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„Мартин Идън” се смята за един от шедьоврите на Джек Лондон Романът разглежда историята на не This is one of the best books I've ever read A remarkable attempt by Jack London in dissecting a person's evolution of being as they happen upon the path of enlightenment Martin Edin ME a hint at the author's identification with the hero is a roughneck sailor who is blinded and transformed by the inner and outer beauty of a woman he meets but this is just the beginning Looking into her eyes he caught glimpses of the soul and a glimpse of his own too His former mode of being had come to an endThroughout the story his journey is chronicled as an intellectual and moral advance that conducts him from the dark haunts of his former 'cave' of a life and gives entrance into a world of truth and love that was too white hot in radiance for the sleepy bumps he used to call his eyes He educates himself through a personal track of reading books indiscriminately at first but in time becoming direct and intentional and soon he soars above even his erudite peers in his apprehension of philosophy and scientific verities And so you arise from mud Martin Edinand you cleanse your eyes in a great brightness thrusting your shoulders among the starsand wresting highest heritage from all the powers that beHe mounts to a dizzying height of cultural development and cerebral prowessyet he ultimately finds himself engulfed in loneliness and emptiness He had opened the windows of the cramped uarters of his former existence and having completed his trek of this new world he discovered he finds that it is hermetically sealed from all outside life and anything that could possibly make him happy again He had found truth but lost loveand he finally wrestles with the decision about what to do with it all His answer will shock you

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Martin Edenти жадни да опознаят света и двамата са самоуки отхвърлящи културата на богатата класа И все па Okay first I will discuss what I really did like about this bookAlright when I first started reading it I was very touched by the loving connection that the main character Martin Eden had with Ruth It was very sweet and at times it reminded me of my own relationship with my boyfriend which made it endearing and all the special to read Jack London wrote of how Ruth would feel relieved from her studying at the university to see Martin and how his presence rejuvenated her and gave her a better sense of being I really really loved that But I was aware of the premise Martin Eden a guy struggling to become an accomplished and famous writer so I uickly brushed away the idea of it being a love story and I was totally cool with that To be perfectly honest though the EARLY relationship between them was the only part of the book I was really fond of which happened to be only like the first 100 pagesAs the story progressed Martin started to annoy me and the plot became very redundant and frankly it bored me I justI think what Jack London lacks in this novel is the ability to make the reader maybe I shouldn't generalize so we'll just say me feel any sort of connection with the characters I did mention however that initially I did feel relatedconnected to Martin and Ruth's relationship but later it felt very unfulfilled It may seem like I'm just bashing this bookI promise you it's not a bad read It's justwell I feel indifferent I know what Jack London was trying to accomplish and that's why I granted it 2 stars instead of 1 I get it The struggling writer who works so hard and so long to achieve his dream only to find that fame and fortune is not all it's cracked up to be It's justalright I'm going to say it it's cliche Especially the ending I don't know I'm wasn't pleasantly surprised or anything; I knew it was coming BlahThe writing is beautiful another reason I couldn't bear to give it 1 star and London is a genius at transfixing you with his words but that can only take you so far The story was lacking in my opinion

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Mobi µ Martin Eden ✓ 494 pages Download ✓ Naturaltreatment Ù „Мартин Идън” се смята за един от шедьоврите на Джек Лондон Романът разглежда историята на неразбран от обществото гений койтазбран от обществото гений който има много общи черти със самия писател И двамата са авантюрис In my combination review of The Call of the WildWhite Fang I made the comment echoing a common critical axiom that London like some other Naturalists was better at portraying animal characters than human ones That judgment was based on a prior reading of five of his novels and a number of short stories But after reading this novel it's a judgment that has to be substantially revised; there are no animal characters at all here and his job of characterization is outstanding To be sure the title character has a lot of London himself in his background and personality; but they aren't clones of each other and the other important characters are vitally real as wellThis is straightforward general fiction in the Realist Naturalist tradition set mostly in the author's native stamping grounds of San Francisco and Oakland just across the bay Published in 1908 eight years before London died it draws heavily on his own life experiences to tell the tale of a smart but ignorant and uncultivated young seaman from a poor family with no particularly noted talents except brawling and drinking But when he rescues a wealthy lawyer's son from an altercation with some waterfront toughs this leads to an introduction to their family and a powerful crush on the beautiful and cultivated daughter of the house Ruth In turn this propels him into a determination to better himself intellectually and socially in order to make himself worthy of her in her eyes and his own This program takes the form of self education through reading especially in the public library and eventually a determination to become a writer himself Readers who know anything at all about London's life will recognize significant similarities except that London had no Ruth euivalent in his own life What results from this determination is the substance of the novelLondon was one of the greatest storytellers of his generation and he tells an always absorbing story here But it's a well tailored vehicle for serious ideas Among the areas he explores are the real meaning of love and its difference from infatuation etc; the need to be true to your own deepest aspirations and sense of yourself not what others tell you to be; and the profound social injustice of that day with its artificial class divisions and exploitation of the poor by the rich And the differences between 1908 and 2017 in those respects aren't as great as we tell ourselves they are His portrayal of the superficiality and hypocrisy of the literary world is scathing and also far from dated And he also draws a painfully accurate picture of how few human beings actually use the minds they're endowed with to really look at the world around them with curiosity to think for themselves and think about some things basic and important than money and the minutia of daily living; and how many are content to go through life with no curiosity or thought than cattle and to distrust or resent anybody else who doesn't Despite our dissimilarities in many other ways I could relate to Martin profoundly on that level and it raked up childhood memoriesThe most central thematic concern here and probably THE central concern of London's own mind however is the inherent conflict between early 20th century Socialism with its cooperative ethic and its Utopian dream of conflict free human brotherhood vs the supposedly scientifically proven view of life as a Darwinist evolutionary project driven by eternal struggle between the fit and the unfit in which the order of the day is every dog for himself to drive evolution to the next rung of the ladder by pushing the inferior to the wall London was a committed Socialist and also a committed Darwinist as with many wholly self educated people the first ideas that fell into his relatively fallow mind were embraced uncritically and took up unshakeable root but he faced the contradictions between the two and was hag ridden by the fear that the dream of Socialist Utopia might be doomed by Nature Unlike London Martin rejects Socialism and embraces the Social Darwinist individualism of Spencer and Nietszche but he argues with Socialists and has a Socialist friend and is haunted himself by natural human sympathy for the supposedly unfit and inferior peons of the class he was born into which includes friends and family membersWhile the author has a good vocabulary the diction here is simpler than that of the first half of the 19th century intelligent but not stilted; any serious reader today could read it with no problem The occasional passing use of the term nigger usually in the authorial narrative voice though from Martin's viewpoint however is a problem; these instances could be counted on the fingers of one hand but they're still offensive The Darwinism of that day which shaped both London and his protagonist was of course openly racist; we can see echoes of this 30 years later in the writings of H P Lovecraft who couldn't afford college and also substituted self education by reading as well though his racial language isn't uite as insensitive as London's We have to IMO take a warts and all view of this novel as a product of its time and place Readers who insist on having a happy feel good read too should be warned that this isn't one; I think it's an important and in significant ways a rewarding novel but it's not an upbeat one But with those caveats I think a case could be made that while this isn't London's most popular novel it is in many ways his masterpiece