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Read & download å Calendar Girl: Volume 1 Ë PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ´ Mia Saunders precisa de dinheiro De muito dinheiro Tem um ano para pagar ao agiota ue ameaça a vida do pai e exige o reembolso de uma enorme dívida de jogo Um milhão de dólares para ser exactoA suaOmpanhante de luxo para a empresa da tia com sede em Los Angeles e pagar mensalmente uma parte da dívida Passar um mês com um homem rico com o ual não é obrigada a ir para a cama se não uiser Dinheiro fácilA curvilínea na amante de. These stories kind of touched me and i already have a favorite person I'm not gonna tell who it is but i really hope he is gonna end up with Mia at the end The stories were actually a little different than i expected but in a good way of course Wes was the first person and i had like an insta crush on him Alec was a little sympathetic on an emotional level and the last two where so adorable i couldn't contain my excitement I look forward to book number two And i still have to decide if i actually like Mia as the main protagonist45 stars

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Mia Saunders precisa de dinheiro De muito dinheiro Tem um ano para pagar ao agiota ue ameaça a vida do pai e exige o reembolso de uma enorme dívida de jogo Um milhão de dólares para ser exactoA sua missão é simples trabalhar como ac. This book was exactly what I expected a likeable girl who has a lot of sex with hot dudesIt's not my my typical read but I was in the mood for something different I ended up enjoying it and I really like Mia Looking forward to reading the rest of the series

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Calendar Girl Volume 1Motas tem um plano entrar no jogo conseguir o dinheiro e voltar a sair Parte do plano é manter o coração fechado a sete chaves e os olhos no objectivoPelo menos é como espera ue corraSexo Amor e segredos Uma história ue a fará sonh. I know it's only the beginning of the Calendar year but I really wanted from this one Let me set up my grading metrics before I dive in If you've found your way to the synopsis of this book then you should know exactly what you're in for so I won't sit here and pretend to grade this book by metrics that do not apply This is one of those New Adult books meaning modern day romance along a similar line as 50 Shades Therefore I'm not approaching this looking for a uniue work of literature; rather I expected semi amusing minimal plot that makes sense and hot eye candy with associated 'sexy times' That's it I don't want anything else from this book well maybe a little bit of relationship drama but aside from that nothing Nada That shouldn't be too hardCarlan why was that so hardI was drawn in by the premise I secretly although secret's out now love a good 'woman owes money forced to become an escort to pay it off' story Why Because I'm in love with the idea of the seedy underworld and the fact that one woman can rise from the ashes to ensnare the hot rich men of the world so they can save her from her trouble So Calendar Girl was a shoe in for me But this is where is stops Problem # 1 What is an escort I wish Carlan could have gotten everyone on the same page with this one because apparently my definition and our main girl Mia's definition are completely different So let's turn to the dictionary to settle this one for us There are many definitions ranging from people used to accompany a person or object to just a straight up prostitute But let's settle for one in the middle Escort 'An Escort is hired as a temporary companion who may or may not be used for sex Escorts have expenses that enable them to charge higher fees' Okay got it Now remember that as we go along So Mia's got a giant debt which forces her to join her aunt's escort service in which women are rented out to high paying men monthly for whatever reason they need The men pay a flat fee for the month along with providing things like clothing and essentials to complete assigned tasks but are reuired to pay if said escort is asked to strip down or engage in coitus which is left to the discretion of the escort Okay so so far Carlan and the Internet agree so where to we go wrong Perhaps it's somewhere around the point where Mia sleeps her way through Los Angeles with surfer movie maker Wes after jokingly telling him he has to pay for sleeping with her The next thing we know Wes who signed a professional contract is following the rules and paying extra for the deed which he also does after he finds out that she owes money and offered to pay off her entire debt so that she would stay with him and getting cussed out by Mia because he makes her feel like a whore She also follows this up by yelling at February's client for the same thing Okay so now I'm confused Mia do you or do you not have a job that allows you to make money to sleep with different men each month Do you also not need this money to pay off a gambling debt from your father Did you also not take this job to make money uickly This is what I mean when I want things to make sense I need the main character to remember her goal I was just fine with a story involving a woman secure enough in sexuality to use it to pay off a loan Mia also knew that she was going to encounter a new man each month So which way are we going to go Are you going to accept the money for the professionalpersonal choices you made like a grown up and stick to your goals or are you going to go around sleeping with men for free because you like it and ignore the fact that roughly every 3 4 weeks you're in a different person's bed We can pick one but we can't go back and forth and truthfully I would prefer she just accept the money and be committed to the decision she madeThis brings us to problem #2 Mia Wishy washy Mia Unprofessional Mia At the end of the day Mia you have a job to do and whether or not it reuires you to sleep with every client you are there to fulfill their needs Alec the fine February Frenchman needs an artistic muse You are there to act as a modelmuse You are there to create art This is an actual job And remember Mia you always said you wanted to be an actress so start emoting and freeze for the camera Don't stomp off and pout about posing with male models because you've become emotionally invested in your Frenchman weeks after you promised Wes you would come back when the year is done Don't walk off set and drink wine in the kitchen You are there to do a job Since you're upset when people pay you for sex then how about you get paid to work To model to act like your a client's girlfriend If I was any of the men I was reuest a refund Immediately So what are we left with but problem #3 Plot Now remember I didn't ask for much I wanted the loan shark drama and her escorting That's it So where's Blaine the shark Missing in action for the majority of the book In fact he's so off screen that her first payment get forwarded to him by unknown means somewhere between her manicure and Brazilian wax And when he finally appears she like here's your money and he's like will you sleep with me And she's like no and he's like I'll buy you and she's like no end scene Ugh I wanted so much drama And while I do like the idea that he's probably going to be one of the months I'll take a guess now that he's December and that Wes will have to swoop in and save her that scene was so useless she mine as well go back to UPSing the money And aside from that there's no plot Mia lazes around half asses her 'job' pouts interjects herself in other people's business and generally does nothing SnoozeAll Carlan needed to do was have Mia commit to her mission insert some shady business deals and maybe a brush with danger and it would have been absolutely fine Instead Calendar Girl Volume one is boring and repetitive and every once in a while hope shines through but then it rains Since this is an anthology of months I'll rate is as follows January 325 stars; February 2 stars; March 25 stars Which is a grand total of Calendar Girl Volume One 25 stars And no I did not actually do the math