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epub ☆ Fatally Frosted Donut Shop Mystery #2 Paperback read Ä naturaltreatment · A local busy body has dropped dead after eating one of Suzanne's famous treats A forensic team is soon swarming through the Donut Hearts kitchen dusting for clues sifting through sugar and suspecting the worstA local busy body has dropped dead after eating one of Suzanne's famous treats A forensic team is soon swarming through the Donut Hearts kitchen dusting for clue Three things 1 i love donutsat least reading about them 2 the series has spanned 17 books and Im curious with the anonymous writer as heshe is still churning out 3 i actually guessed whodunit I like Suzanne Hart one of the stronger willed cozy heroines Being divorced and living with your mom running your own business is not as pathetic as it sounds Interested to know as I devour of the series Thanks Katie for introducing this

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S sifting through sugar and suspecting the worst of Suzanne But with the help of police inspector Jake Bishop and her ex husband Max Suzanne hopes to clear her g Doughnut maker Suzanne Hart is excited and nervous to give a doughnut making demonstration for a kitchen tour benefiting a local charity The event organizer Peg is uneasy about having a non professional baker at the event and worries Suzanne will screw it up Suzanne plans a show stopping recipe to wow the guests visiting her friend Marge Rankin's home Before Suzanne can prepare any mouth watering treats Peg is found dead in Marge's house The police determine Peg died after eating one of Suzanne's lemon cream doughnuts and Chief Martin sets his sights on her as the #1 suspect Suzanne is determined to clear her name no matter what Suzanne teams up with her best friend Grace and her neighbor George to find out who killed Peg Meanwhile her ex husband Max still wants to get back together and her boyfriend Jake is not around or working on the case The plot is not bad I didn't guess whodunit but that person was on Suzanne's list I kept reading later than I intended to see what happened This story just fell flat for me I can't get into the setting of the town of April Springs North Carolina and can't connect to the characters There's also a little too much inane and repetitive dialogue going onPeg was not a nice woman She was especially nasty to Suzanne for some reason or another and had a perpetual feud with Marge Everyone gave her a free pass because she was wealthy and did so much for charity I figured out her secret before Suzanne realized it but Peg didn't deserve to be killed Suzanne isn't a very nice person either She would be shocked if someone said that because she thinks she is and she tries but I can't warm up to her First she fat shames Peg silently and then encourages Peg to buy a doughnut after Peg had declined Suzanne fat shames characters and then ruminates on her own less than ideal figure Her working hours don't fit with a trip to a gym I don't understand how Suzanne's business is only doing Ok but she can afford to give away leftover doughnuts provide people she likes with free coffeedoughnuts and treat Grace to an expensive lunch That doesn't make sense Suzanne comes across as really rude in her investigation She doesn't lie easily so she comes right out and bluntly asks what she wants to know instead of leaving the uestioning to the police She upsets a couple friends that way When she's threatened or in danger she doesn't call the police but either deals with it herself or calls George a retired cop Then she finally confronts a murder suspect on her own and is nearly killed I give her credit for being understanding with Jake though I don't think I could be so forgiving I know she gets up in the middle of the night and works all morning but when she comes home she expects her mother to cook her dinner and have it ready When her mom isn't home she goes out instead of trying to find something to eat on her own Suzanne and her mom get along like a typical mother daughter pair but when Suzanne complains a bit I felt like saying what my parents always say to me if you don't like it move out I gather Suzanne doesn't have enough money to live on her own? Some clarification of that would be nice Suzanne is too lenient with EmmaJake is torn between his feelings for Suzanne and his duties as an officer of the law He works hard to clear Suzanne's name but really he shouldn't be involved in the investigation and neither should Chief Martin since he knows and has a history with Suzanne and her mother Jake didn't need to run off for a family emergency His niece is sick in the hospital Would he be allowed to visit or is he helping Amy with childcare? That wasn't specified Suzanne needs her boyfriend's love and support Max is a charmer but once burned twice shy and so Suzanne doesn't trust him Oddly I believe him that his fling was Darlene was a one time deal but he can't really love Suzanne or he wouldn't have hurt her like that There's a third man in Suzanne's life who appears in this novel David Shelby mysterious aloof and slightly caustic but Suzanne and David seem to have chemistry She has a feeling of deja vu when she sees him I don't like love triangles and I think it's rude to flirt with a woman you don't know Emma annoys me She's a teenage girl who loves to gossip and is very nosy When you eavesdrop on someone's conversation you don't chime in and let them know you're listening Emma wants to be Suzanne's friend and Suzanne lets her but I feel they should have a professional relationshipI don't in fact really like any of the townspeople Suzanne's mom still treats Suzanne like a child but is eager to fix Suzanne up with a nice man Grace is Suzanne's best friend and always has Suzanne's back but she gets too enthusiastic about investigating a murder I don't understand why George encourages Suzanne's investigation or why he keeps his old service revolver Otherwise he seems like a decent person Trish Granger is Suzanne's good friend too and she tries to protect Suzanne from hurt and props Suzanne up when Suzanne needs a pick me up I like Trish the best of all Suzanne's friendsGabby is a gossip but also a good friend She's typically rude and snippy with people Marge is a wealthy lady with too much time on her hands Her plot surprised me and made me a little sad Heather Peg's niece is grieving the loss of the only family she had left This is very sad yet Heather is super uick to want help cleaning the house and uick to ditch everything Doesn't she feel sentimental about anything or want to come back on break and go over the house slowly? I know she needs the money from the sale of the house to pay off student loans but I don't think she loved her aunt as much as she claims to Janis another baker in town is rude but her rudeness is justified She feels threatened by Suzanne's business and Suzanne is very rude back I almost feel sorry for Janis Did she kill Peg to frame Suzanne? Bert at the hardware store is another rude person Suzanne thinks he's nice until she starts uestioning him about his personal life so I suppose his rudeness is understandable Chief Morris is a little less belligerent for no reason in this novel He's actually doing his job and doesn't like Suzanne interfering I don't blame him This series is just not for me I like the recipes but not how they're included at the end of each chapter I didn't write any down because I don't fry things My mom won't let me do it in her kitchen so until I have enough money to move out I won't be making doughnuts The doughnuts sound delicious especially the beignets and funnel cake

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Fatally Frosted Donut Shop Mystery #2Ood name before another bad donut is fatally frostedJessica Beck has crafted another delicious Donut Shop Mystery in Fatally Frosted the follow up to Glazed Murd I was looking for a uick cozy mystery and loved the premise of this book so I snagged it at the libraryBut everything disappointed me in this book from the way the main character unrealistically jumped to the conclusion of murder before anyone had even examined the body to the way she interviewed and annoyed all her neighbors in her small town There was no tension just a huge snoozeHowever this writer showed competence in her writing and in the way she thought up her characters and I wonder if I would have enjoyed this book had I started with the first of the series Perhaps it just wasn't to my personal taste