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The Game (The Game #1-7) summary ¿ 108 â What would you do for one million dollars Or rather what wouldn’t you do Would you play a game One contract Two Guys Three players Four Strikes Five rules Six zeros Seven days No safe words No uestions Complete submission Are you gameWhat would you do for one million dollars Or rather what wouldn’t you do Wou. Box set this series has been amazing and such a great read I am glad I have to review the box set I would have been cursing the Authors if I had to wait a week between booksSuch a great series and will have you hooked and trying to guess wth is going onDay One Game 1Really good start to this series Ella has no money and is being evicted from her home then she gets an offer of a life time will she refuse she really doesn't have a choice either be homeless and no money or sign the contract for seven days I am so intrigued to see how this all plays out I am Liking the characters so far but that could change lol now on to book 2Day Two Game 2This series is so good I can't put them down my head is all over the place I am not sure how this is going to end I could take a guess but I think I am far too early in the game to get it rightElla I love I trying to understand what it is all for I think there is a lot to it and cannot wait to find out on to book 3Day Three Game 3Oh hell this series is getting better and better with each bookSo much I could say but do not want to spoil it for other's but I will say this it is twisted and dark very hotI still have no clue what is going on with this game and it is really playing with my head trying to figure out what is going on so so goodOn to book 4Day four Game 4This game is crazy is it a game or is it tests for something who knows but my head is all over the place I have so many uestions that needs answersPoor Ella or is she lucky lol I mean I like Preston Tobias but two men I am not sure what to make of them Are they the masterminds of this game or are someone else playing them all Number 3 I not sure about I think Ella has a right to feel a bit scared round him time will tellNumber three I had thought I had an idea of who he was and that maybe we had met him but the accent has thrown meOn to book 5Day Five Game 5 Ella is still confused bit like me to be honest are they trying to break her but for what what is the end gameOh shit I am not sure what is going on now every time I think I might have a uestion answered I end up with This series is sucking and in as it goes through each of the booksThese three together is Hot I mean hello that shower scene So many twists and turns in this series I really have no clue what is going to happenOn to book 6Day Six Game 6My head all over the place as with each book it starts where the last one leftAnother intense ride and still left with uestions these books are putting me through the ringer with my head lol I think I should have given up trying to work them out by now I don’t know how it is all going to end and to be honest do I want it to end this is one of them series and hate to read the last book I so invested in the characters I feel like we losing a friend oh well it all must end sometime Onto book 7Day Seven last gameI really did not want this series to end oh I love the Twists and turns I have been hooked from the start and it has not not let go till the last page I loved the epilogue tooI was so confused at times; I thought I was losing my mind let along how poor Ella felt it has been a roller coaster of a ride seriesI not going to give anything away and I not going to say who number 3 is but I did guess it You need to experience these books yourself and play the game along with Ella does she win or lose you have to read to find out

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Ld you play a game One contract Two Guys Three players Four Strikes Five rules. One Contract Ohmy fanning selfOne Contract is the first novella in a 7 novella series called The Game by LP Lovell Stevie J Cole This book is blazing hot and my panties were melting from the get go I am so excited for this series and I can’t wait for the next one This blew me away and I’m dying here Thankfully each book is being released every two weeks Ella Taylor has just been handed her eviction notice with no job friends nor family to help She contemplates what to do when she notices an envelope in the mail which contains an invitation for an interview The interview is with Tobias Benton CEO of Six Degrees – a social media platform She later finds out later that the interview is to be the submissive for Tobias and his business partner Preston Lucas Will she sign the contract for 7 days to earn one million dollars Two Guys Holy hitI feel as though I am on a precipice and so worked up and begging just like Ella I am currently fanning myself trying to figure out how I can make it two weeks for the next book Shaking like a drug addictThe storyline is well paced and the characters are so complex and well developed I would love to tell you all about Tobias Preston and Ella but I do believe this is one series you just must #OneClick and buyTrust me You will be begging for the next book tooMistresses Lovell and Cole”Please” Three Players I was extremely excited when I opened my Kindle and saw Three Players the third installment in The Game Series by LP Lovell and Stevie J Cole  I dropped absolutely everything and read it in one sitting  There was nothing getting in the way of my next fixAHHHH the waiting was so worth itThis is a series you need to #OneClick and buy without reading any spoilers  The storyline is uniue and mind blowing and the characters are so well developed and complex  The twists and turns just blew my mindOne of my all time favorite series Four Strikes Ohh I am loving Four Strikes the fourth book in The Game series by Stevie J Cole and LP Lovell  I am captivated with this series and I count the days until the next novella is released  I feel like I am on an extreme roller coaster with so many twists and turns and no ending in sightTobias and Preston are so complex I am flipping back and forth whether I trust them while trying to guess what I would do if I was in Ella’s place  We are introduced to the third master which they call 'Three'  I'm wary of him and I seem to have uestions than answersA deliciously naughty series and I'm still begging for Five Rules I cannot accurately describe how much I love The Game Series by LP Lovell and Stevie J Cole  This series is outstanding and I feel like I’m on a precipice  My blood is pumping and I’m grabbing at anything I can hoping I can wait another two weeksGAHHH I don’t think I can wait any  I need to know NOW what is going to happen to Ella  Are Tobias and Preston going to keep her  What is going on with Three  Who IS he Six Zeros OMGSix Zeros is the sixth book in The Game Series by LP Lovell and Stevie J Cole and I devoured it as soon as it touched my Kindle  The storyline is amazing adding twists to Tobias and Preston's gameI still continue to not trust Three and wonder who he is  I have some guesses but will have to wait for the final novella in the series Seven DaysI just love Ella and I ponder if she will mentally be alright in the endI highly recommend this series Seven Days When I began reading this final book I felt like I could finally see the light at the end of the dark twisted tunnel  My emotions were all over the place while reading this series  The characters are so complex and well developed and the storyline is uniue gripping and incredibleI must say that I did not expect it to end the way it did  I had several ideas in my head of what may happen but Ms Lovell and Ms Cole completely bowled me over  I love this series and can’t wait to be able to reread it againI highly recommend itVoluntarily Reviewed a Gifted Copy

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The Game The Game #1 7Six zeros Seven days No safe words No uestions Complete submission Are you ga. Judging by the synopsis I thought THE GAME would be one hell of a kinky read; one with a little bit of a dark edge In the end what I got with THE GAME was nothing like I was expecting⎯or hoping⎯for It was kinky no doubt about that but it wasn’t just a little bit dark; it was very dark and in my opinion sick and twisted I found the entire “game” to be bizarre and I just couldn’t make much sense of itTHE GAME was originally released as a series of seven novellas but it’s now been combined and released as a single book Even though it’s now a full story it still has that novella feel to it because of its fast pace My Advance Reader Copy was in desperate need of a proofreader as I lost count of all the spelling mistakes and missing words I can only hope that these mistakes have been fixed in the final published versionTHE GAME is told mostly in Ella’s POV with the final chapter for each day being told in Tobias’ POV I will say this for THE GAME though the MFM and MMF sex scenes between Ella Tobias and Preston were so very very hot That being said the amount of anal sex without lube or preparation was for lack of better words butt clenching and wince inducing In the end I would have just rated this story 1❤️ but I added another ❤️ because those sex scenes were fabulous and truly panty meltingFor reviews please visit our website was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review