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DOWNLOAD Â Repeat It Today with Tears õ A secretive child by nature Susanna makes a covert list of everything she knows about her absent father determined that one day she will find him Unable and unwilling to adapt to life in her mother’s unsympathetic household she distances herself as much as possibleWhen she finally discovers her father'Uch as possibleWhen she finally discovers her father's whereabouts and seeks him out in the free and unconventional atmosphere of 1970s Chelsea she conceals her identity beginning an illicit affair that can only end in disaster Repeat it Today with Tea. I picked this book up in the library because the cover grabbed my attention and when I read the back cover copy I was torn as to whether to take it home This book deals with the incredibly taboo topic of incest and so I knew it would be a difficult read but something about the title and the description made me want to read on So I decided to go with itThe first thing to say about this book is that the writing is beautiful Such a sensitive subject could easily become crass explicit and disgusting but whilst there are obviously sex scenes in the book these are not described graphically but are focussed on what's going on in Susanna's head This is a deeply disturbing read but the prose is written with such finesse that somehow it is moving and poignant at the same timeSusie is an interesting character She's manipulative and clearly very screwed up bordering on evil yet there was something about her that made me want to give her a huge hug and tell her that she's not alone Same with Jack although he didn't know that Susie was his daughter he knew that he was committing a taboo by dating someone so you especially given that he was married which should make him an unlikeable character yet it doesn'tWhat I also liked about this book is that it doesn't attempt to romanticize the book It never uestions the moral standpoint that incest is very wrong It just chronicles one girl's experiences with it and her mental decline as the relationship progressesI finished this book a few days ago and I'm still thinking about it I think this is one that will stay with me for a while

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Rs is in many ways a traditional love story as well as a skilful evocation of radical times and desires It is a fever dream that examines our need to be loved and accepted and a piercing portrait of madness Anne Peile is a striking new voice in fiction. The novel is divided into two parts The first half of the book concentrates on Susie's childhood and how she then meets and seduces her father The second part does not come a surprise to the reader because by then Susie has already hinted many times at a the end of their secret affair While in part one she is but a uiet girl who is in desperate need of parental love and then goes at it in a way most people would never even contemplate when the love of her father is taken away from her she suffers a mental breakdown The story then deals with her life in a mental institution where she claims memory loss and a hardly functioning memory in general to get the doctors off her back Honestly this book was a very daring project The love affair balanced precariously on a very very fine line In spite of my many reactions of revulsion throughout the book I have to admit that Peile handled it pretty well because she never crossed that line The opening sentence was a very clever move; Susie immediately grabbed my attention by stating that the first real kiss she shared with her father took place on Easter day With this intriguing and disturbing opening to the book you just have to continue reading be it in small portions at a time which was the case for me Maybe I just have a overly sensitive disposition Susie is a well written character her personality well developed It was not difficult to sympathize with her although I could never forget what she had done with her father It was clear from the start that she needed parental love and obviously her mother would never dole out any Growing up in a blue collar neighborhood surrounded by oversexed teenagers her older sister Lin included and a mother who hardly acts like one how could this sixteen year old understand the different kinds of love Poor Susie she really did not know any other way to claim love from her father or how to give appropriate affection back I had the impression that after she was institutionalized the possibility of a normal family ie being raised by her father and his wife Olive however briefly did pass through her mind I just wish she could have continued living her life unscathed by her experiences on which she looks back uite often and very fondly indeed But that would not be very realistic would itFor reviews read these two brilliant onesStill Life with BooksIris on Books


Repeat It Today with TearsA secretive child by nature Susanna makes a covert list of everything she knows about her absent father determined that one day she will find him Unable and unwilling to adapt to life in her mother’s unsympathetic household she distances herself as m. Uneuivocally a 5 star read in my eccentric humble opinion