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Read & Download ✓ Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America ô PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ☆ Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency “Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America” is the fifth of ten books by historian and lawyer and mo??ve needed a new biography of James K Polk–America’s great underrated president Now at last Walter R Borneman has delivered the goods This book is both well written and diligently researched it Polk The Man Who Transformed the Compra Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA su ordini idonei Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America by Walter R Borneman is a biography of the th President of the United States Mr Borneman is a well known American historian and lawyer A biography of President James K Polk In this biography the author re evaluates the contribution made by Mr Polk to the country and the institution of the Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency Compre o livro Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America na combr confira as ofertas para livros em ingls e importados Polk Sheriff says man wasn’t ’standing his ground’ Polk County deputies are investigating the fatal shooting of a year old man at an apartment complex in Davenport Bryan Medeiros is charged Mike Polk Wikipedia Early life and education Polk was born in Warren OhioAfter being raised in Newton Falls Ohio he attended Kent State University as an undergraduate and earned a degree in communications and psychology in Career Polk created HBO's Runaway Box Man in the Box His work has also appeared on Cinemax and broadcasts of the basketball show Inside the NBA on the TNT TV Tablatures pour accordon diatoniue the rights of man rangs ranges basses difficult the tailor's twist rangs ranges basses difficult Tuamgrainey castle ranges basses difficult Slip jigs a fig for a kiss rangs ranges basses difficult give us a drink of water ranges basses difficult port na deorai ranges basses difficult the butterf. Book twenty nine of my Presidential ChallengePresident Polk was an interesting guy He promised to only serve one term and he was a man of his word He increased the size of the country by a larger amount than any other President short of maybe Jefferson He came into office with four clearly established goals1 Reestablish the Independent Treasury System2 Reduce tariffs3 Acuire some or all of the Oregon territory4 Acuire California and New Mexico from MexicoHe accomplished all of these goals dropped the mic and left the Presidency basically saying Was that so hardIn a way it makes a crazy sort of sense If you spend all of your political capital and don't care about the political enemies you make you'd be amazed at what you can accomplishWas his war with Mexico legal Ethical I would say no on both counts but if I start nitpicking how any given section of America was acuired I doubt I'd like what I foundPolk died almost immediately after leaving office 103 days later to be precise so it was probably a good thing he did only serve one termLots of great information from Borneman in this book If I had any complaints it would be that the middle section kind of seemed to forget it was about Polk and just covered the Mexican American War

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James K Polk is mostly forgotten nowadays jumbled into the commonly overlooked period of American history between the Revolution and the Civil War In the first half of the 19th century the figures that history mainly remembers are Thomas Jefferson Andrew Jackson Henry Clay Daniel Webster John C Calhoun and to a lesser extent John uincy Adams Jackson was the dominant President of this period with historians often referring to it as “The Age of Jackson” Polk a protege of Jackson is barely remembered and even less well understood Walter Borneman argues that Polk was actually a dynamic figure who greatly expanded both the territory of the growing United States and the power of the Presidency Borneman's argument is a solid one As far as that goes he succeeds in his mission Polk was just a step below that of warmonger He wanted to acuire territory whether by diplomatic means military might or money; it was all the same to him If he could accomplish his aims without armed conflict fine But if a war is what was reuired to gain land then so be it He did not blink twice about that Or even once Polk allowed the annexation of Texas put into place by his predecessor John Tyler to proceed He could have revisited that issue but Tyler had accomplished what Polk most assuredly would have had it been left to him His next focus was on acuiring what is now California and New Mexico while pushing the boundaries of Texas as deep as possible cutting into Mexican territory Simultaneously he provoked war with Great Britain over the Oregon Territory present day Oregon and Washington Prior to his election Polk committed to only serving one term imagine anyone doing that today although it certainly is still possible Thus while in one respect becoming a lame duck in another he was free to expend 100% of his political capital and not care if a certain action or appointment were found to be unpopular This allowed him to pursue his reckless course of land grabbing While Borneman does a good job in laying out how Polk administered his presidency as a full fledged presidential biography he falls short of the mark He breezes through Polk's early years barely stopping to expound on what Polk was doing He was elected to the House of Representatives seven times and served two of those terms as Speaker Yet Borneman does not write about what Polk actually did while he was a Congressman or any notable achievements or actions taken while he was Speaker He was then elected Governor of Tennessee Again what did he do We do not know as Borneman focuses on Polk's correspondence with Jackson and others than he does on his actions in office Another disappointing facet of this book is that Borneman never stops to probe what kind of person Polk was What was he like What were his personality traits Other than appearing to be stubborn and hard working who knows Polk had a barbaric operation to remove urinary stones when he was 16 years old This was in 1812 I won't even describe what was done to him it is that heinous And this was way before any anesthesia or even the rudiments of modern medicine But Borneman uickly moves the story along saying that Polk “recovered uickly”page 8 Given what the operation entailed I find that hard to believe At the very least it had to have affected him to a great extent And given the fact that Polk and his wife Sarah remained childless it makes one wonder if the operation resulted in Polk being sterile A glaring omission here is that Polk's status as a slave owner is perfunctorily reviewed at best Borneman acknowledges that Polk owned slaves but really does not go beyond that Why did Polk own slaves What were his relations like with his slaves We do not know Nor does Borneman posit any theses He does note that towards the end of his life in Polk's will he stated that if he outlives Sarah he wants his slaves to be freed at his death But given Polk's declining health by this time and his always frail physical constitution to begin with this seemed to be an unlikely occurrence Did Polk have some basic moral regret at owning other people Again we do not know To say that Borneman goes so far as to excuse Polk's moral obtuseness and his constant pushing of political matters over personal would be to go too far Yet Borneman does not take Polk to task for this The closest he comes is when discussing Polk's machinations with Gideon Pillow during the War with Mexico Pillow was a Polk loyalist and just as important to Polk a Democrat Pillow got into scuffles with General Winfield Scott Minister Nicholas Trist and others But Polk always gave strong credence to whatever puffery Pillow provided him rather than dispassionately reviewing all relevant materials before making decisions and judgments about people Borneman concludes with good chapters about Polk's extremely brief post presidency and his presidential legacy Polk was uite enfeebled by the time his term as President ended He and Sarah embarked on a month long trip home to Nashville going around the Southern states Polk died in June 1849 just a little over three months after leaving office Borneman believes that Polk most likely died of cholera brought on by a combination of him being physically exhausted already and never being in robust health to begin with This is probably the case However Borneman never considers that Polk may have been greatly sickened by the almost poisonous White House water supply of the day Take a look at the deaths of Zachary Taylor Polk's successor and later Abraham Lincoln's son Willie An aside on Lincoln on page 289 Borneman states that “Lincoln chose not to run for reelection in 1848” Well that's not uite true Lincoln had entered into a gentlemen's agreement with two other Whig politicians in Illinois to rotate terms in office so all three had an opportunity to serve Lincoln had wanted to run again and probably would have if not for the agreementThe assessment chapter is good and I wish presidential biographies had something similar Borneman briefly goes into how Polk's legacy has shifted over time seeming to grow in stature in regards to his accomplishments Also he provided very brief summaries about what happened to many of Polk's contemporaries I disagree with Borneman overall in his treatment of Polk I think that he focused almost exclusively on what Polk got done That is a part of his legacy and it should be Also if Presidents were viewed solely by what they wanted to accomplish vs what they actually did accomplish Polk would rate the highest of anyone who has held that office Everything that he set out to do he ended up doing But that is an incomplete picture How Polk accomplished his agenda and how he treated people are also parts of the euation Borneman seems to think those things are secondary in importance I don't This is not a bad biography but it could have been so much betterGrade C

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Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and AmericaPolk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency “Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America” is the fifth of ten books by historian and lawyer and mountaineer Walter Borneman He is freuently the author of books on th and th century US history but has also written on mountain climbing in his home state of Colorado Borneman’s most recent book is “The Admirals Nimitz Halsey Leahy and King – the Five Polk The Man Who Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America Borneman Walter R avg rating • ratings by Goodreads Hardcover ISBN ISBN Publisher Random House This specific ISBN edition is currently not available View all copies of this ISBN edition Synopsis; About this title; In Polk Walter R Borneman gives us the first complete and com Polk The Man Who Transformed Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America Kindle edition by Borneman Walter R Download it once and read it on your Kindle device PC phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks note taking and highlighting while reading Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America | Borneman Walter R Nebelthau Alan | ISBN | Kostenloser Versand fr alle Bcher mit Versand und Verkauf duch Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America es Borneman Walter R Libros en idiomas extranjeros Polk The Man Who Transformed the book by Polk The Man Who Transformed the Presidency and America By Walter R Borneman If asked to name those who have served as President of the United States few average Americans would be able to offer than a handful of names Among those least likely to be named is that of James Knox Polk our eleventh president Yet in a pol. As a presidential history buff I often get asked who I thought was the greatest president and not wanting to bring up the usual suspects Washington Lincoln FDR etc I would calmly say `James K Polk' There were two reasons for this one I wanted to say something that would shock them; and two he actually is one of the better presidents He is the only president who accomplished all he set out to do The entire country would look rather different today if it were not for PolkWalter Borneman does an incredible job capturing the essence of the eleventh president A very sick child he had to have gallstones removed when he was only eleven He grew up on his father's slave holding plantation and during his life he would inherit twenty slaves He would marry Sarah Childress who would become the most active first lady politically since Abigail Adams Polk was admitted to the bar and his first client was his own fatherBorneman traces Polk's incredible rise to power as one of the young politicians that strongly followed Andrew Jackson's leadership Jackson was so found of Polk that their relationship earned the young man the nickname `Young Hickory' In 1823 he was elected to the state legislature where his speaking skills earned him his second nickname `Napoleon of the Stump'In 1825 having been elected to the United States House of Representatives he became be a loyal ally of Andrew Jackson During Jackson's second term Polk was elected Speaker of House where he earned a reputation for order and never challenged anyone to a duel After two terms as the Speaker Polk left Congress and was elected Governor of Tennessee in 1838; the last time Polk would win an election in TennesseeDue to an economic downturn in the Van Buren Administration Polk was voted out of office with all the other Democrats in 1840; he tried to reclaim his lost office in 1842 and failed Then something remarkable happened in 1844 I divided Democratic Party gave a man whose political future seemed hopeless a new shot Polk was able to secure the presidential nomination away from a great many better known candidates making Polk the first ever `dark hoarse' candidate As the Democratic nominee Polk would go on to defeat Henry Clay in the general election James Polk became the first president to achieve the office before his fiftieth birthdayAs the 1844 campaign shifted into high gear the Whigs may well have despised James K Polk but at least they knew where he stood particularly on the issue of Texas For Clay it was bad enough that he was repeatedly forced to deny that his same day announcement with Van Buren against Texas annexation was merely coincidental and not evidence of another corrupt bargain But Clay decided to clarify as only he could his position on annexation it looked to some Whigs that at best their candidate was flirting with the increasingly popular mantel of expansionism and at worst trying to have the issue both ways p122Polk was the clearly the strongest President in between Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln He achieves everything he set out to do Some of his lesser known accomplishments were the reduction of tariffs and the Independent Treasury The Independent Treasury allowed the Treasury Department to be responsible for keeping and managing the nation's money itself and not have to act though any bankOne of Polk's larger accomplishments was the securing of the disputed Oregon Territory without any military conflict with the British Empire Despite the famous slogan forty four forty or fight it became according to Borneman forty four forty or compromiseHis most famous act came from the Mexican American War a war which Mexico had been threatening since the US first thought of annexing Texas Polk put troops on the disputed territory and waited When the attack came known as the Thornton Affair after the young American officer in command President Polk had his cause for war His methods earned him many enemies including a young Whig Congressman named Abraham LincolnThat evening at a special Cabinet meeting there was other dissension in the ranks Buchanan presented a draft of his proposed dispatch to American missions abroad announcing the declaration of war The secretary of state proposed to inform foreign governments that `in going to war we did not do so with a view to acuire either California or New Mexico or any other portion of the Mexican territory' Polk for his part was incredulous What Cabinet meeting had Buchanan been attending for the past year p207The war went on for two years ending with the US taking a sizable chunk of territory in the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo for fifteen million dollars When the issue of slavery came up Polk stated he did not think slavery was possible in the new territories but did not support the Wilmot Priviso to ban itIn 1848 even though the Whigs were against the war they nominated Zachary Taylor the general for president Even though President Polk did not run for re election health and a one term pledge kept him out General Taylor would never attack Polk in his victorious campaign against Lewis Cass and Martin Van BurenPolk's post presidency did not last long He died after only a few months out of office in his will he ordered that his slaves be set free when his wife died but his wife lived all the way until 1891 which made that pledge irrelevantI really enjoyed this book and I would highly recommend it to anyone It is a fascinating book about a fascinating topic The presidency of James K Polk is one of the most accomplished on recordYou could of course argue that Abraham Lincoln accomplished then he set out to do'Dark Horse' refers to a candidate who is not well known