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The Farmers DaughterThe open road is the only place that seems safe to Shirley Hopper She’s “Mutt” to the other wanderers in train yards and back roads Far from her Mississippi home she begs a night’s sleep in a Nebraska barn little imagining that the lovely farmer’s daughte. I chose to read this book because I have enjoyed Robbi McCoy's novels in the past and was curious to see why The Farmer's Daughter won this year's Lambda Literary award for Lesbian RomanceMy first impression was how much this book reminded me of the classic novel The Grapes of Wrath with lesbians Mutt's life is hard She is forced to leave home and fend for herself in her teens Her lean and rangy physiue helps to give her the appearance of just another young hobo riding the rails looking for work and living by her own rules Like Tom Joad Mutt finds herself working along side other itinerant workers in the California peach groves in less than ideal living arrangements with little financial reward Unlike Tom she has the added challenge of being a woman She needs to hide in plain sight for survival not for personal choice Risk of discovery tempers her every decision I was blown away by Mutt and the life she was forced to liveHere's the thing The book blurb is misleading I wouldn't classify Mutt and Annie's relationship as a sweeping romance but theirs is a beautiful love story Yes there is instant attraction Mutt's first encounter with Annie opens her eyes to her own sexuality She is not alone in her feelings and this brings Mutt comfort during the long hard years she endures before they meet once againWhat sets The Farmer's Daughter apart and above the average romance is the portrayal of the lives of women in the male dominant society of this era Mutt embodies the realities of life as a not just a lesbian but a single woman living in the Forties and Fifties in North America There were very few career opportunities for an uneducated woman living on her own Mutt is able to find work only when disguised as a man The bar she discovers which is a meeting place for other women who love women is not safe from police brutality A woman who chooses to not follow the traditional path of housewife and homemaker will struggle to surviveSo it's the historical significance of the oppression faced by women in this era which makes The Farmer's Daughter a justly deserved award winner Robbi McCoy has given us a sweet romance wrapped up in a historical masterpieceIn this week when we join with Americans as they celebrate their newly won right to same sex marriage in all fifty States it's fitting that we never forget the struggles of our sisters in the pastA memorable read

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R Annie is about to change her lifeMany years and hard knocks later Mutt finds that at least Annie was able to pursue her dreams Now a glamorous wealthy and pampered movie star married to one of Hollywood’s leading men Annie is beyond the reach of McCarthy’s pa. I'm a big fan of Robbi McCoy and this adventurous historical romance one was no disappointment I fell in love with Mutt practically the first time she jumped on the train and the feeling did not diminish To learn about the HOBO life was very interesting and to be reminded of the way so many free thinking Americans were persecuted in the 50's felt good One tends to forgetAll in all a wonderful story

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The Farmers Daughter Read & Download À 104 è The open road is the only place that seems safe to Shirley Hopper She’s “Mutt” to the other wanderers in train yards and back roads Far from her Mississippi home she begs a night’s sleep in a Nebraska barn little imagining that the lovely farmer’s daughter Annie is about to change herRanoid House Un American Activities Committee How could Mutt possibly take away Annie’s perfect life even in the name of loveIt’s bum times and good times and the power of love in a sweeping romance from the award winning author of Not Every River and Spring Ti. I don’t usually read things that put me face to face with Our Pain and Our History — whether that means the Shoah or pre Stonewall Tragic Lesbians — but The Farmer’s Daughter by Robbi McCoy served me that dose of reality that makes me value my present day life even and did it protected safely within the warm embrace of a happy endingI really enjoy a vivid setting coming to life before my eyes and McCoy showed me the hobo life of riding on trains and sleeping in barns as well as the secretive life of working class urban lesbian communities in the 1950’s This is book is a cinematic experience and a complete story taking place over years instead of weeks and it has that wonderful feeling of being well researched without reading like a Wikipedia entryFirst McCoy gives us the story of a young butch lesbian riding the rails who experiences a love story of exuisite bittersweet beauty when she and a Nebraska farm girl fall for each other Then she takes us several years later to Hollywood where it turns out that teenage romantic tragedy isn’t the final wordOne of the most interesting parts of this book for me was the discussion of how if a wealthy or powerful gay man marries a lesbian as a “beard” depending on her original economic status she may wind up with very little power in the association even though they aren’t truly fulfilling heterosexual marriage roles She may be free to have her own relationships but within strict boundaries that protect his reputationThe book also takes unexpected forays into the red scare and labor politics where Annie the femme finally finds her own voice I think it’s neat when the participants in a love story deserve each other and it was fun watching Annie grow into and deserve the steely strength and devotion of her “Mutt” ShirleyNote this is not my usual fluffy fare and there were moments when I had to put the book down and whimper a little If you are triggered by family abusecorrective rape of a lesbian or of bad guys dying in various realistically violent ways check out my other book reviews for alternate recommendations insteadseriously y'all; is heavY HEAVY book