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REVIEW ↠ Gregor the Overlander Á Enuanto escorrega pela conduta de ar atrás da irmã Gregor suspira por mais uma peripécia na sua vida Mas nada o preparou para a aventura ue se segue Debaixo da cidade esconde se a Subterra um mundo sombrio onde os humanos convivem com aranhas morcegos baratas e ratos gigantescos A Subterra prepara se para a guerrE uma profecia previu ue ele mesmo Gregor desempenhará um papel importante Gregor uer fugir mas percebe ue ali talvez possa desvendar o desaparecimento do pa. With a few exceptions I am not typically a big fan of science fictionfantasy nor of bugs and rats and dark places Had I not read and loved The Hunger Games I never would have even considered reading this book And I would have most certainly been missing outThis is Suzanne Collins' first novel and it is uite a first novel Gregor the Overlander centers around an eleven year old boy and his little sister who fall through a grate in the laundry room of their apartment complex After being hurtled down a long tunnel they find themselves in the midst of a strange Underland full of talking giant cockroaches rats bats and spiders as well as humans with translucent skin and violet eyes As the children become acuainted with the strange beings and history of this mysterious land a prophetic uest forms to find Gregor's long lost father believed to have fallen victim to some of the creatures here years earlier and lots of adventure ensuesApparently the author was inspired to write this book after wondering what Alice and Wonderland may have been like had it taken place in a city where one is likely to fall down a manhole than a bunny hole I thought it was a fantastic story; a real page turner that amidst all the adventure asks its reader to consider issues of friendship responsibility tolerance acceptance determination and loyalty Very imaginative and well written I highly recommend it particularly if you enjoy YA fantasy or loved The Hunger Games


Da cidade esconde se a Subterra um mundo sombrio onde os humanos convivem com aranhas morcegos baratas e ratos gigantescos A Subterra prepara se para a guerra. The covers of the Underland Chronicles do them no end of disservice Since my policy is to judge a book by its cover it took reading The Hunger Games to convince me to pick them up I had always assumed they would be machine generated chapter books with mythical creatures protecting or seeking some ring or sword or who knows what that has some symbolic meaning or doesn't Suzanne Collins however is in no way machine generated She is Dostoyevski for the young reader crowd While she uses the uest trope in each of the Underland stories her reflections of politics and international history are both gentle and unflinchingly horrifying Kids have to learn about genocide somehow I guessIn comparison to other popular child soldier or children save the world stories the Underland Chronicles are not comforting in the way Harry Potter and Twilight are nor are they as morally outraged and uncomfortable as Ender's Game but I found them honest than all of those Collins never seems overcome by her own power as an author self indulgent in her story telling or worried that her audience won't understand her overall message That may be the mark of a good editing team and if so A to them Her writing is not as lyrically beautiful as Kate DiCamillo's whose is for that matter but like Dostoyevski's it is very effective in reflecting doubts about human nature and at times touching It makes me wish once again that Dostoyevski was able to edit well

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Gregor the OverlanderEnuanto escorrega pela conduta de ar atrás da irmã Gregor suspira por mais uma peripécia na sua vida Mas nada o preparou para a aventura ue se segue Debaixo. I recently went solo dining with the 2nd book in the series and sat down at a counter speeding through the large font and well spaced text The restaurant started to fill up and another solo diner sat down next to me I glanced over at his magazine and saw that it was a scientific journal open to an article about the brain I casually angled the cover of my Scholastic published book away from his view and kept reading very self conscious of the approximately 18 grades of school between our reading materialsSighI'm bouncing around in my reading material lately I've been trying to force the weighter books and it's like an overtight pair of jeans Lay back on the bed take a deep breath and hope you can wrestle that zipper up before the oxygen runs out or the button pops off and you lose an eye The YA and younger books are like comfortable sweatpants the waistband slightly stretched and the material over the seat taking on a sheen from wear I need to take in a few sweatpants books before attempting another jeans book Who am I trying to impress No need to do the David Hasselhoff on Baywatch stomach suckThis is what I repeat to myself when I sit next to someone reading a scientific journal open to an article about the brainyou couldn't sit somewhere else brain guyThe beginning of the 2nd book helped me pinpoint why I liked this 1st book so much With the next in the series Gregor is suddenly having these abilities he never had before Booooo The first book moved forward with his own average self no special powers needed While he may have been written as selfless than the typical boy his age he made mistakes and was cranky like a real boy When he was courageous loyal loving or expressed empathy it wasn't unusual it could be duplicated by any child who read this book The value of that You too can be like this Gregor nodded He could never hate people very long because he always ended up finding out something sad about them that he had to factor in Like this kid at school everybody hated because he was always pushing little kids around and then one day they found out his dad had hit him so much he was in the hospital With stuff like that all Gregor could feel was bad WonderfulOh the story was set in this uest for his father with a fantastic imaginary world underground featuring people who had lived there so long that they were pale haired translucent skinned and violet eyed The allies and enemies were gigantic bats cockroaches and rats This is meant for a younger audience than The Hunger Games trilogy so probably elementary age The uest kicked off with an awful set of prophetic verse not as bad as Brian One Trick Pony Jacues but nowhere near the soaring glory to me of Susan Cooper The ending was rushed But I loved it for keeping the hero ordinaryMy favorite line From my favorite character the little sister Boots I poopLookie The suare brackets don't insert a colon any