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Characters ã The King's Concubine ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub ¸ One marriage Three people Proud king Loving wife Infamous mistress 1362 Philippa of Hainault selects a young orphan from a convent Alice Perrers a girl born with nothing but ambition The ueen has a role waiting for her at court ‘I have lifted you frPalace the young virgin is secretly delivered to King Edward III – to perform the wifely duties of which ailing Philippa is no longer capable Power has a price and Alice Perrers will pay it Mistress to the King Confidante of the ueen Whore to the court Her fate is double edged; loved by the majesties ostracised by her pe. REVIEWAlice Perrers was born in the year of 1348 during the plague She was raised in a convent While at the convent Alice was uite a problem at times She refused to take the veil She believed that she had a bigger and better future in line for herShe left the horrid beginnings of her life behind her to become mistress to Edward III but like always she was aloneEarly in her life she met with royalty and that changes her entire life Very much in love with her husband Edward ueen Philippa picks Alice as a lady in waiting The ueen was extremely sick Alice speaks her mind although sometimes she regrets it She maintains that she be taken seriously She puts the make on an even older king She intended no betrayal but she captures the Kings heart When in the privacy of the King's chambers Alice finds the pleasures and satisfaction of her position She is torn between being the ueen's confidante and being the King's mistress She has herself and only herselfShe promises herself she will act this double role until the bitter end Edward lavished her and she amassed wealth and influence for herself but all along she is making enemies Who is going to stand side by side with Alice when the walls come tumbling down on herThe story was told from Alice's point of view in first person and this is how you begin understanding some of the things she does Was Alice a gold digging concubine or was she protecting herself for the future by taking what she could when she had the chance Did she not leave the King's side because she truly cared for him or was it because if she was not there she wouldn't get anythingThese are just a few of the uestions you will be asking yourself while reading The answers are there Alice lived a life as no other I would recommend this book to anyone You won't want to uit reading There is no boredom in this book This is a page turner don't put down keeper This is one magnificent book I truly fell in love with the story and charactersI would give this book 10 Stars if I could but since I can't 5 STARS and that doesn't do it justiceI received a complimentary copy of this book from Manic Readers on behalf of the author Anne O'Brien for this unbiased review

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Ers Alice must balance her future with care as her star begins to rise – the despised concubine is not untouchable Politics and pillow talk are dangerous bedfellows The fading great King wants her in his bed Her enemies want her banished One mistake and Alice will face a threat worse than any malicious whispers of the pa. 4 stars It was great I loved it I have read little historical fiction set in the 1300’s and nothing that I can recall of King Edward III and his royal mistress Alice Perrers Nor had I read anything by this author prior to this book It was wonderful on all fronts engaging and with well fleshed out characters I will be looking for other works by this author Favorite uote I had shown that their hostility meant nothing to me I would make no excuses I would not retaliate I would keep my own counsel They would see that I had no fear of them For the first time I learned the true power of self control First Sentence ‘Today you will be my Lady of the Sun’ King Edward says as he approaches to settle me into my chariot

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The King's ConcubineOne marriage Three people Proud king Loving wife Infamous mistress 1362 Philippa of Hainault selects a young orphan from a convent Alice Perrers a girl born with nothing but ambition The ueen has a role waiting for her at court ‘I have lifted you from nothing Alice Now you repay me’ Led down the corridors of the royal. 335 starsAt 17 years old Alice Perrers became the mistress of King Edward III as his wife ailed with a debilitating illness In The King's Concubine Anne O'Brien brings to life the mystery of Alice and the real woman behind the rumours and the false accusations made against herI really enjoyed Anne O'Brien's way of bringing to life Alice a woman I never knew about before But she was someone who I immediately was intrigued by when I began to learn how she accumulated wealth and what a smart business woman she must have been At a time when it was really hardvirtually impossible for a woman to own her own wealth she basically became a property tycoon And you have to respect that It makes you think what she could have accomplished if she had been born in a different time as she obviously had a great mind and a business savvy to bootThis book would never be described as action packed it's uite long and for people who might be new to historical fiction it could be a little bit boring especially as for the majority of Alice's time as Mistress times were peaceful and when they weren't she wasn't privy to muchIt's always interesting and infuriating to see how men vying for power will try and bring down a woman when she takes a step too far up the ladder of power herself and this is exactly what happened to Alice She also had a strong sense of pride in this book and this characterization of her which meant that often she said the wrong things and she would often let people think things about her rather than show any kind of weaknessI also felt in this book the real absence of a group of female companions for Alice she was an extremely lonely and solitary character and the only people who she seemed to truly be friends with were her lover and her lover's wife Even in her marriage she seemed to keep him at arm's lengthI still enjoyed this book and as always love to hear about a woman's place and time in history