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mobi Ë doc Dona Flor e seus Dois Maridos 9788493264505 Free Ê Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos conta a história de Florípedes Paiva ue conhece em seus dois casamentos a dupla face do amor com o boêmio Vadinho Flor vive a paixão avassaladora o erotismo febril o ciúme ue corrói Com o farmacêutico Teodoro com uem se caOdoro com uem se casa depois da morte do primeiro marido encontra a paz doméstica a segurança material o amor metódic Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands is a novel about a cooking teacher whose first husband is a charming lowlife who is always disappearing in search of wine women song and roulette and her second marriage to an upright responsible devoted pharmacist who for all his good ualities is duller and reserved Especially in bedHaving read the long and mildly tedious Island Boy I picked it up in the hope it would be a bit fun It’s fiction it’s Brazilian all the blurbs on the cover go on about it being exotic sexy tropical the work of a great story teller all the kind of joyous clichés you’d hope for from the country that gave us Elza Soares Ronaldinho and the caipirinha I don’t only want to read books reinforce national stereotypes but in a wet London November a bit of Brazil seems uite temptingAnd importantly it was recommended by a friend So after some of the deeply obscure hit and miss books I’ve read for the Read The World challenge I was hoping for something juicy and enjoyable Something that was not likely to feel like a choreSadly it didn’t uite hit the spot Not because it doesn’t have all those Brazilian clichés it starts with a character dying unexpectedly during carnival while dancing in full drag and the whole book is full of gamblers and whores and serenades and sex and food and humour and social satire and a bundle of other things besides Just reading my own description of it almost makes me want to read it again; but the actual experience of reading it wasn’t so greatNot that it’s a bad book but it didn’t ever uite grab me; and after 550 pages any book that you’re not actively enjoying is going to seem like a bit of a chore I’d be hard pressed to identify any very glaring problems with it The characters seemed a trifle two dimensional — particularly the two contrasting husbands who might as well be called Id and Superego or Apollonian and Dionysian — and the plot is perhaps stretched a bit thin; but it might just as well be that I wasn’t in the right mood for it and tried to read too much of it when I was half asleep So while I’m not about to give it a glowing endorsement I wouldn’t want to be too negative either Pathetically non commital I know

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Amor com o boêmio Vadinho Flor vive a paixão avassaladora o erotismo febril o ciúme ue corrói Com o farmacêutico Te One of the greatest Brazilian novels read years ago

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Dona Flor e seus Dois MaridosDona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos conta a história de Florípedes Paiva ue conhece em seus dois casamentos a dupla face do The strange and moving account of the experiences of Dona Flor professor emeritus of the culinary art and her two husbands the first known as Vadinho; the second Dr Teodoro Madureira by name pharmacist by professionorThe Fearsome Battle between Spirit and MatterNarrated by Jorge Amadopublic scrivener located in the Rio Vermelho uarterof the city of Salvador da Bahia de Todos os Santos in the neighborhood of Largo de Sant' Ana where Yemanja Our Lady of the Waters dwells This will probably be my favorite read of the year 2016 an irreverent bawdy tumultous celebration of life and love under the tropical sun of Bahia written with tender irony and wicked wit by Jorge Amado to the accompaniament of guitars violins bassoons cellos and the thundering batucadas of a full fledged Carnival Was is not by loving that I learned to love? Was it not by living that I learned to live? asks Dona Flor in the introduction to the story while sharing with the author one of her favorite Bahian spicy recipes Some of the lessons are extremelly painful and the amorous tale of Dona Flor begins with the death of her first husband Vadinho in the morning of the last day of the Carnival He dies the same way he lived his life drinking and singing and making lewd gestures at passing women accompanied by his gang of gamblers and lechers buried in debt and missed only by his creditors and by his long suffering wife of seven years Floripedes Paiva Madureira Dona Flor de Guimaraes owner of the Cooking School of Savor and Art A murmur of the professionally devout of old church mice of spiteful enemies of fun and laughter arose with the incense in a sour sussurationHe wasn't worth a ha'penny's prayer the renegade The wicked forked tongues of the neighbouring busybodies wag with glee at the death of the devilish Vadinho but Dona Flor is devastated Why would she mourn a cheating husband who spent his nights gambling and whoring stole the money she made from cooking lessons flirted with her pretty students and gasp even beat her up once when he was down on his luck? She is better off without him sings the chorus of her friends led by her shrill and envious mother Dona RozildaIn a long and rambling flashback we follow Dona Flor down memory lane reminiscing over her seven years of secret happiness in the arms of Vadinho who might have been everything the gossipy tongues wagged about and even worse on occasion but who nevertheless loved his young wife with all his wild heart and his admirable bedroom skills Jorge Amado makes me think of the Canterbury Tales transplanted to a tropical land and scripted by a feverish Federico Fellini populating the lower middle class neighborhood of Bahia with a colourful wacky cast of characters both imaginary and historical and telling hundreds the juicy scandalous spicy anecdotes about all and sundry It's a rambling leisurely subversive narrative style that might not appeal to readers who prefer clear plot and fast action but the city of Bahia comes alive in all its splendour under the pen of Amado full of laughter and tears music and scented breezes good food and wild parties gambling and illicit love affairs Vadinho is revealed as the king of the revelries Even the parish friar Dom Clemente Nigra is forced to admire his atitude Vadinho was so gay he loved to laugh Whenever I saw him I realized that the greatest sin is sadness the only one that is an offense to life Dona Flor is still too young though to live only for tears and memories of Vadinho Her one year of mourning weighs heavily on her shoulders and the iron bed where she once knew extasy under the caresses of her husband soon becomes an instrument of torture She needs a man in her life and all her friends conspire to find the right one for her After a couple of hilarious missteps the choice falls on Dr Teodoro the local pharmacist He is everything Vadinho wasn't serious careful with money reliable and most importantly really enamoured of the plump and hot blooded Dona Flor His conventional and slighlty staid courting produces the desired results and Dona Flor will soon put the iron bed to pleasant use Sundays and Wednesdays like clockwork Enveloped by the transparency of the air that morning so beautiful in its light and so made to the measure of man that it was a privilege to live it Dona Flor raising her eyes from the ground looked about to take in the sight of the street and the color of the day Unfortunately Dr Teodoro in his careful and respectful kisses doesn't hold a candle to the despicable Vadinho so well versed in all the pages of the Kama Sutra All the elevated social position and the respect of the neighborhood the musical soirees in the best mansions of Bahia and the financial stability get boring after awhile Dr Teodoro is the perfect husband but what woman really wants perfection when she can have danger and adventure? Why Dona Flor would not take it amiss if something were to happen something unforessen to break the monotony of those days all eually happy and all eually placid It is positively a sin sister to talk like this when I am blessed with this life I lead after having eaten such bitter bread; but the same thing every day gets cloying even when it is of the finest Just between us my dear there are times when this blissful life which everyone envies me causes me such torment absolutely idiotic which I can't even explain For all the comedy and the laughter and the music Jorge Amado doesn't forget that he started his career as a leftist writer deeply engaged in social issues and makes Dona Flor that a pretty ornament to her husband or an object of lewd dreams She strikes a hard blow for all women forced to live in a male dominated society raising an early voice for emancipation in this 1940's fairytale of Bahia And why don't I have the right to contribute to buying us a house? Or don't you consider me your helpmate in everything? Am I only good to clean up look after your clothes cook your meals and go to bed with you? Dona Flor was in a temper Just a servant and a strumpet Her newly reawaken restlessness is heard by the hidden deities of Bahia the African Pantheon brought across the Atlantic ocean by the former slaves and the patron of Vadinho intervenes to give Dona Flor the peace of mind she craves view spoiler the ghost of her first husband returns to assault once again the modesty and the erotic dreams of Dona Flor hide spoiler