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Blood Revealed Book à The Blood Stone #4 Download ✓ Tracy cooper-posey ë To save their world vampires and humans must fight togetheragainst the deadliest enemy ever unleashed Nial leader of the vampires assembles his loyal followers yet again—and this time they must not fail For the mythic BCharisma casts a spell on both Patrick and the third member of their triad Blythe Murray LA single mom and ex soldier would rather forget her military service but she’ll resurrect it when The Others invade their city She’ll give her all to fight evil and protect her children But no human woman can withstand the powerful and instant bond between her Patrick and Dominic The world is at war the future uncertain the enemy nearly unstoppable so why fight the best thing they’ve ever found The three can only hope it will be enough to carry them through the devastation to com This is the first book of this series that I didn't rate as 5 stars I think it's mostly because I wanted an ending not necessarily a happy one but it seems like the story of Patrick Dominic and Blythe was not the central thread of this story While I love hearing about the other 3 families NIalSebastianWinter KateGarretRoman IlariaRickMarcus it seemed a little mean that this latest trio didn't get of their own story I would have loved to hear about Dominic and his music Patrick and his past strugglesbeing a new vampire and Blythe and her back story Also it didn't feel like she's dealt with her issuesI suspect that this is one of those books where the bigger story of the Others began with this book and will continue with the next and final book But just on its own I felt a little a little deflatedOn the plus side though while reading through the Other books by Tracy Cooper Posey at the end I noticed that there is going to be another book in the Kiss across series I'm so excited and I can't wait to read it I really miss Veris Brody and Taylor

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To save their world vampires and humans must fight togetheragainst the deadliest enemy ever unleashed Nial leader of the vampires assembles his loyal followers yet again and this time they must not fail For the mythic Blood Stone has been broken and doomsday evil unleashed upon the world of humans in the form of The Others To save the innocents Nial and his kind must lift a centuries’ old veil of secrecy revealing who they truly are This has never gone well in the past will it be different this time Maybe if three unlikely heroes can be convinced to join the fight When an It's definitely looking like nothing is going to top the first one of the series In this one the Blood Stone has been broken and the Others including the monsters the Summanus are unleashed on the human world The vampires in order to prepare humans and avert disaster reveal themselves but don't get a great response Until the Summanus begin eating people Leading the charge are Patrick the Hollywood actor and alcoholic who recently turned vampire Dominic the deaf mind reader and a new human ally Blythe who is an ex soldier and single motheras well as the usual cast of characters who are really beginning to amass With this turn of events the series takes on a post apocalyptic feel as characters head out at night to hunt the monsters and return home during the day to recharge This isn't necessarily bad per se It's just different There is a lot of setting and character switching one minute we're with our mains and then suddenly it's Ric and Ilaria then it's Nial and his predicament then it's Roman and Kate or some other group of people It reminded me of a soap opera when all I wanted was my particular ship to be on screen not these other characters I get it it's all tied up in the bigger picture plot with the Others and everything but it got frustrating jumping from place to place As for the romance the typical threesome relationship emerges here First with Patrick and Dominick who instantly connect and have very sweet if too brief first time with a guy sex These two really were my favorite couple They start a relationship Until they argue and are apparently broken up didn't realize it was official because suddenly Dominick is having sex with Blythe and poor Patrick is pretty broken hearted to be all alone especially since he also has a thing for Blythe Then all of a sudden it's the three of them together and Patrick and Dominick and Blythe are having rather bland threesome sex And Patrick and Dominick never discuss their initial problems there's never any apology or discussion about the fact that Dominick was or less unfaithful there's hardly any discussion about their frickin relationship at all It's as though suddenly they're all getting along wonderfully and there were never any problems to begin with It irked me to no end And that unfortunately was the problem with the whole thing There just wasn't enough balance between action plot and romance plotnot so much time spent on it as it is focus and wrap up The threesome needed so much attention and details worked out but there were so many other plot lines to follow that it couldn't be done at this length And so the romance aspect of this story was underdeveloped and IMHO the story suffered because of it There wasn't as much connection in the threesome as there had been with Winter Sebastian and Nial for example those three had some serious steam and connection and I missed that here

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Blood Revealed The Blood Stone #4Action movie star a deaf empath and an ex soldier join forces the action explodes both on the battle front and in the bedroom Patrick Sauvage Hollywood A list actor ‘comes out’ as a vampire Good thing he’s learned a few extra skills as an action star because he needs a new career What actress wants to star opposite a guy who gives new meaning to the term ‘drop dead gorgeous’ Dominic Castellano lost his hearing in a freak accident and everything he loved along with it But he has other talents to wield in the coming war he can now sense what others can’t And his Really good series Still enjoying this series ready for the next book in line To the author great job with your writing style