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FREE MOBI Ó DOC The Iron Heel 9781503120976 ¸ NATURALTREATMENT ê The Iron Heel has been hailed by some critics as the greatest of all dystopian novels Published in 1908 the novel is a prophetic warning of the dangers of capitalist excess The Oligarchy a monopoly trust has gained control and is in the procesRnest Everhard but discovered by a third party Anthony Meredith who offers commentary throughout London finds time to praise Oscar Wilde who was still regarded by most of the public as a demonic corruptor of youth while providing a prophetic vision of the rise of fascism Soapparently Jack London was a witch who could see into the future A well written and thoughtful book who's anti capatilist message is really needed in our times of terribleness But I'll be honest it was so close to reality I found it a little depressing

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Ng down small to midsize businesses and making farmers subservient to their wishes They are opposed by the Brotherhood of Man a group that embraces London's idea of a socialist collective London employs the ruse of having his manuscript not only written by someone else E The Iron Heel is said to have been a great influence on later dystopian fiction but London's book is completely lacking the subtlety and skill of Orwell Huxley or Burgess Where the latter authors tell carefully crafted fables London relies on heavy handed exhausting and apparently plagiarized polemics Although they are almost ideological antonyms this book is much akin to Rand's Atlas Shrugged than Orwell's 1984 At least Rand's tome managed to engage the reader before embarking on endless and monotone pontifications London doesn't bother here The first hundred pages of this novels are exclusively avenues for London's sermonizing London also writes about his hero in the same rapturous heavy breathed way that Rand does like a thirteen year old girl writing bad Twilight fan fiction The Iron Heel is structured as a manuscript written by a soon to be martyred heroine about her recently martyred husband The 'manuscript' describes events taking place between 1912 and 1932 and is annotated by an editor writing several hundred years in the future This whole premise is laid out in an introduction by the 'editor' introducing the reader to a brutal oligarchy which came to power during the events of the book and had been only recently overthrown by a Socialist Brotherhood I give London credit for creating an innovative and intriguing structure that gives the book a sense of momentum from the start Unfortunately London proceeds to suander this momentum by boring the bejesus out of the reader with several polemics The first one serves to introduce the reader to London's hero his views the issues of the day etc But then London has his character deliver another one and another one and another one It would be one thing if these speeches and dialogues were compelling or well crafted They are not Instead they are tedious unvaried and repetitive Interspersed with this are 'annotations' provided by the editor of the future which manage to be both obnoxious and cringe worthy Now I must be honest I did not finish this book I was intrigued by the introduction but was beginning to be wary by the first chapters I read several chapters and uickly found myself ringing the one star alarm I decided to give it another try the next day but today my reaction was no better I read around half of this thing and I was dreading the second half Looking at the wikipedia summary apparently London becomes less devoted to speechifying and starts to describe the onset of the oligarchy the Iron Heel The wiki page provides a timeline and there appears to be uite a bit of actions But I read half of this thing and there was absolutely no plot movement The half I read convinced me that I wasn't missing much by skipping the second half and reading a wikipedia summary London is hardly a great writer of prose and I hardly trust him to instill a sense of nuance into his plot What I expect follows is a dry heavy handed and dull recitation of events I should be clear that I don't hate this book for London's politicsThis is the first book since Atlas Shrugged that I've abandoned permanently before completing but I feel no shame in doing so The Iron Heel may be an influential work but it is better remembered for being influential than for its own merits On it's own merits it can only be considered a poorly written piece of polemical propaganda

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The Iron HeelThe Iron Heel has been hailed by some critics as the greatest of all dystopian novels Published in 1908 the novel is a prophetic warning of the dangers of capitalist excess The Oligarchy a monopoly trust has gained control and is in the process of sueezing out and shutti The Iron Heel by Jack London is Upton Sinclair meets Wolf Larson Described by many as the first of the modern dystopian novels this one takes a strongly socialist stance clearly espousing this ideology in lengthy diatribes While reading this work I freuently compared to Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged but in contrast Both novels ambitiously seek a prophetic tone but both ultimately wind up as monological propaganda with straw man arguments propped up in opposition The Iron Heel does have the good taste to not run over 1000 pages Another of London’s works the short story The Mexican espouses London's feelings as well deeply sympathetic to socialist causes and centers around romantic heroism of its champions One aspect of the Iron Heel that was amazing and truly prophetic was London’s uncanny ability to forecast power plays of government especially the rise of Hitler’s Germany some thirty years after the release of The Iron Heel Social and political critics of modern day capitalism could also look to this 1908 publication to show how the rich get richer and labor unions have been bought out and find themselves underpowered to react