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REVIEW ☆ The Taking ¹ A flash of white light and then nothing When sixteen year old Kyra Agnew wakes up behind a Dumpster at the Gas ’n’ Sip she has no memory of how she got there With a terrible headache and a major case of déjà vu she heads home only to discover that five years have passed yet she hasn’t aged a day Everything else about Kyra’s oldAttraction to As Tyler and Kyra retrace her steps from the fateful night of her disappearance they discover strange phenomena that no one can explain and they begin to wonder if Kyra’s father is not as crazy as he seems There are others like her who have been taken and returned Kyra races to find an explanation and reclaim the life she once had but what if the life she wants back is not her ow. I LOVE The Body Finder series and I've heard such positive things about these books too Finally starting it I'm pretty excited That ENDING UGH I need the next book asap


A flash of white light and then nothing When sixteen year old Kyra Agnew wakes up behind a Dumpster at the Gas ’n’ Sip she has no memory of how she got there With a terrible headache and a major case of déjà vu she heads home only to discover that five years have passed yet she hasn’t aged a day Everything else about Kyra’s old life is different Her parents are divorced her boyfriend Au. This was Tyler Wahl Tyler who looked far too much like his older brother—my seventeen year old boyfriend—in looks in statureand most of all in ageTyler who the last time I’d seen him just the day before had been only twelve years old This is the story of a special and different girl who got abducted by aliens only to awaken five years later to fall in love with her boyfriend's 12 year old brotherWho is now 17 But really does that make it any less creepy manThe Summary They’ve done something different to you—to make you special”I was still attempting to process what he’d just told me About me being different from everyone else 16 year old Kyra has just finished her softball game She is a brilliant player being scouted by multiple prestigious universities Kyra doesn't give a flying fuck about all the other universities She is in love with her childhood best friend Austin They've been in love since they were young teenagers they're neighbors they've been dating for years Kyra wants to spend the rest of her life with Austin Her dad thinks differently; in an argument with him over Austin Kyra runs out of the carand vanishesKyra wakes up behind a gas station She doesn't know how she got there but she decides to go home But it's not home anyThe man who opens the door is not her dad “I don’t know what you’re problem is” he hissed trying to keep his voice low “But this is my house and you’re scaring my son If you need help then call 9 1 1 I can’t do anything for you” Freaked out Kyra runs next door into Austin's armor so she thought Only it's not Austin It's Tyler Little baby Tyler pipsueak Tyler who used to follow us around the house intruding on conversations and telling the same annoying jokes that we used to tell when we were his age AND MAN IS HE HOT I tried not to look at how defined his bare chest was Tried to keep my gaze from moving lower and noticing his muscled stomach and his navel which was surrounded by a tuft of dark hair Austin who What's better than your 17 year old boyfriend His little brother Who wants a 21 year old man when you can have a 17 year old boy YEAHAnd man is he primed for seduction You should know I’m glad you’re back” He flashed me a sheepish smile as he added “And now that I’m older I’ll try to be a little memorable” Way to usurp your big bro's girlfriend manAustin whoSo now poor wittle Kyra's got a brand new family she's lost five years of her life but who cares when she's got all grown up Tyler making googly eyes and staring at her We stood there for a moment our eyes locked It was too long and we both knew it but neither of us looked away and then it was way way too long I’m not sure if it meant something or nothing and I hated how badly I wished I could see inside his head to read his thoughts But eventually my cheeks got hot and I blinked first Austin whoWho cares about her dad going insane and becoming an alcoholic because of her disappearance when the conseuences mean that Kyra and Tyler can spend heartbeats looking at each other feeling like fainting goats I saw a show on Animal Planet once about these fainting goats whose muscles froze up when they were startled and they passed out Like they literally fell over if you scared themThat was me right nowWe stood like that for fifty five straight heartbeats Austin whoOh There's Austin Only it's been five years and he's like so old now Not to mention he's got a girlfriend But it's Tyler who makes her heart go pitter patter now despite what she tries to tell herself Besides on top of everything else Tyler was still just Austin’s little brother Too young to be anything than a friendIf I stopped lying to myself for even a second then maybe there was a part of me where Tyler mattered than he should Austin whoWho cares if there are Men In Black from the National Security Agency following her when she's thinking about Tyler His green eyes his new deeper voice the way he teased me his disarming smile I couldn’t stop thinking about him Ins't that sweet She remembers Tyler before his voice broke Just adorableAustin whoI mean who's got time to think about the strange guy with copper eyes who's been following Kyra around all over the place when she can't stop comparing how much BETTER Tyler is than Austin At everything Even at opening car doors Who knew there was such a specific way of opening car doors to make it extra special Just like Kyra He got out and came around to my side opening my door and waiting for me No one had ever opened my car door like that not even Austin Who cares about the fact that aliens abducted her and returned her that she's now extra special Who the fuck cares about her powers when it's clear as the light of the hovering UFO that Tyler is the reason she came back Not anyone else Not her family Not her friends Not Austin Austin who Not the government Not her new group of friendsJust Tyler I’d never been so alive and I knew this was why I’d come back To be here right now in this moment with Tyler Austin whoBros Before Hos “Don’t pretend you didn’t know I had the hugest crush on you Kyra It wasn’t my fault I was only in the seventh grade and you barely noticed me” Also known as THY SHALT NOT COVET THY BROTHER'S CHICK MOTHERFUCKER Tyler you are SO fucked up man You're lusting over your big brother's ex girlfriend the one to whom you now referas a cougar Such a sweet hit line If you’re worried that I think you’re too old for me or something I’m not” He directed his gaze back to the road but he was scowling now “It’s not a big deal Kyra Really” His lazy smile made a fleeting appearance “I kinda like the whole cougar thing you’ve got goin’ on” Dude I know she's hot but man she dated your BROTHER There's got to be some kind of awkwardness about that Austin and Kyra were together for years They were best friends as well as lovers Kyra snuck into Austin's bedroom every night Tyler KNEW this He still covets Kyra knowing what Kyra meant to Austin What Austin meant to Kyra apparently not much considering she forgot him 5 minutes after she saw the almost all grown up Tyler All the emotional ties All the secrets the love And you expect Kyra to forget about all the years that she had with Austin the instant she sees youWell apparently she does but that's not the pointTyler is so fucking smooth He's got this while seduction thing planned out He draws beautiful artwork for her on the driveway on several mornings Tyler had drawn a cobblestone pathway that stretched all the way from one side of our street to the other bridging our two houses practically from my front door to his And running across the top of the pathway was a saying written in beautiful scrawling script It saidI’ll remember you always He gives her his favorite old books My phone buzzed again I’m saying I want to share one of my very favorite things in the world with you Kyra He pretty much does everything he can full stop to make Kyra his “You like that I like to pull out the big guns when I’m trying to make an impression”My eyes lifted “Is that what you were trying to do impress me”There was a beat a moment in which our eyes met and my heart leaped and then his voice dropped feathering my skin and making me shiver “Of course I am Kyra I was sort of hoping you understood that” Which is cute but it really doesn't disguise the creepy levelPEDOBEAR APPROVES My little sister is 10 years younger than me She has a lot of guy friends I've known her little guy friends from grade school to this day Some of them have grown up well tall handsome smart charming exemplary young menAm I ever attracted to any of them Will I ever beHELL TO THE NO EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEW FUCK MAN THAT'S SO GROSSYeah Let's not forget that Kyra's known Tyler since he was practically a toddler I’d known Tyler his whole life I’d been to all of his birthday parties teased him when he had a lisp because he lost his front teeth walked him to school on his first day pushed him on the swing set until he cried mercy because it was too high and built snowmen with him on snow daysNo thank you shudderKyra the Special Girl Kyra is very very teenager Which is to say she is self centered egotistical and only sees what she wants to see She is selfish she cannot comprehend the fact that the fucking world doesn't revolve around herOk so it's been five years since Kyra disappeared Did she want the whole fucking world to stay the same Yes You heard me It's one thing to know that teenagers can be so ego centric it's another thing to read about one who makes me want to motherfucking punch her every other pageKyra expects the world to wait on her hand and foot She hates the fact that her mother is remarried to a kind man that Kyra now refers to only as THE HUSBAND her new little brother The kid The brat That is when he's not the brat who’d stolen my momIt's a little baby A little baby who can't even hold his own spoon and eat in a normal manner which Kyra goes to mock naturally Because god help us if a toddler makes a mess while eating I’d already offended her and The Husband that morning when I’d implied that perhaps he needed practice with a spoon as of the oatmeal had fallen off it than made it to his mouthHer boyfriend Austin has moved on He is now dating Cat her best friend Both former They didn't mean for it to happen but five years have passed; they were friends already and they grew closer after Kyra's disappearance And they're both trying to be friends with her again but that's not how Kyra sees it The only two people I thought I’d wanted to talk to were now the enemy camped out together and colluding against meI know it hurts but there is a reasonable way for a character to get my sympathy I want to take my sympathy freeze it into a brick and smash it into Kyra's face Kyra can't really comprehend that people have a right to move on BECAUSE IT'S BEEN FIVE FUCKING YEARSSo let's see she came back after five years Everyone's paying attention to her pampering her watching out for herand still Kyra feels like I bet I could implode disintegrate into ash on this very spot where I was perched in my hospital gown on the edge of the bed and no one would even noticeAre you kidding me You don't think everyone's looking at you and trying to figure you out and trying to get you to open up bitch Kyra somehow feeeeeeeeeeels that Tyler hot Tyler little Tyler is the only one who caresShe snaps at everyone The slightest comment from her ex boyfriend regarding her ex best friend Cat asking about her makes her snap “Cat misses you” Austin said at last clearing his throat loudlyAnd with that any nerves or worry that I might not say or do the right thing evaporated Older yes but still just a stupid boy who said stupid things when he opened his mouth “Cat Really You drove all this way to talk about Cat”The only one whose actions mean anything to her at all is Tyler TYYYYYYYYLER The fact that he was here standing outside my window and asking me how my day was almost made me cry No one else had bothered to ask how I was He was the first person who wasn’t pulling me at both ends like I was a rope in a tug of warBullshit Both her attitude and this bookAustin whoDisclaimer I DO NOT ENDORSE PEDOPHILIA

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The TakingStin is in college and dating her best friend and her dad has changed from an uptight neat freak to a drunken conspiracy theorist who blames her five year disappearance on little green men Confused and lost Kyra isn’t sure how to move forward unless she uncovers the truth With Austin gone she turns to Tyler Austin’s annoying kid brother who is now seventeen and who she has a sudden undeniable. See reviews at YA Midnight ReadsIn the end The Taking wasn't too bad of a read While I have a lot of nit picks here and there but the concept was refreshing and was just engaging enough to keep me reading till the very endJust yesterday 16 year old Kyra was in a softball game Today she wakes up behind a dumpster at the Gas 'n' Sip with no idea how she got there in the first place When she gets home there's a strange man and boy shouting at her telling her that this wasn't her home So she goes to her boyfriend's house just across the street but something isn't right Her boyfriend's 12 year old brother Tyler looks older Looks older than Kyra Soon she learns that she wasn't at a softball game yesterday Yesterday she was missing She has been missing for 5 years now and Kyra has no memory of where she has been But what's scary is that while everyone else has aged by 5 years Kyra looks completely the same Like she's still 16Sounds awesome doesn't it A fantastic mystery thriller with aliens Sadly a series of criticisms made it obvious that this wasn't the fantastic alien mystery thriller Firstly I struggled to connect with the main character Kyra She's shallow and insipid and I felt no empathy for her situation I wanted to like her but her character didn't jump out at me and her narration was boring and terribly mundane Moreover I was expecting her reaction to coming home 5 years later to be a little significant Sure she's shocked and confused and lost but it didn't feel or come off as genuine to me Kyra was interested in Tyler than what was happening to her in my opinionAnother uibble was the romance which I have no interest in There was instant love Like instant love towards her ex boyfriend's little brother that she knew when he was 12 Instant love in less than 7 days Mel does not approve I also got annoyed at how many times Kyra felt the need to point out Tyler's dimples He sounded pretty cute at the start but then it got aggravating Here's a uote at 27%His response was immediate I left you something Look out your window I hoped that something was himWOAAAH Getting a little too fast there Also très cornyI also have a HUGE grudge with the pacing in The Taking The first half was excessively slow and tedious All there is in the first has is watching Kyra settle back into her old life again which I do appreciate but it was boring uneventful and had uite a large focus on the romance tension between Kyra and Tyler As for the second half things do begin to pick and gradually get absorbing We start getting some answers some in which I had early on predicted but the big uestion wasn't answered until the last uarter I really wished we got answers because it's rather awful being in the dark for majority of the readUltimately I don't think The Taking was a worthwhile read While the concept will remain in my memory for a long time the characters romance and pacing made this book rather unmemorable Thank you HarperTeen for sending me this copy