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read King's Cage kindle ´ Kindle Edition ✓ In this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling Red ueen series allegiances are tested on every side And when the Lightning Girl's spark is gone who will light the way for the rebellion?Mare Barrow is a prisoner powerless without her lightning tormented by her lethal miErcy of a boy she once loved a boy made of lies and betrayal Now a king Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother's web in an attempt to maintain control over his country and his prisonerAs Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace her once ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organizing training a 35 Stars So politic and sht this wrench my gut What can I say? This series kept and like a dystopian fiction than being high fantasy However I like this one a bit better that Glass Sword due to politic game Maven and because THIS ONE GAVE ME MANY FEELSSS angry giddy angry giddy and then wrathhhhhh not made me all bored like GS 1 CAl MARE and Politic attitudes I love that the characters are not totally black or white There are what they are because of how they been raised their family background and whatever around them Cal Mare as much as I'm frustrated of how different attitudes of Cal and Mare are and we know they love each other but they just didn't get along well about their politic thoughts love bicker love bicker ugh BUT in other way it's interesting for me to see how they insist on what they believe Not like some Soup Opera 'Oh I love you I will give up my revenge and choose to be with you' boo Cal is Silver been born and raise like a Silver Mare is new blood but her heart is Red Their issue and scene is just SO WHATTT??????? view spoilerThat ending scene hide spoiler

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Nd expanding They prepare for war no longer able to linger in the shadows And Cal the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare's heart will stop at nothing to bring her backWhen blood turns on blood and ability on ability there may be no one left to put out the fire leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way do Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr 😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Okay I just finished and I’m freaking mad Had I been reading a physical copy of this book it would have been chucked out the window 😡🤬😫😤☹️ The first half of this book was slow slow slow I was really bugged that suddenly this story was told from other characters POV The first two were Mare’s POV So I found myself being bored unless it was Mare 🤨 That aside it did pick up a little than half way through DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER IF YOU’RE WORRIED ABOUT ANY VAGUE SPOILERSview spoilerI totally love Cal and Mare’s relationship and swoooon over them immensely 😍🥰❤️ So needless to say this ending really pissed me off 😫😩😢😭😡🤬 If you asked me right now if I wanna read the next one I’ll say no way I’m done Maybe I’ll feel differently as time passes but right now I don’t have it in me to continue the series 💔 hide spoiler

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King's CageIn this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling Red ueen series allegiances are tested on every side And when the Lightning Girl's spark is gone who will light the way for the rebellion?Mare Barrow is a prisoner powerless without her lightning tormented by her lethal mistakes She lives at the m A Smarter girl would turn and run To be fairthe author tried to warn meTo keep this review from getting as long and as bloated as the book I will focus on the three worst aspects the prison the characters and the sexay scenesMare's Prison or should I say my vacation?The entire book consists of Mare whining about how difficult life wasIt's justcome on Really? What does she have to whine about? I've been broken too many times to break again Her prison includes A private bathroom a personal library meals three times a day makeovers fancy gowns and kingdom tours Sign me the fck up But like a dog starved I’ll take whatever scraps I’m given Whatever passes for kindness in this lonely cage Really REALLY Mare? What scraps? You were invited to be a bridesmaid at a royal wedding oh boo hooTo top it all Mare gets PTSD flashbacks PTSD flashbacks after her eventual rescue Girl Are You Kidding Me Your prison is a 500 a night hotel stayThe Characters or should I say the CHARACTER??Now one annoying character doesn't spoil the book unfortunately this was not the case because Every Character is Mare I listened to the audiobook and each perspective had a different voice posh for Evangeline British for Farley and black for Cameron yes picture a stereotypical black accent with a hint of Jamaican no one else has that accent just the sole black girl perspective Without the clear distinctions brought on by the audiobook telling apart the characters became really difficult Therefore I've written a cheat sheet for those who only have the text How to tell your Mare from your Mare 101 Original Mare Whiny self pitying garbage human She regularly kills people and only feels remorse when convenient for the plot She literally was made into a princess to be but threw it all away cause she had to read a paragraph of propaganda Cameron The younger whinier Mare She's the token diversity character and manages to hate Mare while simultaneously admiring her She constantly refers back to her intricately braded hairbecause she's the only black character The author uses these subtle hints at her skin color every freaking time we are at her perspective Evangeline The older posher Mare but with SURPRISE SHE'S GAY twist This came out of the blue It honestly feels like Aveyard threw the twist in because she needed to fill her LGBT uota Farley Pregnant Mare anyone? Manages to run an entire army while growing a tiny human yet everyone is impressed with Mare surviving prison Farley has a hardcore British accent yet no one from her hometown or her family has that accent The accent is possibly the greatest mystery of this series Cal What would Mare be like if she was a guy? Maven What would Mare be if she was an EVIL guy? The Sexay Parts or should I say the wet blankets?Now I'm all for a little bit of a YA smooch a roo fest butthese scenes just had me going ewww Honestly what is with authors making every boy have a uniue taste? For example Cal's mouth tasted of salt and smoke and I'm hard pressed to think of something less appealing thing to stick my tongue in How does that even happen? Then there's the awkward bath scene Picture this Maven naked in a bath bubbles up to his ears a bit of pre pubescent chest hairs waving in the wateras he has a complete conversation with MareBUT don't worry our demure heroine wasn't tempted to look because she's familiar with the male form after living with her father and brothers ShudderAnd then just when I thought we were done with the awkward sceneswe reach The SEXY mud makeout Let me set the scene It's cold it's raining there thick clumps of soggy mud everywhereand Mare says let's make out hunkysugarbear Mare tosses her shirt in the mud and throws Cal's in the mud too Excuse me? You're in a forest at least throw it on a bush Who wouldn't be pissed if someone threw their stuff in the mud? Cal That's who Cause he was too busy downing a liter of salt and setting it on fire to get ready for his big kissI think I'm getting too old for thisAudiobook CommentsRead by Amanda Dolan Now it could be because I absolutely hated this pointless waste of paperbut I disliked the audio as well Everything sounded so bland BlehAlso it really bugged me that when we swapped perspectives the accents of all the other characters changed slightly Is consistency too much to ask for? YouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading