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Book ☆ The Third Bear Í 273 pages Download Ø Naturaltreatment à Compared by critics to Borges Nabokov and Kafka contemporary fantasist Jeff VanderMeer continues to amaze with this surreal innovative and absurdist gathering of award winning short fiction Exotic beasts and improbable travelers roamNdled pistols with which to plot the end of the world Also included are two stories original to this collection including “The uickening” in which a lonely child is torn between familial obligation and loyalty to a maligned talking rabbitChimerical and hypnotic VanderMeer leads readers through the postmodern into a new literature of the imagination Review is just for the short story The Third BearPeople like to feel they have control If I do x y happens Y used to be terrifying and unknown but now I know I don't need to fear it just as long as I do x People spend their whole lives solving for x But what if y has it's own plansThis is classic Jeff Vandermeer in that it's completely original doesn't concern itself too much with explanations and it will make you think It's available free here

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Es a child swallowing manta ray to be used for educational purposes once described as Dilbert meets Gormenghast In “Three Days in a Border Town” a sharpshooter seeks the truth about her husband in an elusive floating city beyond a far future horizon; “Errata” follows an oddly familiar writer who has marshaled a penguin a shaman and two pearl ha I set out to give this collection four stars I was arguing to myself that because it didn't make me clasp it to my chest and sigh romantically it didn't deserve it but I couldn't get some of the stories out of my head For a short story to stick with me for me to remember it past when I start the next one it has to be really something And several of these had that kind of niggling memory I still feel disturbed that The Situation reminds me of my work place although we don't have genetically engineered sea creatures or creativity cockroaches Or do weThese stories are bizarre and memorable and potentially disturbing but only if you see any of it as non fiction I forgot they were stories at times Aren't they ;

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The Third BearCompared by critics to Borges Nabokov and Kafka contemporary fantasist Jeff VanderMeer continues to amaze with this surreal innovative and absurdist gathering of award winning short fiction Exotic beasts and improbable travelers roam restlessly through these darkly diverting and finely honed talesIn “The Situation” a beleaguered office worker creat Jeff VanderMeer's The Third Bear has been on my TBR pile for uite a while now I've never read anything by the author though his highly acclaimed novel Finch has garnered a load of attention Likewise his collection of bizarre short stories contained in The Third Bear has collected lauds and nods from nearly every review I've read The book has a strange type of magic that charms the reader and takes him on a journey like never before So I made preparations to read this book curiosity piued The library purchased it on my suggestion and then when the book arrived I promptly forgot about it Too many other things to read Carl or Stainless Steel Droppings check out his fantastic blog posted a review last week on this book and his elouence reminded me about my library reuest That very day I went and picked up VanderMeer's work I was immediately strickenThere's really no good way to describe this book It defies genres It defies expectations and normal thinking subverting tropes and typical story telling methodology for something uniue and unforgettable There are some stories that upon completion I couldn't bring myself to describe coherently even if the tale was spectacular This holds true for many of the stories the inability to put into words what you just read but it only serves to make the reading experience all the betterFor this reason there's no way I could give reviews to each story in this collection I don't know if I could pick my favorite as nearly all have their own speciality The titular tale The Third Bear is a dark and somewhat familiar story It reads like an old fairy tale and the growing sense of dread throughout makes for an unsettling read The Situation is baffling Part office life part post apocalyptic part Idon'thaveaclue this story sealed the deal for me I read it after reading The Third Bear which I recommend you do as well even though it doesn't follow the story in the layout of the book and noticed a few coincidences that I could not ignore I'm not sure at all how to describe what's going on in this story but I highly recommend you read itErrata is possibly the weirdest piece of fiction I've ever read I daresay fiction because the story is about a writer named Jeff VanderMeer and he's working on a story around Lake Baikal The thing reads as a letter written by VanderMeer to an editor and seems to be taken as a true story Suffice it say that this story unfolded beautifully and still lingers in my mindThe Surgeon's Tale is probably the longest piece in this collection but one of my favorites It's reminiscent of Frankenstein but it's also much This tale was emotional and beautifully written I could smell the sea salt on the pages I could watch the sargassum dance beneath the surface The protagonist's longing was tragic but his love was uncannyAnd lastly is Appoggiatura a story so twisted and confusing so different so essential that it practically begs to be re read immediately Reading this was like catching glimmers of the City out of the corners of my eye almost as if I myself were somehow involved in the rich tales collected in the bookI think one of the main reasons I enjoyed The Third Bear so much is because Jeff VanderMeer knows his craft His voice is strong; his imagery is top notch; his creativity is uncapped I'm tempted to say I've never read a work that evokes imagery in the mind than this book see the remarks regarding The Surgeon's Tale His prose is fluid flowing through the surreal landscapes he's created with ease making the reader feel both comfortable and lost He takes little to no time explaining himself but instead leaves what he's told as fact and we're to accept it and go on There's no reasoning why the rabbit can talk in The uickening it just can Once these weird truths are accepted the stories shine like a reappearing sun after an eclipse bright and gloriousAfter finishing Appoggiatura and the Author's Note I felt the desire to return to some earlier tales though I resisted this urge Some other dayAm I gushing Perhaps but The Third Bear is worthy of it The book was so unlike anything I've ever read that it has me wanting to read the rest of VanderMeer's catalog immediately If you're in a rut and tired of reading the same thing over and over check this book out Or if you're just wanting to experience the thrill of Vandermeer's magical oddity do yourself a favor and read The Third Bear I can't recommend it enoughOh and do check out Carl's review here Some of these stories are available for free online and Carl's got all these links collected for your viewing pleasure