line basis the younger characters are particularly well drawn whilst at the same time longing for a linear plot or indeed any plot Having said that this is an excellent book The style and structure reminded me a little of Kate Atkinson's A GOD IN RUINS although I think in this case the episodic nature of the letters chapters evolving time frames etc although engaging as individual mood pieces might have benefited from a stronger structural underpinning and early clues as to how they fitted together Nevertheless a great debut by an incisive and accomplished writer

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When We Were AliveMemories of his father’s sadness and his mother’s deathMyles is writing letters to a mother he has never metThree different people from three different ti. I received an ARC from the publisher in return for an honest review WHich is why I am having trouble reviewing it I do not like writing negative reviews no one wants their work ripped to shredsI have to confess overly literary fiction really isn't my thing it reminds me of being back at school being forced to read Mrs Dalloway I think the most pointless book ever ducks for cover and Hotel Du Lac a close second Nothing really happens there's just rambling words that I'm sure are really very clever but I struggle to take in and end up feeling that I really must be uite stupid and ignorant and definitely not an intellectual Especially when other reviewers rave about itI know it is supposed to be thought provoking and it is cleverly written but I read for pleasure for escapism and I found this a challenging readWe have three main characters Bobby who we meet in the 1930s and whose story is told in the third person; in 2011 we have Myles's first person point of view shown through letters he has written to his mother; and nearly half way through the book William in the 1970s again in the third person The characters are all very different Bobby is obsessed with magic and illusion; William is an alcoholic and Myles I think perhaps is somewhere on the Autism spectrum He is a very different exacting characterThe book is very descriptive and wordy and unfortunately I found myself re reading several paragraphs in order to make sense of the sentences which led to me giving up and skimming such paragraphs I did have to force myself to carry on to the end and I am glad I did as I had been struggling to find any links between the characters which of course did become apparent towards the end of the story I do wish the author well with her book and I'm sure it will do very well and will be loved by plenty of people who won't have any trouble in understanding and connecting with it