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Also sprach Zarathustra Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen Read & Download Ô 4 ↠ Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a foundational work of Western literature and is widely considered to be Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterpiece It includes the German philosopher’s famous discussion of the phrase ‘God is dead’ as well Eates his Will to Power theory and devotes pages to critiuing Christian thinking in particular Christianity’s definition of good and evil. I have at all times written my writings with my whole heart and soul I do not know what purely intellectual problems are There is a great deal of Nietzsche that I agree with and hoards with which I vehemently do not I've been accumulating uotes of his for five years now uotes whose inherent lack of context made me like him than I do now I still love many of his phrases as much as I did before but if we ever met we would not like each other at allDespite that muddle I am grateful that I came across his words while I was younger and in the full throes of depression cynicism and a frighteningly homicidal brand of solipsism I didn't know the definition of that last word back then but I was in desperate need of something both horribly dismal and blindingly bright a joy that did not reuire avoidance of despair but looked it full in the face The often contextualized and paraphrased Nietzsche with atheism nihilism and yet fierce and glorious fervor for the future seemed perfect back then To some extent he's still perfect but only in bits and pieces The call for solitude and individualism is as refreshing as ever the atheism is still in line with my sensibilities and the breathtaking vaults and shuddering descents carried my heart along with them However While I did indeed run across his cry for the Superman even going so far as to take to heart his ' Man is something that shall be over come' I paid as much mind to his Superman as concerned my younger self's view of the world and the people in it as utterly worthless Not until this reading did I fully realize Nietzsche's meaning; being as interested in social justice and well female as I am there was little chance of me passing up all that elitism and classism and condemnation of empathy and rapier dashes of virulent misogyny It's strange though Perhaps it is a sign of just how much time I spent mooning after Nietzsche back when I took him in small doses but I am especially conscious of the time period in which he wrote this His decrying of the mob echoes my own views regarding oppressive ideologies and I have to wonder how much of his rampant condemnation of popular mentality fell upon the people rather than the ideas they lived by As for his abysmal portrayal of women who knows what a healthy dose of feminism and exposure to such awesome thinkers as Simone de Beauvoir Hannah Arendt and so many others would have accomplished Probably gotten rid of his 'creator's pregnancy' conceit if you're going to slander Nietzsche back off from the ridiculously disproportionate appropriation please if nothing else Also there is the matter of his one serious attempt at heterosexual love having been rejected right around the time of composition of this piece It doesn't excuse him at all but it does explain his vitriol someAll of that above is wishful thinking of course but seeing as this is the enigmatic rhapsodizer on the subject of wishful thinking it's than merited For all of Nietzsche's aggravating inegalitarianism he captured the rapid fire oscillation between top of the world and descent into hell so perfectly so utterly and then crafted with it a raison d'être both deathly serious and blissfully rapturous There's no small amount of nihilism in his dismissal of everything solid everyone stationary everything decrepit and outdated and finally after long last proved false but there's a spitfire life to it that laughs at self serving pandering and loves chaotic progress that I myself cannot forbear from adoring and making my own 'This is now my way where is yours' Thus I answered those who asked me 'the way' For the way does not exist I shall keep this in mind Nietzsche if nothing else Not all of what your Zarathustra spoke rings true to me but you are one of the few who favored freedom over advice For that I am in your d

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Thus Spoke Zarathustra is a foundational work of Western literature and is widely considered to be Friedrich Nietzsche’s masterpiece It i. Also sprach Zarathustra Ein Buch für Alle und Keinen Friedrich NietzscheThe book consists of four parts The first part appeared in 1883 the second and third in 1884 the fourth in 1885 as a private print In 1886 Nietzsche published the first three parts as “So Zarathustra spoke A book for everyone and no one In three parts” In contrast to Nietzsche's early works the Zarathustra is not a non fiction book In hymn prose a personal narrator reports on the work of a fictional thinker who bears the name of the Persian founder of religion Zarathustraتاریخ نخستین خوانش یکی از روزهای سال 1971 میلادیعنوان چنین گفت زرتشت کتابی برای همه کس و هیچکس؛ اثر فردریش نیچه؛ مترجم حمید نیرنوری؛ تهران، ابن سینا، چاپ دوم 1346؛ در 436ص؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، امیرکبیر، سیمرغ، چاپ سوم 1351؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، اهورا، 1384؛ در 597ص؛ شابک 9647316097؛ چاپهای بعدی اهورا، 1385؛ 1386؛ 1388؛ 1392؛ موضوع فلسفه فیلسوفان آلمانی سده 19معنوان چنین گفت زرتشت کتابی برای همه کس و هیچکس؛ اثر فردریش نیچه؛ مترجم داریوش آشوری؛ اسماعیل خویی؛ تهران، نیل، 1349؛ در یک جلد؛ چاپ دیگر 1352 در 488ص؛ چاپ دیگر تهران، نگاه، 1370، در 542ص؛ چاپ هشتم 1372؛ چاپ سی و پنجم 1393؛ عنوان چنین گفت زرتشت؛ مترجم مسعود انصاری؛ تهران، زرین، 1379؛ در 607ص؛ شابک 9789644074004؛ چاپ دیگر؛ تهران، جامی، 1377؛ در 384ص، چاپ دوم 1379؛ چاپ سوم 1380؛ چاپ پنجم 1382؛ چاپ هفتم 1385؛ چاپ هشتم و نهم 1386؛ در 378ص؛ شابک 9645620600؛ چاپ دهم 1388؛ دوازدهم 1391؛ سیزدهم 1393؛ مترجمهای دیگر مهرداد شاهین؛ نقل از متن ای انسان هشدار نیم شب ژرف چه میگوید؟خفته بودم، خفته بودم، از خواب ژرف برخاسته امجهان ژرف است، ژرفتر از آن که روز گمان کرده است رنج آن ژرف است، لذت، ژرفتر از محنت؛ رنج میگوید گم شو اما هر لذتی جاودانگی میخواهد، جاودانگی ژرف ژرف را ترجیع بند زرتشت پایان نقلا شربیانی

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Also sprach Zarathustra Ein Buch für Alle und KeinenNcludes the German philosopher’s famous discussion of the phrase ‘God is dead’ as well as his concept of the Superman Nietzsche delin. How you liking them apples Jede fucking diahThus spoke Barnaby JonesI read this book back around 2001 or 2002 I wasn't much concerned with writing reviews back then—and how weird is that—but deeming Nietzsche a pretty smart guy I scribbled down a bunch of notes and uotes Since I've not a single review by Friedrich N at this place I thought in lieu of anything insightful or intelligent to copy those notes out below verbatim And after having done so I'm not uite sure what I had hoped to accomplish with such a meager collection of peanut shells Shrug But what are you going to do Perhaps someone somewhere somehow will find something in 'em that makes Zarathustra appealing than it might otherwise have been and that would be just bully for me Notes written on shit brown paper and awfully damn hard to transcribe 'cause I'm a southpaw and I write like I was being severely and cruelly electrocuted whilst running about and shaking The Overman That which man must become in order to overcome himself andor natureThe Creator is also an annihilator—he must be cruel to break old values and create new ones The Last Man is promised happiness—but who will lead and who will obey Everyone is the same and those who are different are mad The Last Man invented happinessMan created God in order to look away from everything God suffers too and is thus imperfect like his creators Man hated the body and so created spirit Man hated the Earth and so created Heaven Doubt was sin Knowledge shunned The Ego will reclaim man for the Earth You say to me Life is hard to bear But why would you have pride in the morning and your resignation in the evening Life is hard to bear; but do not act so tenderly We are all of us fair beasts of burden male and female asses What do we have in common with the rosebud which trembles because a drop of dew lies on itTrue we love life not because we are used to living but because we are used to loving There is always some madness in love But there is also always some reason in madness Warriors of the Mind Those with the courage to fight for their beliefs have helped mankind far than priests who meekly accept the ideas of others You invite a witness when you want to speak well of yourselves; and when you have seduced him to think well of you then you think well of yourselvesThus speaks the fool Association with other people corrupts one's character—especially if one has noneOne man goes to his neighbor because he seeks himself; another because he would lose himself Your bad love of yourselves turns your solitude into a prison It is those farther away who must pay for your love of your neighbor; and even if five of you are together there is always a sixth who must die Using other people as a prop to make them feel virtuous Groups of virtuous people feeling very good can do great evil to strangers whom they should love tooThose who truly love are creators—and thus annihilators and givers and esteemersDo not let virtues good and evil limit your fulfillment as a creator Remain of the Earth and do not get lost in the heavens seeking away from yourself and the body Verily I have often laughed at the weaklings who thought themselves good because they had no claws Nietzsche says God is dead but he constantly refers to angels and magic creatures is he creating a new religion of the Overman Of becomingNietzsche's Zarathustra has doubts about the future—he is worried about learning for learning's sake; education imparting a love of collecting other people's creations At bottom these simpletons want a single thing most of all that nobody should hurt them Thus they try to please and gratify everybody This however is cowardice even if it be called virtueVirtue to them is that which makes modest and tame with that they have turned the wolf into a dog