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Read eBook õ Reassigned Codename Fairy Godmother #1 Paperback ☆ What do you get when you splice Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft with Tinker Bell? Meet Agent Thunder a kick butt Huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization FGO Find out what happens when the FGO’s #1 bounty hunter encounters Earth’s most infamous villUally tracked down by Ciaran the alluring terminator leprechaun that she went into hiding to evade in the first place Ciaran a seasoned seducer gains the fairy godmother’s trust and introduces her to experiences she’s never even contemplated He doesn’t appear to be as menacing as Agent Thunder was led to believe or so she thought As they spend time together and f Copy given for an honest review What a fantastic book I'm sorry I waited so long to read itI won't lie I kind of forgot about it sorry Tanjlisa Marie I drank this book I gulped it down I couldn't get enough of itAgent Thunder is a huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization she hunts down the humans who default on their wishes All children who are granted a wish by their fairy godmother must repay that wish to another before they turn the age of 32 And if they don't Agent Thunder gets to pay them a little visit to help refresh their memory and she's good at what she does and gets much joy in doing her job All that changes when she as a run in with a leprechaun named Ciaran What a uniue idea for a story So refreshing As much as I love reading urban fantasy with vampires werewolves shifters magic usersetc I have yet to encounter a fairy godmotherAnd no I don't mean the bibbidi bobbidi boo kindimage error

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What do you get when you splice Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft with Tinker Bell? Meet Agent Thunder a kick butt Huntress with the Fairy Godmother Organization FGO Find out what happens when the FGO’s #1 bounty hunter encounters Earth’s most infamous villain and gets Reassigned for her own protection While in her fairy godmother protection program Agent Thunder is event To read reviews and fun stuff pop by my blog Drugs Called Books35 starsDue to copy and paste no formattingI love the world Tanjlisa created in Fairy Godmother it was so uniue and nothing like I've ever read before and so complex yet easy to follow which is no east feat World wise this book is a five star But there were some things that bothered me and prevented me from giving it a four or higher and the last two chapters really ruined Thunder the heroine and the story for me But on that laterThe WorldAs I said in the beginning I found the world of Codename Fairy Godmother absolutely fascinating and uniue I can safely say I've read nothing like it Those fairies? They're nothing like the ones you hear in normal books They grant wishes for kids for a small price; the child needs to give another kid the same as he was given before his 32nd birthday if I remember correctlyThe fairies have a planet of their own; one where it's always night and sand stretches for as far as the eye can see There are only females on that planet and they feed on Fairy Dust no food or drink otherwise They all live and breathe their jobs; be it to grant wishes or make sure adult humans pay back their debt And those fairies? They don't understand love remorse their emotional capability are very limited or so they are led to believe There was also the leprechaun angle and the soul mate deal Both were handled in a way outside the normal Young Adult bookI also loved how Tanjlisa described actions such as the wrap and the usage of magic uite fascinating I'll be using that word a lot to describe this book The CharactersThunderThe Huntress I absolutely loved her most of the time the exception being the very last two chapters Thunder is unlike any heroine I've ever read of before; she's fierce at the beginning pretty emotionless and she actually enjoys inflicting pain especially on stupid little humans which I found fascinating Not sure what that says about me though She kick ass independent and breaks the rules whenever she can but still follows several ones blindly Despite loving her I found her a contradiction On the one hand she was independent on the other she very uickly became dependent and submissive to a few people which bothered me She eventually shook of most of that submissiveness but for a while she acted very unlike herself but perhaps that was intentionalAnd still I loved her She's a very uniue and good character I think the moment I fell for the little fire ball was when she said she was going to punish the mark for letting her wait never mind that he had no idea she was waiting and that if he did he’d be running as farther away as possibleCiaran he's the main love interest I didn't really care for this character; he was abusive forceful and violent and despite the description of how sexy and alluring he was I found him anything but charming That could've been changed but on that in the Romance Section But I guess it really shouldn't be changed yes I'm uite contradictory myself because view spoilerhe turned out to be one murdering son of a bitch Which is why the ending pissed me off hide spoiler

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Reassigned Codename Fairy Godmother #1Eelings evolve she soon discovers the life altering truth not only about the villainy leprechaun but about conspiracies surrounding the FGO and everything she's ever held as gospel If you like chicks that kick butt conflicted villains arbitrary fight scenes nude fairy godmothers terminator leprechauns pixies conspiracies or hot and heavy petting then this book is for y It was exceptionally difficult for me to become involved in the world of Agent Thunder She shares the same space for me as Jim Butcher's Dresden Like Dresden Thunder has powers far beyond the ken of normal men Also like Dresden Thunder has a considerable contempt for the human race she works among and by and large for Butcher hopes to capture the Noir era by attempting the cynicisms of Raymond Chandler but forgets that even Marlowe had soft spots and his bitterness was very artfully character driven As with Butcher's character Dresden Agent Thunder's disdain for mankind seems to stem from Customer Service Frustration than any kind of real ennuiWhat worries me as well is that for Agent Thunder there is no place for her to meet her match except in Ciaran a leprechaun and there the match in uestion is always an issue of upping the ante in their supernatural courtship and competition And there is really only so far one can go before it borders on ludicrous While I would never argue the issue of Thunder being a strong female character what bothered me most was her enjoyment of suffering of fear and pain As delightful as it may be to have a small child snivel in fear as an intruder threatens him idly in the night to me the entire scene of Thunder's first job as a wish granting godmother got under my skin in a very unpleasant way There certainly were chuckles to be had I'm sure I just couldn't find them in myself to giveThe tone of the whole novel rocked back and forth between young adult and not so young but young adult in a way that felt very awkward No cursing but lots of lusting It was fine that several red shirted poorly drawn mafia characters perished in a fire that Thunder and Ciaran's unuenchable heat for one another set fire to buildings to alien fairy planets but no one was under any circumstances permitted to pronounce the F word Unless it was fairy If there was a rating system for novels I would be hard pressed to find its placeIn the end I had to ask myself if I would recommend this book to others or if I wouldn't and why The above is my answer While Fairy Godmother Reassigned had to me a lot of promise in the end with all the issues above it failed to deliver Even as action packed and rollicking as it was I couldn't turn my brain off while reading it