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The Northern Sunrise Read õ 102 Ý The Northern Sunrise is a stand alone book by the author of The Ties that Bind trilogy Set in a new world of corruption deceit and thievery; mixing magical fantasy and alchemy punk with a healthy smattering of airshipperyThere comes a point in every thief's life where one has to take stock of all that they have achiComes a point in every thief's life where one has to take stock of all that they have achieved We have stolen almost everything there is worth stealing Prince Henri's Jadefire ring the Maruisse d'Bola's collection of prized toy. Full review over at Fantasy Book Critic ANALYSIS After reading Rob J Hayes’ debut effort I was suitably impressed With this tale being a standalone and specifically not related to his previous trilogy I was wondering how this effort would turn out beIsabel de Rosier and Jacues Revou are two consummate thieves who have accomplished several different sorts of heists and larceny Their most recent efforts have them suarely in the sights of Renard Daron the shadow conceiller to the king of Sassaille Isabel and Jacues are forced into a final job for Renard Daron and fiercely watched by Daron's two deadly shadows Franseza Goy Amaury Roche Going into a job blind has never been their sort of thing but with all their bank accounts frozen and with not a single penny to their name Isabel and Jacues must learn to dance to the shadow conceiller's tune however they are not without their own tricksThis was a very different offering from the author’s debut and I’m glad for that very reason So often authors tend to repeat what they have done before and they run the risk of being labeled as one trick ponies Rob J Hayes certainly bucks that trend with this standalone tale about thieves coerced into working with a spymaster for his own nefarious ends Also this story is a far cry from his previous work which made most grimdark stories look like YA onesAs with the previous books the characters are what make this story so enjoyable beginning with our main characters who are uite an adorable duo They keep the story from getting too dreary and also keep the reader entertained Another plus point is that the author makes their voices distinct so as to not confuse them Also with the other POV characters they are uite individualistic and also make the story that much intriguing Ultimately this story is about wills and the deception that people engage in With Isabel and Jacues it’s all about their skills in fooling people into believing whatever they want them to With Daron it’s basically about the kingdom and its needs however what Daron thinks what’s best for the kingdom might not be entirely correctAmaury and Franseza aren’t given that much space but their motivations and instincts are uite clear to discern The story is uite fast paced and has a reasonable amount of twists that will keep the readers wanting to know how it will all end A trick the author utilizes is the use of flashbacks before the start of the chapters which further help in fleshing out the story and the characters Another plus point is that the world setting which includes air ships guns and a remarkable type of creature that the readers will have to find out on their own The world technology level is set about a pre industrial level and the characters and world is a bit Francois orientedI thought this book was a fun read that offered some remarkable twists and ended the tale on a strong note The ending however also lends to a seuel should the author ever want to revisit the world but the ending I must say is a proper one and the story can be considered complete In the age of numerous series it’s very refreshing to see a proper standalone story and in this case it was good to see a different story from an author whom I have very high expectations forCONCLUSION The Northern Sunrise by Rob J Hayes is a surprisingly fun thriller even though it deals with deception spy craft and other dastardly activities Rob J Hayes certainly is his own writer and know how to buck reader expectations and give a story which while different is no less a pageturner

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Soldiers Elize Gion's Living Autumn the very first airship schematic and who could forget we definitely made off with Baron Rivette's prideThe trick I find is not to break in No The trick is to convince the mark to invite you. This one was a lot of fun It reminded me a bit of the Amra Thetys series by McClung as they both have witty thiefes as main characters and are really good selfpub booksThere were a few steampunk elements in this one but most of the book was just an enjoyable fantasy heist romp that had me well entertained all the way throughI liked the main characters though at times they were a bit too happy go lucky for my taste Same for the plot and prose at some points a little less humor would have helped to further the suspense As it is it had me grin and smile a lotIf you're looking for something light hearted and fun this definitely is worth a close look

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The Northern SunriseThe Northern Sunrise is a stand alone book by the author of The Ties that Bind trilogy Set in a new world of corruption deceit and thievery; mixing magical fantasy and alchemy punk with a healthy smattering of airshipperyThere. I'm a huge fan of Rob J Hayes' writing I am waiting with anticipation for his Ties That Bind books to return to print as I maintain they are some of the best grimdark fantasy which has come out in the past few years and the best produced by Ragnarok Publications So when I heard he was working on a second series I was intrigued and immediately picked up a copyThe premise of the novel was surprising as it's a steampunk fantasy version of Regency Europe It avoids the usual Medieval fantasy setting as well as the Hyborian Age mismash so common in fantasy but is also a good century or two before steampunk is usually popularized England and France like nations are set against one another with airships on one side as well as spellcasters on the others The spellcasters unfortunately have the advantage and it's kept Sassaile from conuering its neighbor ArklandJacues Revou and Isabel de Rosier are a pair of extraordinarily skilled con men and cart burglars who possess Lupin the Third levels of ability to bullmanure their way out of situations Jacues is a alchemist of no small skill and capable of creating any number of devices or effects to assist their cons while Isabel is a master of disguise as long as said disguise is someone gorgeous They're deeply in love and play off each other in a hilarious style even as they're nearing retirement despite being in the prime of their livesThe lovers in crime hit a brick wall though when Sassaile's spymaster proceeds to confiscate their accumulated fortune and dragoons them into the secret service The protagonists HATE this even as they're forced to become spies in the Arkland court with the knowledge they're probably going to be executed no matter how well they do What follows is a complicated story about the couple trying to play their masters against the nation they're spying on which wants to execute them while looking for an out It all ends with an amazing airship story frustrated love and a bunch of humorous twistsThe book is not remotely like the Ties That Bind lacking the gruesome murder of moral ambiguity which made that story so good Indeed it may be a little too much on the lighthearted side for me Despite this I enjoyed it as an adventure story and the humor kept it a breezy read from start to finish I would have appreciated some moral ambiguity and honestly I was on Renard's side against the ueen but that didn't reduce my enjoyment factor one bitThis is a good novel for anyone who wants to enter into the steampunk setting and works well as a non traditional fantasy novel It's certainly well worth the money and I'm surprised to see such range in any author as normally you wouldn't expect someone who did such dark fiction as The Colour of Vengeance to do something as relentlessly cheerful I think the books are something akin to a brighter Gentleman Bastards and would recommend them to fans of Scott LynchIn conclusion I recommend this book all round and don't have any real complaints about it I've bought the second book in the series and hope to get to it immediately It may not be the best book I've ever read but it's simply FUN and that goes a long way910