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The Kingdom of Rolencia sleeps as rumours of new Affinity Seeps places where the untamed power wells up By royal decree all those afflicted with. Soap opera with swords and magic King Rolen's Kin has energy but it is marred by soapbox world building and 600 pages which are 200 too many; take any ingredient of soap opera jealous brothers innocent lovers scheming relatives steadfast women with a secret passion doddering patriarchs transpose it into a pseudo medieval setting and you get this novel I really liked the writing style which kept me turning the pages despite the ludicrousness of some of the plot points and the silliness of many of the characters' actions not to speak of a very shallow world building at least as peoplecountriesgeopolitics go while the nature parts creatures landscapes are much better done though 600 pages of that is still a bit too much In a way this is the euivalent of pulp in sf but fantasy evolved uite a lot even in the traditional offerings with much careful world building believable plot and characters' actions but sometimes pulp is still fun at least for a while I will probably read the next two volumes since I want to see what happens next with the surviving characters and I hope the narrative energy will hold my interest for another 1200 pages of soap opera

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The King's BastardAffinity must serve the Abbey or face death Sent to the Abbey the King's youngest son Fyn trains to become a warrior monk Elsewhere others are ta. This review isn't going to be what the book deserves because it's been well over two months since I finished the book and it's always hard to remember the things that you wanted to say at the time Which is a shame because I really enjoyed it and want to give it the review it deservesRolencia is a relatively young kingdom once an area of warring chieftains united several generations ago by warlord Rolence The spars that make up the kingdom are still led by warlords though and some of them chafe at having to swear loyalty to a king but there is strength in numbers and the neighbouring kingdom of Merofynia as well as the Utland raiders are a greater threatByren was born only seven minutes after his twin brother Lence and he's always been happy to be the younger brother to hunt Affinity beasts creatures of untamed magic and offer sound advice when needed With a younger brother Fyn promised to the elite warrior monks and a sister Piro nearly old enough to be married off to a warlord in exchange for greater loyalty the succession seems secure But when a bastard cousin Illien arrives with tales of tragedy and becomes a close advisor to the king Byren starts to realise that all is not as it seems with his cousin Lence begins to resent and distrust Byren the popular son and King Rolen himself begins to listen to worrying advice Byren himself is spooked by the prophecy of an old woman who tells him he will turn on his brother and the once happy family starts to turn on each otherYears ago I read and loved Daniells' The Last T'En a Fantasy Romance novel that begins a trilogy so when I came across a new book by the same author I was eager to read it It's straight Fantasy this time epic and just as enjoyable The pacing is fast and tight the plot well thought out and never dull the characters nicely developed and the writing smooth I haven't been reading as much Fantasy these days as I used to but this book got me excited about the genre all over againWhile Byren is the main protagonist in this trilogy both Fyn and Piro take turns to lead their own sections and we get their perspectives on unfolding events and the people around them Each is a distinct character a strong protagonist and both interesting and sympathetic so that we end up with three heroes Byren is a people person an athletic active good natured lad skilled trustworthy all good things yet somehow he never came across as too good too annoyingly perfect He was an easy character to like but Fyn and Piro were perhaps interestingThe supporting cast were eually as engaging from the subtle villain of Illien Lord Cobalt; to Byren's gay best friend Orrade who is in love with Byren unreciprocated; and the girl Elina who didn't stay true This may be lighter Fantasy fare than some other authors in the genre but Daniells writes so well there are some lovely subtly to the characters that make them all that alive and believable to meThe world too was fascinating Magic plays a part but is not the central theme; there's no faceless evil force to battle that trope always makes me laugh It does though immerse itself pretty deeply in the genre political intrigue which has long been a staple of the genre and if anyone says Oh like A Song of Ice and Fire I'll smack 'em; untamed magic; aristocratic bastards; betrayal and corruption; war both between humans and between humans and magical foe; and a generally uncertain unstable climate It's not because the story's original that I so enjoyed it it's not at all original but because it resurrects an older style of Fantasy that had become so old and tired and boring and given it new life As I mentioned before I haven't been reading as much Fantasy lately but I had such fun reading this that it renewed my appreciation for the genre an taken me right back to the golden days of when I first started reading it In a sense it's retro and the Urban Fantasy that gets published the wider the glaring hole becomes in the Fant

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The King's Bastard Characters ß 0 ↠ The Kingdom of Rolencia sleeps as rumours of new Affinity Seeps places where the untamed power wells up By royal decree all those afflicted with Affinity must serve the Abbey or face death Sent to the Abbey the King's youngest son Fyn trains to become a warrior monk Elsewhere others are tainted with Affinity anInted with Affinity and must fight to survive Political intrigue and magic combine in this explosive first book in an exciting new fantasy trilog. Solid Fantasy with intense politics a study in building anticipation This book makes you care about the people in it