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read reader ç Cat Seeing Double ´ Paperback Õ Romance is in the air in the charming seaside village of Molena Point California Everyone is excited about the upcoming wedding of its chief of police to the lovely Charlie Getz even cool feline detective Joe Grey But the festivities are interrupted when two uninvited guests try tIe and Kit set out to prove her innocence Soon paw–deep in a tangle of jealousy greed and vengeance Joe Grey Dulcie and Kit find themselves in the biggest cat fight of their lives –– a bare–clawed battle with a prey who is as cunning as he is deadl Popsugar 2019 A book told from multiple POVsI really enjoy that you can read this series out of order and still follow with no real issues This is probably closer to a 35 than a 4 star rating because of some dull parts that I sort of skimmed over But the mystery is solid And I love the antics of the cats Kit is really developing her own personality

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Romance is in the air in the charming seaside village of Molena Point California Everyone is excited about the upcoming wedding of its chief of police to the lovely Charlie Getz even cool feline detective Joe Grey But the festivities are interrupted when t On the Pacific Coast the enchanted village of Molena Point nestles between rolling hills Watched over by Police Captain Max Harper and his small force of detectives it is a safe and idyllic haven from the hustle and bustle of modern life This pleasant community is inhabited by a wide variety of people whom we have gotten to know over the seven previous entries in this series It is also the home of Joe Grey Dulcie and Kit three sentient cats with the ability to speakOn a uiet Saturday in September the residents of the village assemble at the wedding of Captain Max Harper and his bride Charlie Getz Joe Grey’s owner Clyde Damon is the best man The chief of detectives’ niece Ryan Flannery is maid of honor Romance is in the air while Ryan dresses up for the first time in weeks having just returned from the completion of her weeks long work at a nearby construction site Clyde loads Joe Grey and Dulcie into the rumble seat of his vintage car when he picks up Ryan The church is resplendent with flowers and ribbons as the villagers gather Only Kit sees the boy with a small black box on the roof across the street watching the wrapped present tucked into the lectern As the contents of that box dawn on Kit she scampers down to whisper “bomb” into Clyde’s ear Never doubting the word of one of these uniue talking cats Clyde uickly spreads the word to evacuate the church Charlie anticipated that her life as a police captain’s wife was going to be full of stress and she certainly has proof of that now However the villagers all re group and move the wedding to a garden down the street and hold the ceremony by candlelight sending the happy couple off to San Francisco for their honeymoonNever in her wildest dreams did Ryan Flannery think she would awaken the next morning to find her estranged husband dead in her garage Separated for months Ryan had no desire to see Rupert her philandering husband whom she was suing for half the value of the construction company they built together Now the police have another investigation on their hands one they will carry out with the utmost care to find the culprit and exonerate the family of one of their ownI always look forward to a new entry in this enthralling series I enjoy the steady pace of action and storytelling all bundled together with brief histories from previous books This volume in particular fills in essential details of who the villagers are and their relationships with each other and with these exceptional cats None of it is so overwhelming however to need a chart of events or list of characters The uniue talents of Joe Grey Dulcie and Kit bring an element to this cozy story that would never have been possible without them They are good detectives and they find brilliant ways to share the information they gather from rooftops and spying through windows and sneaking through open doors that is simply not available to the human inhabitants of the story Their existence provides yet another enigma that is woven into the plotShirley Rousseau Murphy has an exceptional way of sharing information and telling a story The pace never stalls; it proceeds at a very comfortable speed but it is certainly full of surprises The same information is not reviewed over and over again which I find fault with in so many other cozy stories and which Murphy successfully avoids in her writingEarlier entries in this purr fectly delightful series are CAT ON THE EDGE CAT UNDER FIRE CAT RAISE THE DEAD CAT IN THE DARK CAT TO THE DOGS CAT SPITTING MAD and CAT LAUGHING LAST Each book is a separate and distinct entry in the series exploring the lives of different villagers and events that are intermingled with one another yet it is not necessary to read them all to enjoy each of the others with pure delightWith “three cats who are like no other – not totally cat and not human but with talents of both” – the town of Molena Point will no doubt be safe under their watchful eyes

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Cat Seeing DoubleWo uninvited guests try to blow up the church Then one of the bride's good friends building contractor Ryan Flannery lands in a heap of trouble when her philandering husband is found deadWith suspicion falling on Ryan's shoulders Joe Grey and his pals Dulc So enjoyable as usual I’d taken a little break from these for a few weeks to read something else some local history Coming back to characters I know love including animals was so delightful—like getting to dessert after making myself finish some overcooked peas Not that the history book was bad—if it was bad I would’ve compared it to lima beans 😁—just that I struggle lately to finish nonfiction But it was a library book so I pushed myself to finish it I’m not entirely sure about the meaning of the title In this one we learn how Ryan got her dog