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Unraveling Chase Chase #4The Chase Series Book FourWarning Mature contentLiam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit author Chase Preston But when his curiosity gets the better of him Liam is thrown into a dangerous situation Through the ordeal Liam realizes t. Unraveling Chase is another nice addition to the series It's not my favorite book but I still found it enjoyable to readThis book picks up directly after the last book ended Liam has to come to terms with a huge loss and deal with some issues from his past We also get him confessing his feelings to Chase which was really nice But that wasn't all that happened in this storyIn Unraveling Chase we finally get something from Chaes's POV and we find out his story It wasn't easy and it kind of explains why he is the way he is Also it really makes you sympathise with his character From reading this I think Chase is a darker damaged character than I had expected him to be That's not a bad thing just a little surprising is all Still I knew something had happened in his pastI'm really excited for the next instalment but I would be lying if I said I'm not nervous So many things could go wrong but at this point I can't think about it too much All I know is I need of these characters ARC provided by author for a fair and honest review

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Unraveling Chase (Chase #4) Characters ↠ 2 æ The Chase Series Book FourWarning Mature contentLiam Collins was finally getting comfortable with his job as the face of hermit author Chase Preston But when his curiosity gets the better of him Liam is thrown into a dangerous situation Through the ordeal Liam realizes that deep downhe’s inHat deep downhe’s in love with Chase After Liam somehow manages to escape fatal danger instead of having time to recover emotionally he’s forced to come face to face with the fact that his father has passed away Will Liam’s journey home give him the courage to face. 35 stars

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Chase and prevent the same heavy regrets he holds for his father Or will Liam’s internal turmoil change everything This is book four of a gay erotic romance novella series Book one Being Chase book two Following Chase and book three With Chase have already been releas. First I must disclose I received this novella as an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewso here is the review And while I've tried to avoid them there are a few spoiler type bits here and there in this review I have read the previous novellas and enjoyed all of them The two main characters are intriguing one so dark damaged and complex; the other full of light naive and straight forward In the previous books we have received scattered hints as to how Chase received a very noticeable scar on his face; one that clearly was very painful at the time it was created It is a subject no one in his family ever discusses including Chase In fact the most Chase will say about the scar is that he won't have plastic surgery to reduce the severity of the scarThere were a couple of significant developments toward the end of the last book First while at the hospital visiting Liam who had gotten shot after being kidnapped after being mistaken for Chase Liam once again encounters Chase's brother Frederick who says truly horrible thing about Chase Consistent with his loyal and straight forward character Liam speaks up to defend Chase; it is clear from Chase's reaction as well as from the reaction of other members of Chase's family that no one speaks back to FrederickEven shocking at the very end of the previous book Liam receives the news that his father has suddenly died from a heart attackand this book opens right at that point Liam immediately packs for home and he and Eli one of his handlers drive to the farm community within which Liam was raised so that Liam can be at his mother's sideLiam feels extremely guilty because of things said when he last spoke with his father during a highly emotional argument when Liam came out to his parents And now Liam realizes he will never have the chance to apologize and mend his relationship with his fatherLiam and his mother have some very moving discussions during Liam's visit home These scenes are very well written with the dialogue evoking an honest emotional response As Liam and Eli are saying good bye to Liam's mother Fredericka Chase's sister shows up with a large bouuet of flowers for Liam's mother In reality Fredericka wants the chance to talk with Liam alone During their ride back to the city Fredericka finally reveals how Chase received the scar on his face and it is much worse than I imagined More than than the actual shocking act of violence it is the manner in which Chase is ignored and coldly discarded like so much trash isolated and treated like a prisoner in his own homeand no one in the family objects It is an effective commentary on how a person with a great deal of power and money combined with with an excess of pride arrogance and narcissism can cover up the most heinous of actionsPredictably Liam is horrified at this recounting of the events leading to Liam's injury As he thinks through these events and their impact of Chase's emotional development and how Chase views life and relationships this only solidifies Liam's earlier decision to be truthful with Chase about his feelings And thus we come to what I view as the most heart breaking section of this novella We experience this event from Liam's perspective and then from Chase's perspective this device was used a few times uite effectively in this story and the contrast just broke my heart This is a much longer detailed review than I usually write but this relatively brief story really touched me IMHO this is the best segment of the story so farcan't wait for the next oneIf you like this