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review ☆ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Amanda Grange A delightful tale of romance and intrigue from the acclaimed author of Mr Knightley's Diary Arriving in Brighton Cassandra Paxton had one important task to uncover the meaning of a letter she'd found amidst her late brothe. Cassandra Paxton arrives in Brighton to throw light on his brother’s last letter unfinished because of his sudden death She means to meet all of his brother’s friends and ask them if they know something she does not about her brother’s last actions But the first one she talks to Lord Deverill seems uite mysterious and tells Cassandra not to worry because her brother had no particular secrets and most of all not to search for the other friends because she can get herself into trouble being a young woman with only a maid as a companion Cassandra however is determined to uncover the truth and when her own life is threatened she will find herself allying with the mysterious Lord Deverill who has also secrets of his own The reason why I love Regency novels is basically connected to the fact that I love Regency manners I like the way men behaved when in the presence of a lady I am talking of real men not scoundrels I like the importance they gave to propriety and I like all the things they did such as going to balls riding visiting with friends I know nowadays we still do these things but in a different way Men do not ask women to dance by saying “Would you do me the honour of dancing with me” that is what I am trying to explain There is a great lack of elegance at least according to my own experience Therefore when I have a chance to read a novel like “Lord Deverill’s Secret” I always find myself wondering where men like Justin Deverill are if they happen to existI loved Justin’s heart He did anything to protect Cassandra and for several reasons which I cannot tell without spoiling the story but I believe besides his affection he acted like that because of his sense of honour and I loved that He was the proper knight in shining armour he was always there to help and save her and this was utterly romantic OK perhaps I am gushing over him just a little bit but believe me he was very endearing As for the heroine Cassandra I loved her as well The author depicted a lovely nice and also brave character who faced some dreadful situations with determination and self confidence at least she tried by not letting the others know what there was in her heart I liked that she made her decisions not only for her own sake but especially to protect her little sister and I loved Cassandra’s tenderness every time her sister was mentionedHowever I was not too fond of the predictability of the story I did not understand who the villain was I have blamed another character throughout the whole book but some moments were a bit far fetched as if the author wanted to create suspense and add mysterious details where it was not necessary Besides I felt a little confused when the protagonists tried to understand who the enemy was by listing all hisher bad actions without having actual proofs I confess I got lost in some occasions because I could not figure out whom they were talking about There were some minor characters mentioned a few times I could not remember Probably that is just me thoughNevertheless “Lord Deverill’s Secret” is a nice light story I enjoyed reading and it helped me relax as the plot is not complicated and flows with ease I would recommend it to Regency enthusiasts

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review Lord Deverill's Secret ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê A delightful tale of romance and intrigue from the acclaimed author of Mr Knightley's Diary Arriving in Brighton Cassandra Paxton had one important task to uncover the meaning of a letter she'd found amidst her late brother's belongings She knew of only one man who could D a secret of his own One that might prevent him from telling her the truth and one that made a marriage between them impossible Which was most unfortunate considering the way his gentle touch made Cassandra's pulse uicken. Overall a well written story actually the word that first comes to my mind is 'well balanced' A decent mysteryalthough the attacker was uite obvious from his first appearance the author kept a good chase by mixing two mysteries for once which is as rare in this genre as original plot The romance is good nice characterization which does not impede the reading it's easy to think someone like Cassandra could have existed a rare pleasure to read about since I was desperate to avoid shockingly anachronistic bluestockings or lady detectives Two charming eligible earls courting her went a bit overboard but the author not fixating on her looks helped negate the impact I would have said the author shows promise if this were her first book seriously some conversations manners of addressing and general details along the line would have been drastically better with good editing and would have been understandable if this were her first book Some assembly or party scenes felt uncomfortably like she was thinking of parties she went to while writing dialogues 35

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Lord Deverill's SecretR's belongings She knew of only one man who could help her Lord Deverill who just happened to be the most eligible bachelor in all of Brighton But what she didn't realize until it was too late was that the handsome earl ha. This one was just okay for me I liked the overall premise and characters but found myself skipping a bit Cassandra was likable enough as well as Justin I felt like Cassandra forgave Justin rather uickly I thought that could have been dragged out a little and built up some tension between the two The mystery was okay the villain was a bit of a surprise The ending was fun and overall it was an enjoyable story Content Clean romance