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Read A Perfect Spy reader Á Paperback Ê naturaltreatment ✓ Improvvisamente e senza alcun motivo apparente Magnus Pym agente segreto britannico di grande fascino e inesauribile energia sparisce senza lasciare tracce La scomparsa mette in subbuglio i servizi segreti dell'Est e dell'Ovest che si lanciano alla sua Improvvisamente e senza alcun motivo apparente Magnus Pym agente segreto britannico di grande fascino e inesauribile energia sparisce senza lasciare tracce La scomparsa mette in subbuglio i servizi segreti dell “Sometimes we have to do a thing in order to find out the reason for it Sometimes our actions are uestions not answers” ― John le Carré A Perfect Spy Remembrances of loyalties past In some of le Carré's novels you feel haunted by the ghosts of Conrad Greene Nabokov etc In 'The Perfect Spy' I went back and forth about whether le Carré was building this novel to be Dickensian spy novel or a Proustian spy novelI still haven't uite figured it out All I know is that it worked It was brilliant It was harassed by elements of Proust Dickens le Carré's own father and le Carré himself In a story about multiple fathers why can't it be both an ode to Dickens and Proust'A Perfect Spy' is a novel about deception but what spy novel isn't about deception memory love and loyalty It is a story about the sins of fathers and the absolutions of sons It is about a character who is on the run without ever leaving a room; a room filled with hidden cabinets burn boxes and years and years of secrets and conflict; a room that holds a perfect spy who is running from his past running from his present and running from his futureI've said this before but I don't ever get tired of preaching it le Carré is a novelist that WILL be read in 100 years and perhaps in 500 years because he is absolutely tapped into the global zeitgeist of the modern man and the modern nation state Le Carré has his finger on the pulse of what we NEED to believe what we YEARN to believe He has a story to tell and a map of our often hidden realities Le Carré's has baked a madeleine that we eventually all must choke on because we all eventually get to that point where we refuse to swallow any shit

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'Est e dell'Ovest che si lanciano alla sua ricerca Ma non è facile rintracciare una spia perfetta un uomo la cui storia personale è fatta interamente di segreti Solo i due mentori di tutta la sua vita entramb Le Carré writes beautifully let's get that out of the way straight off but something about this left me a little disappointed It did have a lot to live up to not only is it often considered his best work it's sometimes considered anyone's best work Philip Pullman reckons A Perfect Spy is ‘one of the finest novels of the twentieth century’ while Philip Roth said it was ‘the best English novel since the war’ Other Philips also speak highly of itIt begins with the arrival of a man in a small English village He is using a false name he is carrying a mysterious bag he has apparently just come from a funeral In a guest room he sits down to write his story; and thenceforth the book alternates between an espionage thriller that crisscrosses Cold War Europe and a personal narrative about growing up in postwar BritainI found the first of these strands considerably interesting than the second which is clearly based on le Carré's own childhood The book therefore has much autobiographical interest and had even before 2016 when le Carré authorised a biography and then wrote his own Like the book's protagonist Magnus Pym le Carré grew up without a mother and in the shadow of a confused relationship with his conman father and the dynamic of this relationship is a major focus of the novel I mostly found it a distraction and was anxious to get back to what I felt was the main storyPart of the problem is that the two parts never really mesh very well The idea mooted is that growing up with an overbearing confidence trickster as a father has predisposed Pym to a life of international espionage; well le Carré may have felt this to be true in his own case but I don't find it very convincing in this novel It feels like two books have been stapled togetherIt's particularly frustrating because the bits that work are so excellent beautiful descriptions of Europe in this case mostly Austria and Switzerland ‘the spiritual home of natural spies’ a flawless depiction of how diplomats track a potential defector and the kind of perfect thumbnail character sketches that le Carré is so consistently good atShe had greying hair bound in a sensible bun and wore a necklace of what looked like nutmeg When she walked she waded through her kaftan as if she hated it When she sat she spread her knees and scraped at the knuckles of one hand Yet her beauty clung to her like an identity she was trying to deny and her plainness kept slipping like a bad disguiseHis books are always able to demonstrate exactly how politics boils down to conversations between frustrated people in drab meeting rooms The conversations in le Carré books are the set pieces they are as exciting as car chases or fistfights and this book is no different Much hinges on the cagey relationship between British ‘espiocrats’ to use one of le Carré's later coinages and their CIA counterparts and the author has a lot of fun contrasting the well spoken supercilious clarity of the Brits with the managerial jargon of the Americans‘the ah Agency position overall on this thing – at this important meeting and at this moment in time – is that we have here an accumulation of indicators from a wide range of sources on the one hand and new data on the other which we consider pretty much conclusive in respect of our unease’This is an affliction that has long since spread to this side of the Atlantic At moments like these I felt inclined to give the book the benefit of the doubt and was willing myself to like it than I did But the flashbacks were just too obtrusive and took too long to get to their point – things don't really get going until a third of the way in which for a six hundred page book is a hell of a long time to make people wait There is a sneaky sensation that the author was doing this for himself than for us he later talked about the book as therapy‘Love is whatever you can betray’ reflects the main character ‘Betrayal can only happen if you love’ The theme of betrayal – to one's loved ones and to one's country – is a powerful one even if I felt it got a bit smothered The book is studded with brilliance – but not perfect to me by a long shot

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A Perfect SpyI messi in pericolo dalla sua sparizione possono tentare l'impresa e lanciarsi alla ricerca dell'agente fino a uando tutti i fili della vicenda convergono e la sconvolgente verità su Magnus Pym viene alla luce Description Magnus Pym son of Rick father of Tom and a successful career officer of British Intelligence has vanished to the dismay of his friends enemies and wife Who is he Who was he Who owns him Who trained him Secrets of state are at risk As the truth about Pym gradually emerges the reader joins Pym's pursuers to explore the unsettling life and motives of a man who fought the wars he inherited with the only weapons he knew and so became a perfect spyA Perfect Spy 1987 BBC Drama Series Episode 1 As a young boy Magnus Pym played by twins Jonathan and Nicholas Haley sees his father Rick Ray McAnally imprisoned for embezzlement and his mother Dorothy Caroline John hospitalised by the stress Magnus fakes a fit in order to escape the abusive uncle and alcoholic aunt with whom he has been sent to live He is rescued from hospital by his recently released father who subseuently takes him along on the con of an elderly ladyMagnus is sent to boarding school after his father is conscripted where staff and students disapprove of the flashy “business man” Rick returns from the war a wealthy man and involves Magnus in a plan to defraud the bomb damage compensation fund One night Magnus is hazed by a group of boys led by his “friend” Sefton Boyd and in revenge he tags the boy's initials on the wall of the staff toilet Episode 2 Magnus Benedict Taylor is called in to help his father after the plan to defraud the bomb damage compensation fund goes awry Baroness Weber has asked Rick to help her recover a treasure trove secreted by her late husband before the war and Magnus is sent to accompany her Upon arrival in Switzerland the Baroness runs up a large bill absconds with all the money and leaves Magnus down and out in Bern in a classic example of the scam known as the Spanish PrisonerMagnus eventually manages to secure a scholarship to study law at the university in Bern He befriends a Silesian émigré poet called Axel who calls him Sir Magnus British intelligence officer Jack Brotherhood Alan Howard recruits Magnus to inform on a left wing student group called the Cosmo Club Magnus steals the club’s membership list and Axel is revealed to be a secret member Jack persuades Magnus to betray his friend to the Swiss authoritiesEpisode 3 Magnus Peter Egan is called back from his studies at Oxford University to assist in his father’s election campaign Peggy Wentworth Frances Tomelty whose late husband was conned by Rick approaches him Magnus breaks into his father’s files and sends Rick’s prison records to Peggy Confronted at a public meeting Rick brushes off his past misdoings as youthful indiscretions Aware of his son’s betrayal he forgives him none the less However his hopes of political office are destroyed by the incidentMagnus is recruited into the army and posted as an intelligence officer to Graz Sabina his translatormistress puts him in touch with a potential defector who turns out to be Axel Axel hands over apparently important Soviet secret files on Magnus’s guarantee of anonymity but later when under suspicion reuires Magnus to hand over secret British files in returnEpisode 4 Rick crashes his son’s wedding to Belinda and offers them the gift of a new car which is immediately impounded Recruited by the Foreign Office Magnus is sent to Prague where after making a pick up from a dead letter drop he is arrested by Axel blackmailed into exchanging further secrets and reintroduced to Sabina who joins his network of planted agentsAbandoned by his long neglected wife and reposted to Berlin Magnus begins to court Jack’s girlfriend Mary Late one night he is summoned to police headuarters where he discovers his father is being held in the cells for yet another bungled con job Axel encourages Magnus into marrying Mary in the belief that the girl may help them gain access to their eventual target the AmericansEpisode 5 Magnus is now married to Mary with a son called Tom and on his long awaited posting to Washington He is still passing secrets but Axel is talking of retirement as things heat up A committee of American agents headed by Harry Wexler and guided by Magnus’s “friend” Grant Laderer Garrick Hagon have noticed some curiosities in the computer analysis of Magnus and his Czechoslovakian networksCelebrating Christmas with his family Magnus is called out to a bar where he meets his now destitute father The committee comes to London to put their suspicions to senior British intelligence officers but Jack dismisses it all as a Czechoslovakian attempt to frame Magnus Recalled to London and haunted by his past Magnus under a false name takes secret lodgings with Miss Dubber Peggy Ashcroft in his old childhood neighbourhood in DevonEpisode 6 While on a family holiday to Corfu Tom Graham McGrath witnesses a meeting between his father and Axel Axel tries to convince Magnus to retire or even defect but the double agent refuses Jack recalls Magnus to Vienna where he learns of his father’s death Magnus flies to London where he arranges the funeral and arranges for the collection of his father’s files Mary calls Jack when Magnus fails to return to ViennaMagnus visits Sefton Boyd Ian McNeice and apologises for his first betrayal back at boarding school Jack goes to Vienna in search of Magnus and interrogates Mary Magnus retires to his secret lodgings in Devon where he enuires into local comings and goings Jack searches Magnus’s home uncovering references to someone codenamed Poppy and begins to suspect Magnus of betrayalEpisode 7 Jack continues to interrogate Mary to learn of the mysterious Poppy Kate admits to Jack that Magnus got her to remove references to Sabine from his personnel file Recovering the doctored info Jack learns of Magnus’s mysterious contact in Graz Axel passes a message to Mary offering his assistance in tracking the missing Magnus downMembers of Magnus’s Czechoslovakian networks start to go silent Jack realises Prague is rolling up the fake network and the extent of Magnus’s betrayal is finally revealed With both sides now racing to find Magnus Mary meets with Axel who gives her a clue as to where he is hiding Jack and Mary drive to Devon where a police siege of Miss Dubber's lodging house ends with a single gunshot Although the suicide occurs off screen the final shot is of Magnus in the bathtub with half of his face blown awayThis was great The fab episode descriptions are plucked from wiki The earworm was Underneath The Arches