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review Guilty Pleasures ´ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Anita Blake is small dark and dangerous Her turf is the city of St Louis Her job re animating the dead and killing the undead who take things too far But when the city’s most powerful vampire asks her to solve a series of vicious slayings Anita must confront her greatest fear—hConfront her greatest fear her undeniable attraction to master vampire Jean Claude one of the creatures she is sworn to destro. The engaging start of a wonderful series that morphs into erotica partway through If you like VI Warshawski Kinsey Milhoneand other female gumshoes and you like some fantasy you will definitely like this series in the beginning Normal world normal woman except that vampires and other supernatural critters are real some have civil rights and coexist with humans or less peacefully and the protagonist is a 5'2 gun toting butt kicking necromancer Her day job is raising the dead for a company that specializes in it so that answers about wills etc can be settled once and for all Her other job is a vampire executioner which makes her a federal marshal because you can't just run around and stake some poor vampire on sight unless you want to get arrested The monsters are living among the humans now and Ms Hamilton does a wonderful job of looking at exactly what that would entail What about mixed marriages What kinds of jobs would vampires have How would the ACLU fit into this What about religion And so on and so forth At this point Anita Blake's world is black and white Vampires bad Humans good There are no shades of gray for Anita This book reads like a decently written female detective book with the small twist of the kind of world the detective exists in and how that impacts her investigation and her lifeYou must start with the beginning in this series or you'll miss some fascinating twists and turns as Anita's world starts to acuire shades of gray and she starts to grow up a little bit What happens when the monsters go out of their way to rescue you from the humans who want to kill you What happens when the scariest thing in your world is a human not a monster What happens when the monster thinks you're kinda cute and asks you out on a dateLater in the series Ms Hamilton gets so busy exploring the social interaction side of things what happens when ALL the monsters want to date you At the same time that the mystery solving part goes bye bye which is a shame And right around Narcissus in Chains Ms Hamiltin abandons any pretense at plot and starts writing not so vanilla porn But the series right up to that point is a solidly written engaging and nicely layered series that can be addictiveAnd the fact of the matter is that not one of the other authors who have picked up on this oh so popular genre of female with unexplored powers doing something dangerous in a supernatural world has come close to what Ms Hamilton managed to accomplish with Anita Blake

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Anita Blake is small dark and dangerous Her turf is the city of St Louis Her job re animating the dead and killing the undead. The book belongs to urban fantasy genre; it was written long before the term was created So humans did something really stupid in my opinion formed after I finished reading and legalized vampires despite the fact that these creatures need to kill people to exist as everybody knows To justify this I can only say that this is not the first time the humanity acted like complete retards we can all give countless real life modern examples Anita Blake was a reanimator meaning she could raise zombies This skill often comes handy as dead people can tell interesting tales She also did not belong to vampire fan club; Bella Swan she was not One day the master vampire of her city offered her a job she could not refuse; it was all about the right motivation obviously It seemed somebody was killing innocent huh vampires and Anita was to investigate or lose her life as well as get her friend killed As the title implies Anita had some experience of dealing with annoying bloodsuckers so when they finally got on her nerves she realized it was time to uit acting stupid and start kicking some undead butts Some long awaited action finally came I was very surprised by some things about the book Unlike what reviewers said it did not suck outright In fact it was decent enough I also found Kate Daniels' granny Anita For those unfamiliar with the latter lady let me just say that Kate was heavily influenced by her and the influence is uite clear Anita even possesses trademarked Kate's sarcastic humor To be fair I have to say Kate Daniels writing is better Thus on the negative side the writing is not great but passable and there are plot holes and just illogical and just stupid things aplenty; Anita's I drops to single digit range sometimes On the positive side any relative of the current ueen of urban fantasy deserves respect I was never bored reading the book It night shock somebody but I will give this novel the same rating as I gave to Kate Daniels #1 3 stars I have to say that there are 3 stars and there are 3 stars This rating can mean Nice but I am not reading the next book and also I am mildly curious what comes next This time I use the second meaning and will continue with the series

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Guilty PleasuresWho take things too far But when the city’s most powerful vampire asks her to solve a series of vicious slayings Anita must. I finally got around to reading Guilty Pleasures the first Anita Blake book and can at least see why they're not in the Romance section it's gory and the author doesn't seem to like vampires at allI know Hamilton's very well established and has a huge fan base and I know there are lots of other people who don't like her books so I feel pretty confident I'm not going to get lynched by saying I'm glad I only spent 2 on this bookI really didn't like it This is partly because I was so often confused partly because I was very bored and partly because there's simply no one to like in this book I didn't like Anita I was very distracted by the way she dresses and the things she thinks about; I didn't like any of the humans or other characters; the vampires were portrayed in the non romantic cliche way as opposed to the romantic cliche and I didn't like all the guns The plot is slow and dull and Anita misses some glaringly obvious things and doesn't ask very good uestions There were many scenes where I kept thinking What the hell is going on It often didn't make much sense to me at all and seemed to contradict itself and I am not a stupid person It's like during the rewrite stage things got cut out that should have stayed Also what the hell is a hubba hubba motion with your hand supposed to look like I have never skimmed a book like I did with Guilty Pleasures Jean Claude was intriguing but hardly in it at all and I didn't start properly reading it again until the end I don't like skimming I never usually do it and it's a very bad sign if I do It gets two stars for Jean Claude and the interesting thing about not being able to properly envision or understand a character until you get to see their eyes