Free download á Lucrezia Borgia: Life Love and Death in Renaissance Italy ´ eBook PDF or Kindle ePUB

Free download Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy

Free download á Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy ´ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB Ö The very name Lucrezia Borgia conjures up everything that was sinister and corrupt about the Renaissance—incest political assassination papal sexual abuse poisonTe in love and utterly indifferent to sexual morality Drawing from a trove of contemporary documents and fascinating firsthand accounts Bradford brings to life the art the pageantry and the dangerous politics of the Renaissance world Lucrezia Borgia helped to create Bradford is an expert on the Borgia family and in Lucrezia she has found a subject ideally suited to her gift for narrative and psychological insight Sex gossip murder astonishing beauty and ambition this is the Renaissance at its most irresistib. Like most historical figures that interest me I was first introduced to Lucrezia Borgia and her awesome psychotic family through historic fiction In high school I read The Borgia Bride which was told from the perspective of Lucrezia's sister in law Sancha of Aragon It was awesome and as I now know from reading this book pretty accurate for several reasons first lots of sex which to a fifteen year old is a great recommendation in itself; second it was full of poisonings backstabbing both figurative and literal I recall that Sancha carried a dagger in her gown and used it several times political intrigue and general skullduggery Also the author decided that yes the rumors were true and Lucrezia was sleeping with both her father and her brother Cesare so there was that additional bit of escandalo It was an awesome read is what I'm saying and when I saw this in a bookstore I decided to buy it on a whim and find out about the real Lucrezia Borgia The first half when her father is Pope and is gaining power and then at the height of it is fascinating There are murders wars scheming teenage mistresses bastard children and other classic Renaissance style fun and syphilis What I learned from this segment of the book is that the Borgias' bad historical reputation is well earned Alexander basically bribed his way into the papacy and despite being a religious person had no problem keeping a mistress and being a power hungry murderous jackass in order to keep his power; his son Cesare wanted to take over Italy and came pretty damn close; and one of the Borgia children was murdered probably by his own siblings and found dead in a river The only thing that's missing is the incest which Bradford adamantly insists did not happen I'm inclined to agree after all Cesare and Alexander could sleep with literally any women they wanted so it's not like they were so desperate for tail they resorted to banging their sisterdaughter but in the interest of fairness and rumor mongering Bradford doesn't really offer up any compelling evidence that Lucrezia didn't sleep with her father or her brother Just sayin' In fact there aren't many claims made in this book at all which is one reason it loses a star Bradford isn't really making any specific points with this book aside from setting out to show us that Lucrezia was a not sleeping with her family members and b not nearly as villainous as she's portrayed and was actually very intelligent and sympathetic Many of the other characters are interesting that she is particularly her fascinating and totally evil brother Cesare who deserves a book of his own I'm sure there are several already but at times it felt like he was the one Bradford really wanted to be writing about Sancha also makes a few appearances she's known as Sancia here and the little bits of information that Bradford reveals about her actions are tantalizingly brief She'll mention offhandedly Sancia was now Cesare's mistress and then a few chapters later Sancia was no longer with Cesare and was now the mistress of so and so with nothing in between This made me want to find a biography of Sancha because she sounds cool as hell Eually so is Lucrezia's other sister in law Isabella d'Este the sister of Lucrezia's third husband who becomes an important character in the second half of the book Unfortunately that's where it gets boring Once Lucrezia marries Alfonso d'Este and moves away from Rome she's away from the center of the papal goings on which means the reader is too Then Cesare and Alexander die and there are no cool characters doing batshit crazy things Instead it's just chapter after chapter of Then Lucrezia got pregnant again and had another miscarriage Then she wrote this letter to this person Then Alfonso went to war and Lucrezia was in charge of Ferrara and here's some stuff she did Once the crazy Borgias are gone and it's just Lucrezia the story stops being interesting It doesn't help that Bradford's writing style is so dry and dull already even when describing poisonings and ruinous affairs and she makes Lucrezia's later life intolerably boring Also Bradford's writing can be very confusing and oddly structured as evidenced in this bizarrely constructed sentence that I had to read three times before I understood what it was trying to say That very day alone in charge at Ferrara since Alfonso was away in camp and Ippolito also Lucrezia despite Sanudo's report of panic kept her head informing Alfonso of all she was doing to help including sending a spy to Venice to find out whether the Venetians were arming forces and if so of what kind What There has got to be a better way to phrase all that

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Day Born the illegitimate daughter of Rodrigo Cardinal Borgia and his scheming mistress Vannozza Cattanei Lucrezia was twelve when her father became Pope Alexander VI and thirteen when she was forced into her first marriage She would marry twice gaining increasing power with each match until she came into her own as duchess of the city state of Ferrara Bradford argues that in her maturity Lucrezia was an enlightened ruler kind and decisive in time of war generous to the poets and artists of her court passiona. Great biography of an often vilified woman In my opinion she earned some of that revulsion but she also found a way to thrive in a century very cruel to women While certainly no Mother Theresa I walked away from Bradford’s work with a newfound appreciation for Lucrezia Borgia

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Lucrezia Borgia Life Love and Death in Renaissance ItalyThe very name Lucrezia Borgia conjures up everything that was sinister and corrupt about the Renaissance incest political assassination papal sexual abuse poisonous intrigue unscrupulous power grabs Yet as bestselling biographer Sarah Bradford reveals in this breathtaking new portrait the truth is far fascinating than the myth Neither a vicious monster nor a seductive pawn Lucrezia Borgia was a shrewd determined woman who used her beauty and intelligence to secure a key role in the political struggles of her. I have been looking for a book about Lucrezia that told her complete life story so many books only cover her childhood or her first or second marriage This non fiction book covered it allThe notorious Borgia familyall three husbands Giovanni Sforza Alfonso of Aragon and Alfonso d' EsteThe Italian Wars and an intimate look and detailed history about the city of Ferrara where Lucrezia's life ended I'm not a big non fiction fan but this book answered my uestions I just visited Ferrara and saw The Este Palace and the tomb's of The Este family at Corpus Domini I wanted information about this uiet town and detailed information about who was in those dungeons and why I found it interesting during the Italian wars how Isabella and Ferdinand of Aragon King Henry VII and VIII and course King Louis XII and Francis I of France were involved Bradford couldn't do a complete biography about Lucrezia without detailing all of these events and the people surrounding her This book is very complete I didn't find the author's style to be dry maybe because I was interested Bradford begins with Lucrezia's birth and debunks myths and raises facts about this family She uses old documents to come to her conclusions If you want to know about this family this wonderful book will answer your uestions Lucrezia and Alfonso I's tomb at Corpus Domini Not the best shot but I had to be uick The nun was watching us Leaving the Dungeon where Giulio d'Este was kept The author goes into great detail about this event Just look at how small the door is Imagine being down there underground no electricity rats and etc