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Once a Moretti WifeReturns to his life with no memory of their tempestuous marriage he's certain fate has dealt him a winning handStefano's plan is twofold a private seduction that will reawaken Anna to the ARC provided by NegGalley and Harleuin for honest review 45 RatingWe open with Anna the heroine waking up with a horrible headache and wondering if she's got a hanger but doesn't remember getting drunk or over indulging in drink Anna heads to work and once she arrives at the office things seem to be off like another women at her desk She confronts her boss Stefano and get a strange and heated reaction from him Anna feels faint and lighted head not herself at all and faints Stefano is shocked when his estranged wife walks into his office demanding to know why someones else is at her desk and why things have been moved around and things seem different Anna had recently left him accusing him of untruths and humiliating him in front of his board Anna is behaving in a strange manner and then proceeds to faint Anna learns she is suffering from amnesia In the hospital she learns she can't remember what's happened in her life the past year Stefano proceeds to inform her they are married and she can't believe or accept that she's married to her playboy boss The two worked together for 18 months Anna was Stefano's assistant and they worked very well together Anna was very attracted to her boss but was determined not to be like the women that parade in and out of Stefano's life Stefano hired Anna because she was bright intelligent and stood up to him Oh he was also very attracted to Anna and her beauty Stefano finds an opening or like an opportunity for revenge Revenge on Anna for running out on him humiliating him in front of his board and her outrageous accusations of infidelity So he decides she doesn't need to be told of their month separation His plan was to make her spend time with him celebrate their one year anniversary and then humiliate her at an awards ceremony but dumping her in public Stefano decides to spend some time at their costal home for her to rest and recover before the ceremony During their time together old feelings for Stefano resurface as well as Anna realizing she was in love with Stefano while working for him Anna starts remembering bits and pieces of their time together and her feelings intensify as well and deepen Stefano learns things about his wife that she didn't share when they had been married and sees a side of Anna that touches him and makes him second his plan of revenge This story stared with me not liking Anna very much as she came across very angry and somewhat of a shrew the first chapter or two But as the story progresses to Anna and Stefano's time together at their beach house I was hooked all in I loved their time together You learn about each of their past and how it's shaped them Stefano realizes that his feelings haven't died for Anna and are very strong and real And something doesn't make sense in how Anna left him doesn't add up Anna remembers why she fell in love with Stefano and how strong their attraction was Their chemistry and sexual tension is intense and the emotions as well The scene that play out at the awards ceremony and afterwards is heartbreaking emotional and beautiful all at the same time I loved how they both opened up and poured out their hearts dreams and heartbreak to each other It was a beautiful and very emotional scene I found their romance to be a very adult and mature in how it evolved even with them amnesia theme I though it was very well done actually I came to love Anna and Stefano each had great character depth and growth Very good pacing and love story was excellent Another high point was the resolution and conclusion didn't happen suddenly and then we had The End In fact the author did justice to their romance and love story by giving it the needed timechapters for a very happy and satisfactory conclusion and wonderful HEABut the icing on the cake was the epilogue it was beautiful and left you very happy Why not a five star rating then the heroine was somewhat irritating for a chapter or two but thank goodness redeemed herself

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I love having you at my mercy And you love it too The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife Anna is revenge she humiliatingly left him weeks ago So when Anna Update since I had to painfully revisit the memories since reading StM’s reviewLet me start by saying this hero deserves a blowjob by sharks while swimming in the shark infested tank with a paper cutORIGINAL RANTOk I'm not even sure how this one is classified as romanceRevenge story yesSheer arrogance yessheer assholery yesSheer ignorance yesShelfish narcissistic jerk yesRomance noRedemption noForget romance minimum respect for a wife in marriage big fat noShe's supposed to just trust him for his face value and not uestion him not make assupmtionBut he'll PRETEND he trusts her but he will ALWAYS make assupmtions she's a gold diggerbecause he canAnd get thisBecause he loves her SO much because she was a little distraught and left THEIR CONJUGAL home to clear her head he changed the security codes within TWENTY FOUR hours blocked her number fired her and then served her with formal separation paperAnd then because she had a backbone and demanded alimony now he will destroy her because how dare she ask for what's her rightAnd he does this while she's sickI won't hold this too much against him because I'm not sure how much credible HP amnesia is but she is still vulnerableBut he admits in no uncertain terms that he had sex with her within those times because he wanted to humiliate herand throw it back to her face not to help her recoverThis could have potentially be further damaging if the amnesia was not a HP induced oneThen he has a change of heart and wants to start over all conveniently AFTER he has had his revengeHe claims he couldn't stop it What kind of bullshit is that?You have your EMPLOYEE that you pay to arrange for it and they have the courage to go against your wish and publicly humiliate your wife and you just stand by and watch it?And they don't face any retribution and yet your wife at a hormonal and desperate moment has humiliated you so you helped THAT employee destroy herAre you kidding me or yourself? You went to THAt great length to plot the revenge yet you couldn't stop it?Who are you trying to convince?Fine but how about the retribution did you make the bitch pay? no but your wife had to pay for her sinsThen when the wife has explained that he was an ass and he has thrown her out within 24 hours he has explained in no uncertain terms that he was not going to go after her he was not looking for a reconciliation which she was despearately seekingSo if it was not for the revenge skim and her amnesia they'd have been divorced by then yet he was asking for a start overBased on what?What exactly did I miss?Is not being there with your wife when she's having a miscarriage the only way to fail your wife?He ignored her numerous texts and callsclearly she was troubledAnd yet after all these when he realised he fucked up he was still vehemently suggesting he did the right thing and she should have just shut up and waited for her turnONLY AFTER he realised it was a miscarriage she was talking about was she important than the meetings?ONLY AFTER a miscarriage she was worth fighting for?Because he told her in no uncertain terms that he was not going to go after her not going to fight for her JUST on the line beforeSo NOTHING happened after thisNOTHING apart from asking to start over because he clearly have had his revenge and now that he knows that she was not really after his money he no longer have to give up the wife who can give him awesome sexAnd then she suddenly starts realising how it was all her fault can we please for once have the victim not blame them for their husbands being a bastard?I mean she was ready to grovel thankfully she didn't but both her sister and i failed to see her epiphanySo HEA was absolutely not believable to meIt's like he had his cake and he wants to eat it tooHe had his revenge humiliation for humiliation and just a minor change instead of the divorce which he'd have had had she been the gold digger since she's not now he'll keep herHad this been before the revenge may be I'd take him a redeemable character but AFTER? whoever liked this book feel free to point out his redemption but don't hold your breath I probably won't be convincedLast but not the least of his charming ualities; his wedding vow does he feel the need to cheat he'll let his wife know so she can walk away with her dignitySo he didn't even vow for fidelity yet was surprised that his wife didn't blindly trust him when he started avoiding her and found a half naked women wearing HER robe and she took that piece of slime back Guys am I allowed to jump after reading this one?

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mobi ã Once a Moretti Wife ✓ 224 pages Download Á Michelle Smart â I love having you at my mercy And you love it too The only desire billionaire Stefano Moretti has for his estranged wife Anna is revenge she humiliatingly left him weeks ago So when Anna returns to his life with no memory oIr red hot attraction followed by a public humiliation to match the one she landed on him Until Stefano realizes there's something he wants even than vengeance Anna back in his bed for go What a cruel hero Good grief can they get any worse? It's the same old revenge stuff over and over but I think this might have been the worst sort of revenge I've read aboutIt was a fairly sad book What I liked? The last chapter and epilogue