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EPUB ð MOBI The Maze Runner ☆ 9780385737951 FREE Â EVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGEWhen Thomas wakes up in the lift the only thing he can remember is his first name He has no recollection of his parents his home or how he got where he is His memory is empty But he's not alone When the lift's doors open Thomas finds himselEVERYTHING IS GOING TO CHANGEWhen Thomas wakes up in the lift the only thing he can remember is his first name He has no recollection of his parents his home or how he got where he is His memory is empty But he's not alone When the lift's doors open Thomas finds himself surrounded by kids who welcome him to the Gladea large expanse enclosed by stone walls Just like Thomas the Gladers don't know why or how they got to the Glade All This book was recommended for fans of the Hunger Games series a series that has become one of my favorites I began The Maze Runner excitedly hoping for an eually enjoyable dystopian adventure I didn't find itThe plot was intriguing and kept me reading; in fact it was probably the only reason why I kept reading Some writers are able to seamlessly integrate characterization and good writing with a fast moving plot; James Dashner is not one of them The pacing is strange and Dashner's use of cliches became very irritatingThe main character Thomas was annoying Rather than allowing his readers to feel what Thomas feels Dashner chooses to tell We are told many times how frustrated and confused Thomas is but we can't identify with him Some of the supporting characters such as Minho and Newt could be interesting but they remain secondary to Thomas In addition I was frustrated with the character Teresa Teresa is the only female main character; instead of making her an intriguing powerful female she is christened with flimsy adjectives such as very pretty and smart becoming yet another 1 dimensional character I realize that this is a plot driven story and not a character driven one but I would hope that the characters would at least be appealing to the readerCriticism aside I found the book enjoyable and the plot kept me hooked I felt that the epilogue was well written and I might seek out the rest of the series when it is published Ultimately it's unfortunate that Dashner's poor writing takes away from a good story line; in the hands of a writing master I believe that The Maze Runner could have been something extraordinary255EDIT More than a year later I have not procured any other books in the series nor do I intend to Personally speaking this is one series better left alone

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They know is that every morning for as long as anyone can remember the stone doors to the maze that surrounds them have opened Every night for just as long they've closed tight Every thirty days a new boy is delivered in the lift And no one wants to be stuck in the maze after dark The Gladers were expecting Thomas's arrival But the next day a girl is sent up the first girl ever to arrive in the Glade And surprising yet is the messa if you could edit this book what would you take out?A the words Have you ever had an eight year old kid try to describe to you winning a level of a video game? Have you ever had a middle aged man try to describe to you completing the games section of the New York Times? Did those experiences involve multiple conversations like this“What is the maze?”“Stop asking so many uestions”I have to say that this book was boring than having someone tell you in painful detail about winning a video game or finishing a crossword puzzle It is boring if only for the constant What are you talking about? No I won't tell you This book is astonishingly boring I know that I am predisposed not to like it because there are no female characters no I do not count the leggy blue eyed girlfriend as a female character but really I ask you are there any male characters either? If you say yes then I challenge you to prove it Are Mario and Luigi and Princess Toadstool characters in Mario Kart? What about the ducks in Duck Hunt? Are they characters? We have to draw the line somewhere And I submit to you that there are no characters in this book Or at least there are fewer characters in this book than there are in Duck HuntAlso a couple of things that bothered me throughout 1 What famous scientist was Minho named after? Okay I just googled that and apparently Dashner “purposely” named a few characters after scientists who will supposedly exist in the future Like the only Asian kid in the book Because there are no Asian scientists today that he could name someone after facedesk And like Zart Zart and the Asian kid were not named after scientists double facedesk2 Why can’t the grievers climb over the wall? They obviously can climb But not over the wall? Did I miss this? At first I thought the kids were in some kind of dome but then it seemed like it was just a really tall wall That it was impossible to climb? WHYYY?????3 What purpose does the telepathy serve? None is the answer It serves no purpose 4 Why is this book so so so long and boring?So maybe a third of the way through the book I developed this false hope that this book would be some kind of pretty metaphor for children going through the grieving process and supporting each other in loss I thought “Oh grievers Maybe the challenges of the maze and the bonding of the boys in the glade will have some larger message” No This book is not about that It is about doing the NYT games section and then maybe vague talk of zombies later Total bullshitI have to think this book came out while LOST was still on and before its terrible conclusion which forced millions of Americans to face the fact that when it looks like a story will have no purpose it probably has no purpose I have to think Dashner thought he could bank on the millions of us willing to suspend our skepticism and keep watching a show whose writers clearly had no plan I am hoping that in the wake of that disaster we will have grown up a little and be less willing to stand for bullshit like this I googled it and yes I was right Cashing in on gullible LOST audience Unacceptable

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The Maze RunnerGe she delivers The Gladers have always been convinced that if they can solve the maze that surrounds the Glade they might find their way home wherever that may be But it's looking and as if the maze is unsolvableAnd something about the girl's arrival is starting to make Thomas feel different Something is telling him that he might just have some answers if he can only find a way to retrieve the dark secrets locked within his own mi ”Sweat drenched his hair his hands his clothes everything A fear he had never known filled him to the point of insanity”Truth be told I’ve been waiting to read this book for ages I don’t even know when the first movie came out but I think it must have been around 2014 or something like that Anyway because I didn’t know better back then I just went to the movies and watched the film only to find out that it’s based on a trilogy that was written by James Dashner Of course I was very intrigued and immediately wanted to read the books before I watched the second movie Well you know what they say about good intentions right? lol The road to hell is paved with good intentions Love that saying by the way ; P So you can already guess what I did I watched the second movie before reading the book and then desperately tried to catch up with this series Unfortunately the book was always borrowed from my library and already pre ordered by other people Seriously what is it with you guys in Austria that you all want to read the same book? XD And then a couple of weeks ago I already had given up hope I stumbled over a second copy of “The Maze Runner” in the children’s section Haha Imagine my delight when I finally borrowed it from the library And the rest? Well the rest is reading review history as you can see ; ”You and Minho get your butts inside get yourselves checked by the Med jacks You look bloody awful I want the whole story when they’re done and you’re rested up” Considering when the movie came out it’s been a while I saw it but reading the book I realized that it seems to be pretty close to the movie or rather the movie seems to stick with the book If there were some changes they obviously weren’t severe enough to notice them so my reading experience remained intact I hate it when they don’t stick with the book and make unnecessary changes You may call it a personal pet peeve if you wish XD What I found pretty interesting was the fact that in the movie the infected people seem to be like zombies There was none of that in the book I mean they are in the maze and don’t have anything to do with people who are infected with the Flare view spoilerat least not yet hide spoiler