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READER ë DOC Another Time 9780373112111 É NATURALTREATMENT ã This Sleeping Beauty didn't want reawakeningHelen Smith was horrified She'd just met her fiance's brother celebrated author Alexander Knight who'd revealed to her that five years ago they'd shared one searingly passionate night together And Helen had Ne searingly passionate night together And Helen had no recollection of it whatsoeverAlexander had written a bestselling novel based on that blazing night portraying Helen as his angel And now he wa I would have loved this one if the heroine hadn't pushed the hero away so much I like the hero to be the pursuer but the heroine has to give in time sometime Preferably not on the last page such that we don't even get to enjoy them together after all that angst3 stars because the hero is an awesome besotted blond and the heroine is part Asian her great great grandmother was Chinese which was probably done just for the 'exoticism' factor but I've never seen a mixed race character in a Harleuin before so kudos to NapierBlog Bookstagram

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S determined to win his luminous angel backBut Helen refused to betray her loving fiance Greg for the sake of a phantom past Yet something about Alexander aroused disturbingly real sensations in her The heroine didn't remember the hero for she almost died having a brain tumor Once the surgery was complete she didn't remember the hero at all but when she met his brother a short engagement changed all of that The hero remembers her and uite vividly I might add He will do anything to get her to remember and call of this farce of a wedding For she only belongs with one man himIt was a decent novel nothing that uite stands out although I did enjoy the read to some degree

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Another TimeThis Sleeping Beauty didn't want reawakeningHelen Smith was horrified She'd just met her fiance's brother celebrated author Alexander Knight who'd revealed to her that five years ago they'd shared o Re Another Time Susan Napier kicks in her two cents with the October 1989 theme of Amnesia in fact her h is so amnesiac that she doesn't even know she has amnesia But don't worry the H remembers everything perfectly in fact his night with the h changed his life and got him a prize winning novel out of it to bootThis opens in the POV of the H He has received a wedding invitation It is from his brother and there is some big history there The H takes one look at the photograph inside and immediately decides to return to the family fold that has been hitherto avoided except for brief and sporadic visits over the last ten years cause REASONS The first five years the H was jetting off to world trouble spots he became divorced and went wherever the action was war and worse He also wrote slick sexy cynical spy novels about people doing bad things most of which he either witnessed or indulged in depending on the vice Then one night in Hong Kong at the end of his mental tether he was drowning himself in booze to ease the pain of witnessing man's inhumanity to man Unable to find surcease from the utter abyss he found himself staring in a part Asian angel appeared with platinum blonde hair and in Steely Dan's words This Bodhisattva took him by the hand Through her tender innocent and virginal ministrations during a night of uninhibited love which Marvyn Gaye immortalized in the song 'Sexual Healing' the H rediscovered his soul and wrote a Man BookerPulitzer prize winning novel out of it using a pseudonym His life revitalized and his former way of existence lurved into oblivion the H has been celibately searching for his Bodhisattva for five long years All the while continuing to write award winning novels and getting wildly rich in the process His angel disappeared into the mists of the Hong Kong dawn leaving him physically alone but spiritually filled He has never ceased to search for her however and now with the picture enclosed in his estranged brother's wedding invitation he has finally found her So it is off to New Zealand from New York we go and the drama is just getting startedThe h who is part Asian an HPlandia first has jet black hair and a confident go getter attitude She has learned via the vagaries of life that time's awastin' and waits for no man so if you see something you want a piece of you need to make an all effort to get it She runs a successful custom knitted sweater store and her patterns have been featured in the Australian Vogue She also took one look at her fiance and in the spirit of modern girls everywhere she went after her man She got him and the wedding invitations went out two weeks before the big day is only a week or so away She is looking forward to meeting the rest of her fiance's familyHis parents are nice gardening New Zealanders and she heard a tiny bit about her fiance's wildly rich and riotous novelist brother She is also aware of a bit of bad history between the brothers It seems her fiance had a wild yen for his brother's girl at one time in the past The fiance claimed the H's engagement to the fiance's unreuited love was broken and maybe his novelist brother is still a bit perturbed by thatSo when the novelist brother actually arrives the h isn't totally shocked when he put the flirtatious moves on her She is absolutely stunned when he insists that five years earlier they were lovers for One Night In Hong Kong sorta an HP version of Chess cause she has been devotedly saving her pure little self for marriage for all her 24 years Ever since her parents died when she was 17 she has been caring for herself She does have a sister who is married to a big chemical conglomerate executive but they only see each other infreuently tho they are very close the h has an irresistible yen to travel a lot She likes to make her dreams play out immediately cause time is always running But she has been rigorously meticulous in saving herself for her husband cause her parents raised her to have standards AND morals The h tells the H that she has never been to Hong Kong and to her mind she never has She uickly comes to the conclusion that the H is a man in the grip of an obsession Maybe he did meet some girl that vaguely resembles her and had a life changing experience But surely time has warped his memory and besides he must be a bit delusional cause no woman on the planet could match his idealized version of the woman he calls his Angel There are fierce words about who she is and where she has been the H even remarks that his dream love had a mole on her thigh tho her hair was white This frightens the h a bit cause what he describes matches a similar mark on her own body but she isn't going to admit it She is a nice well brought up girl and she is still a virgin The H is giving her some funny feelings tho and the h is EXTREMELY uncomfortable around him Of course it doesn't help that he is coming on to her like a Mack Truck The h H and her fiance and an old female acuaintance all go out for bite to eat The fiance produces the h's passport and the H is uick to grab it and check for the Hong Kong stamp To the h's surprise there is an HK port of entry mark there and she is utterly confused as to how it got there The H is closing in like a hound on a fox but his brother tells him to back off the aggression Five years ago the h had a deadly brain tumor Chemotherapy couldn't fix it it only turned her hair white but it grew back it's regular black color after The h had to go to England to get special risky surgery Made risky by the fact that it wasn't the HPlandia Gold Standard American Breakthrough Surgery but England has the NHS and the h couldn't afford private The surgery worked like a dream and the h was saved at 19 years old from a premature untimely mortal passing The surgery did some damage tho the h has blank spots in her memory The memories aren't gone exactly the paths that lead to the memories in her brain are broken If the brain can find another route to the area where the information is stored the h gets her memory back The H later insists that the h thinks his brother is so familiar and fell in love with him because the brother subconsciously reminded her of the H But now the Real Deal is ready willing and able to perform and the H is getting his Angel back as he is uick to remind the reader he is only MOSTLY reformed tho has has been dutifully celibate for the last five years Cause really once you have had the best why bother with the restThe h isn't buying that tactic She is insisting she is going to marry the man she proposed to well they mutually agreed to marry each other anyways She may have been passing through Hong Kong overnight five years ago but she really loves her fiance and NOT the H The H then drops the big bombshell His brother did not fall in unreuited love with the H's then lady fiancee ten years earlier His brother the h's current fiance had a full fledged affair with the H's wife for close to two years while the H was off reporting The H was a roving reporter back then and he came back early and found his wife and his brother in bed together His brother and his wife felt too guilty to fess up and his wife was only loving towards the H to hide the truth The H broke his brother's nose got a divorce and proceeded to live a very dissolute existence in the World's Most Dangerous Places for the next five years getting bitter and cynical the entire time Cause if you can't even trust your family his parents suspected the affair but said nothing either who can you trust? TRUST NO ONE Mulder liked that motto too But then the H had his big night with the h and he IS NOT LETTING HER GO even if he has to bully and coerce his way to keeping herThe h has a backbone tho and when the brothers start fighting she comes down like the Wrath of Kahn on both of them But she has doubts tho she genuinely feels sorry that everybody had such a bad time back then surely those old flames are well extinguished now truly Plus she understands why her fiance failed to mention the pertinent details no one wants to remember misery and family destroying anguish She has also told her fiance that she was mistaken in her virginity but hasn't mentioned who she lost it to She still has H feeling funny in her tummy moments and she has finally remembered their Night of Bliss it was REALLY blissful But then it would probably seem that way in her memories cause she thought her fling would be her only chance at passion she left for the risky surgery the next day and she truly believed she wouldn't make it out alive to experience anything again and she wanted to live it up The h decides that the best way to get over one man the H is to get right under another man the fiance She puts the lurvin' word on the fiance and that night waits in anticipatory glee Except people should really leave a night light on cause the man who lurves her up as the best thing since sliced bread is NOT her fiance he is passed out drunk on the floor of his dad's study The h thinks the memory of the H is vanuished in the glorious ascendant passion filled night spent with her fiance At breakfast the next morning the H pops up the toast offers the kiwi fruit and OJ served with a lascivious grin over the wonderful joy and luv they created together in the darkness of the dreamy night The h goes nuclear the meltdown is awesome and the H is accused of rape He doesn't care cause there is no way the wedding can go on now The entire house knows what happened Then the H's and fiance's mum makes a stand She sends the H off cause the h is beyond words She looks as if she has been hit by a club Well she has really just the wrong one The mum also lets the h know that the fiance's affair with the H's wife resulted in a child The H's ex wife and the fiance really are in love but their mutual guilt is keeping them apart The h needs to choose tho the implication is the h needs to leave or choose the H cause the fiance is preparing to distance himself even from his son and the h will really be second best compared to the H's ex wife in the fiance's heart The h leaves the wedding is cancelled and we find the h again in Hong Kong She staying with her sister and recovering from the dramaThe H shows up while the h and her sister are at an outdoor Hong Kong cafe and suggests in a nice Parisian accent Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir? The sister is ready to send him on his lecherous way but YES PLEASE the h definitely would like to lay with the H so off they go with mutual avowals of love for the big HEA This one was a drama ride through the wrecky rocky coast of HPlandia I loved the drama and the tension and the wondering just how serious the H was SN did a great job on the wondering of the H's real motivations Where this one lost a point for me was on the feelings of the h I eventually bought into the H's love and that it was borderline obsession with a dream but I figured the H loves his mental ablutions deluding himself so he was in it gung ho until death do them part I did uestion the h's depth of feeling longevity tho She was very strong personality wise and she was great at achieving her goals I just wasn't uite sure the H was the long term goal she really wanted I did not uite feel the depth of her love That doubt keeps this one from being an HP classic but it does make it a pretty good runner up and worth a read in HPlandia