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Can America Survive? Free download À 108 · This new book by New York Times best selling author and pastor John Hagee says the United States is heading into a “Perfect Storm” Titanic John F Kennedy’s assassination 911 John Hagee maintains that these American tragedies all have one element in common they were unthinkable And in the openDismantle the very nation itself “Think it can’t happen” Hagee asks in a theme repeated throughout the book “Think again” Indeed Hagee presents alarming examples of recent events current research scientific evidence and biblical prophecy that are gathering to create a “perfect storm” that could bring down the “unsinkable” United States of America includingThe US’s negligent handling of Israel and history’s evidence of the danger to any nation that challenges Israel’s God mandated right to existThe dangerous belittling of Iran’s nuclear threat by careless spy agencies and the super weapon that could stop the US in its tracks instantlyThe chilling biblical. This is a phenomenal book and a read I would recommend to everyone Christian and non Christian alike but especially Christians John Hagee makes this a clear and easy to understand subject which isn't easy to understand

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Prophecy that confirms Iran as one of six countries that will form an Islamic military force “as a cloud to cover the land”The real 25 trillion price tag of healthcare reform the international currency shifts and the national economic trends that are poised to bring about the death of the American dollarThe criminalization of Christianity around the world; Can America Survive is not just a warning It is a wake up call and a rallying cry to Christian citizens everywhere to prevent the next unthinkable American disaster After all as Hagee points out “those who do not remember the mistakes of the past are doomed to repeat them in the future” Think it can’t happen Think aga. Great book Pastor John Hagee makes it clear through Scripture from the Holy Bible that Jesus is coming back to earth to reclaim His kingdom that the Jews are still God's chosen people As a Christian I gloried in the knowledge that my family I will be taken in the Rapture if the Church but I feel very scared for those who do not believe that Jesus is the Messiah Pastor Hagee explains America's largest in the Tribulation that will occur after the Rapture all of those remaining on earth have a choicejoin the Antichrist or be beheaded Then God's judgement will rain down on those left behind Pastor Hagee explores the Boom of Revelations leaving no room for misunderstanding by the reader He makes plain the parts played in these final days by all countries on earthnot just the USA This book is a must read now

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Can America SurviveThis new book by New York Times best selling author and pastor John Hagee says the United States is heading into a “Perfect Storm” Titanic John F Kennedy’s assassination 911 John Hagee maintains that these American tragedies all have one element in common they were unthinkable And in the opening pages of his newest book Can America Survive Hagee uses these tragedies to prove two points that the unthinkable can happen and given the right conditions the unthinkable can uickly become the inevitable In Can America Survive Hagee asserts that the seeds for tragedy are once again being sown evidenced by the disturbing economic geopolitical and religious trends that now threaten to. Personal Response Personally Can America Survive is an excellent book to read Many of the topics dealt with anxiety and the gap we have in our cultural country I thought this book is interesting based on the amount of information that John Hagee a pastor from Texas presents to his readers The reason I thought the facts he presented are intriguing is that a pastor is explaining the United State’s issues through his eyes and how America overcomes these issues Plot John Hagee relives some of the most unbelievable events that took place in America One of John’s first topics that he touches on is the horrific event that took place 18 years ago 911 John wants Americans to know Muslims are not all wrong doing people Hagee believes in a Pentecostal Religion which entails that John wants all Christians to support the Muslim and Jewish communities As time goes on in America the next political event America endures is the overall death of a dollar John believes the reason for America’s tragedy is the “seed that’s being sewn” This simply entails that the way our government shapes Americans by any geopolitical economic and social issues determines the values of American’s All of John’s beliefs bring very well rounded uestions to the table and sooner or later Hagee wants the American Dreams of the public to thrive and unite Creating positive relationships with Muslims is John’s biggest accomplishment throughout his pastoral career Hagee wants all of his readers to understand one thing “If the tragedies that struck American’s in his book don’t scare the public then Ameican’s need a wake up call”Characterization John’s character is defined as an ordinary but “ Biblical Pentecostal ”individual Can America Survive provided many statistics and information showing the struggles America endures in the past century Hagee proved himself as a strong opinionated individual America’s tragedies prove to be the antagonist in the novel due to the fact that innocent civilians are losing their lives and the amount of emotional suffering they endure Setting The settings take place throughout the United States The topics John discusses are major city attacks on America The majority of the events John highlights are of larger countries and major populated cities throughout America The time occurrences of John’s topics span from 1950 the Iran Nuclear War and most current the death of an American dollar; developing from a 25 trillion dollar debt in health care during the 2000s Thematic Connection The theme throughout Can America Survive is a pastor reliving the catastrophic events that strike Americans and leaving Americans to understand why it’s happening to the United States Hagee uses these tragedies to undermine and explain to Americans that if it happens once another American tragedy is bound to happen again Recommendation I strongly recommend Can America Survive to a reader who enjoys reading real based stories that relate to our country’s history Can America Survive deals with many biblical terms throughout the text A reader who enjoys biblical content including real life situations would enjoy reading Can America Survive