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reader ✓ Saxual Healing ´ Paperback Read ✓ How does friendship become obsessionWhy need any romantic love be forbiddenDoes there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone soloAll these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made available by an object of How does friendship become obsessionWhy need any romantic love be forbiddenDoes there exist a sound seductive than the reedy bray of a saxophone soloAll these uestions and are posed by the diaries emails and notebook scraps of Billy Medicine finally made available by an object of Billy's obsessions Leo X Robertson The seedy hysterical and unforgettable ac If this book was featured on The Culture Show no doubt we would have some heterosexual boffin talking about and trying to relate to “gay” “issues” who would discuss Saxual Healing contextually with Oedipus Oscar Wilde Julian Clary and Russell T Davies They’d argue it would be wrong to assign an LGBT genre tag to the book because it would be like listing an Anthony Burgess book as such They’d say that whilst this story addresses many issues facing newly pubescent homosexual teenagers it’s also irrelevant because the book deals with an array of subjects and purposes such as obsession paranoia and self reflection despite them having started off with ‘the gay thing’Luckily I don’t work for The Culture Show so I won’t begin my review with any such nonsense ShitI mean I wouldn’t begin a review with “The protagonist is heterosexual He thinks he always knew he was heterosexual but it wasn’t until” But in all seriousness why do I bring it up then Well because Saxual Healing really is a clever post Cucumber sort of book and its homosexual themes mostly arise out of society’s and ‘straight’ characters’ insistence that ‘gay is a thing’ Like it or not if you’re gay you have to deal with society’s reaction to that whether it’s good or bad it’s still a reaction being had in the first placeAnd as the author writes “Gay people are just as culpable as anyone especially the ones for whom gay means a set of behavioural patterns in addition to sexual preference”Also “ ‘When did you know you were gay’ The interesting uestion is ‘How’ but we start with ‘When’ the benchmark for knowing is non existent and there’s no need to stick to one’s decision ‘How’ was better if they could find no similarities in the method to any of their own experiences they could rest assured they were not gay Is their logic”The author’s fucked off with such things GoodI particularly liked “But why would you wanna put your dick in some cunt’s arse when shit comes out A dick cannot occupy the genderless rectum while said rectum is occupied by shit Why put your dick in a mouth when vomit comes out of there Why put a dick in your mouth when piss comes out of there Why put your dick in a vagina when blood piss and children come out of there The law of disgust versus desire no act is spared from these twin forces”Anyway my review would be much like thisThis darkly hilarious book is about vanity validity and vileness; where obsession and perception collide in bloody and youthful orgasmic gloopsIt sticks disgustingly witty descriptions up every orifice of thought and pushes every schoolboy’s jokes about sex into elaborate almost Burroughsesue scenes that will sometimes arouse you usually entertain you and often disturb youWhen I sit down to read a book that I know in advance I want to review as I did with this I can’t help but think of it in terms of star rating as I go I don’t like this but it would seem I’m stuck with it All the way through I was simultaneously loving it but at the same time feeling like there somehow needed to be to it and after reading the brilliant Rude Vile Pigs I guess I felt slightly let down in parts; thinking hm it’s a 4 star rather than 5 affair really Then the march towards the finale came and it suddenly changed my opinion of every nag I’d had thus far Wow That’s some endingBilly Medicine is a clever guy This is a clever almost Brett Easton Ellis type book If you like your humour to be darkly and intelligently funny you should most certainly read Saxual HealingSome uotes I liked “What the fuck kind of a name is Kenneth anyway Starts off strong kind of forgets its a word in the middle of itself and ends in a fucking lisp”“I wanted to ram my dick in his ear so he could hear the sound of the semen”“It’s fun to waste young time Youth isn’t wasted on the young; youth was made to be wasted”Censored version of the review to be posted on soon

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This stranger than fiction narrative was as much Leo's personal journey to discover what it was about him that had so unbalanced a disturbed soul how much of the fallout he was personally accountable for and how it was that Billy's unwanted persecution led Leo straight into the arms of his soulmateNow for the first time ever read Billy's side of the story The author of this tale does not hold your hand and gently ushering you into the heart of it No He is always a few steps ahead and he likely drags you and pushes you from page to page He also turns to slap you around pretty freuently just in case To keep you on your toes And on your toes you areThat is to say that according to the cliche this is not a book for the faint hearted who would feel at ease with a likeable hero Billy far from aiming for the reader's sympathy he wants to confuse and shock them Basically Billy says I'm excluded I'm wounded I'm damaged I've turned to be a monster but Reader you can stuff your pity Billy is a mess but he is most definitely proudThis is a story about identity and his agony is to establish his idea of who he is Like another Arthur Rimbaud he plays with the notion J'est un autre Me versus the Other me despite of the Other me as the Other and finally me is the Other in a cannibalistic obsessionYes Billy is a mess indeed but in his delirium he's got a few things dead right For example as a homosexual teenager he exposes the farcical liberalism of his environment acting being unfazed by his sexual preferences yet asking stupid uestions like 'don't get me wrong but how can you' Or expecting colourful behaviours out of him Or expressing tolerance a horrid word that clearly implies that you are doing something wrong but I'm big enough person to allow you but heterosexuals never begged for tolerance did theyWrapping it up this is a truly great book oozing intelligence and elemental emotion rich thematically and stylistically and the man Billy is not someone that you are likely ever to forget

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Saxual HealingCount presented herein tells of a lonely young man whose typical teen angst snowballed from mischievous trickery into the saxophone related murders of two innocent men and Billy's disappearance And yet Billy's efforts ultimately culminated in the production of the world's most beautiful and unknowable artistic expression of homosexual loveThe creation of This book which I confess a personal connection to is supposedly a melding of truth and fiction but isn't all writing regardless of its intent My personal connection in no way is good enough to help me sort out the truth from the the imaginative bits Take that for what its worth Forget the metafiction frameThis story is in no way boring If you have ever had a relationship that has caused you discomfort you will relate I have had such relationships some long some short some involving jailBut on to this story and the spectacularly strange Billy Medicine who drives this tale Do you want a Billy in your life Well on one hand it takes the attention of someone like Billy to validate your own notion that you are in fact special Aw he makes you feel special in the way the singer in Radiohead's Creep makes you feel so fuckin' special Should you be scared Of Course He's a creep a weirdo But uite seductive in his weirdness i refuse to even give details of his hourly onanistic tendenciesThey involve youonly youeven the most vile parts Of you and your skillsyour looksyour movementsyour clothing choicesyour other relationships Everything in fact that makes up you You Are so very special