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Download kindle õ Satyr's Son ß ´ Roxton Family Saga Book 5 Henri Antoine and Lisa’s Happily Ever After London 1786 Lord Henri Antoine has returned from the Grand Tour to a life of privilege and excess A vast inheritance allows him every indulgence free from responsibility Yet Henri Antoine maintains a well ordered existence going toUld ruin them both A standalone romantic adventure set against the backdrop of Treat ancestral home of the dukes of Roxton SATYR’S SON will delight fans of the series with cameos by many beloved characters while new readers will discover the myriad pleasures and glittering aristocratic world of the Roxton family through the fresh eyes of newcomer Lisa Crisp SATYR’S SON is a Cinderella story with a heartwarming Happily Ever Afte I'm afraid this one simply didn't work for me I've read a couple of the other books in the series and really enjoyed them particularly Autumn Duchess so I was expecting good things I really admire the author's courage in presenting a romantic hero on stage at the opening as she does in the middle of an epileptic fit and I think she did it extremely effectively She concentrates on his angst his shame at his 'affliction' the pride that makes him hide it from his mother and by doing so presents us with a fascinating emotionally tangled up hero and one who could easily be highly dislikeable too with his arrogance and sense of entitlement My problem with this book and the reason I didn't finish it wasn't either the hero or the heroine but everything else There was way too much Roxton family for my liking There was way too much 'ambiance' and history not woven as Ms Brant usually does into the story but presented almost as padding And though I liked the hero and heroine as individuals I must say that I wasn't too convinced by their romantic chemistry So I was disappointed But I have enjoyed a good few others of Lucinda Brant's books I'm putting this down as the one that got away and I'll definitely be going back for

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Roxton Family Saga Book 5 Henri Antoine and Lisa’s Happily Ever After London 1786 Lord Henri Antoine has returned from the Grand Tour to a life of privilege and excess A vast inheritance allows him every indulgence free from responsibility Yet Henri Antoine maintains a well ordered existence going to great lengths to conceal an affliction few understand and many fearMiss Lisa Crisp is a penniless orphan who relies on the charity This is final book in Ms Brant’s outstanding Roxton Family Saga and although all the other books in the series are fabulous there is just something special about this one that captured my heart and I totally fell in love with Henri Antoine and Lisa’s storyLord Henri Antoine Harry Hesham is the second son of the late Renard fifth Duke of Roxton and his much younger beloved wife Antonia Handsome arrogantly self assured and rich Harry can have any woman he fancies and his licentious behaviour with actresses and other men’s mistresses suggest that he is following in the footsteps of his late father whose scandalous exploits before marrying Antonia were legendary However Harry has suffered from the ‘falling sickness’ epilepsy since birth something which is a closely guarded secret known only to his immediate family and his best friend Sir John Jack Cavendish At the age of 25 Harry still suffers seizures although they are less freuent and he has tried to convince his family that he is cured To maintain this deception he employs a group of loyal and trusted servants – “ the lads” – to look after him in the event of a seizure and ensure that he is safe and well away from public view Although Harry professes not to be the marrying kind Jack genuinely believes that he will one day find his soul mate “I believe there is someone out there for you and that she will be the great love of your life because that is what you need Harry And it is what you deserve And because you are a romantic I know that when you fall in love you’ll well and truly fall as if off a cliff And when that happens don’t fight it; embrace it”Since being orphaned at the age of nine Lisa Crisp has lived with Dr Warner an eminent physician and his wife Minette Lisa’s cousin but is largely ignored To the Warners Lisa was simply there like a piece of furniture or a scullery maid and thus rarely thought of at allIntelligent and capable Lisa assists in Dr Warner’s dispensary which provides services for the sickly poor giving aid and comfort to the patients and writing letters for those who can read but not write She has earned a reputation for being trustworthy and calm in a crisis Lisa’s ability to remain cool in an emergency plays an important part in her unconventional first meeting with Harry Lisa knows from experience that he is having a seizure and although Harry is a total stranger she cares for him ensuring that no one sees him in such a vulnerable state until help arrives in the form of “ the lads”Having heard what happened from Jack Harry is intrigued by the young woman who remained so calm and capable and totally unfazed by his condition and wants to see her himself Lisa is surprised when he arrives at Dr Warner’s to thank her in person and a definite spark of mutual attraction flares between them When Harry returns to present Lisa with a beautiful writing box as a ‘token’ of his gratitude for all she did for him the discovery that they are both attending a friend’s wedding has them both wondering if they might be attending the same wedding In fact Lisa’s aunt had been chief lady in waiting to Harry’s mother Antonia who had sponsored Lisa ‘s attendance at Blacklands an exclusive boarding school Whilst there Lisa developed a close friendship with Miss Theodora Charlotte Teddy Cavendish but when Lisa was expelled from school for scandalous behaviour the two girls lost touch with each other Lisa is therefore surprised but thrilled to receive an invitation to Teddy’s wedding to Sir John CavendishTheir romance blossoms against the background of Teddy and Jack’s wedding celebrations but can a duke’s son and a penniless orphan with ink stained fingers have a fairy tale happy endingI think Harry is the most complex of all the heroes in this series At face value it would be easy to dislike him because at times his behaviour is reprehensible but dig deeper and beneath that arrogant overbearing veneer there is a vulnerable man beset by fears and insecurities In the poignant scene where he talks to Lisa about his father there is a sense of the deep loving bond between father and son and how devastated the twelve year old Harry felt when he died He has never fully recovered from that loss and when he thinks that he is losing Lisa it is anger frustration and fear that makes him lash out and say cruel and hurtful things to the two people he loves the most It also makes him feel insecure about himself if he’d not had position and wealth what was he and how wanted would he beHarry has the added burden that he knows the falling sickness carries a great social stigma not only for the sufferers but their families too and has always been determined that his family would not be subjected to scandal and ridiculeLike Lisa I discovered that Harry is kind generous caring and loving With the large inheritance he received from his father he set up the Fournier Foundation to fund dispensaries providing free medical help for the poor medical research and scholarships for students from poor backgrounds who showed great potential I like how loyal and generous he is to Jack and truly wants to see him happyLisa’s calmness and capability are definite advantages when dealing with Harry and I like her confidence and directness which he finds so disconcerting She actually has the nerve to rebuke him at one point She had rebuked him then dismissed him as a lackey A girl in a plain gown and scuffed shoes whose fingers were ink stained thenails short the skin rough from work and whose family were possibly one step up from the gutter had dared to reproach him the son of a duke the brother of the most powerful duke in the kingdomand later shocks him by kissing him firstShe also sees the real man behind the arrogant mask and comes to understand him in a way that others have failed to and I like how she realises the significance of his walking stick I can understand her willingness to become his mistress because she loves him deeply and if this is the only way she can be with him then so be it I also admire her unselfish reasons for not accepting Harry’s proposal of marriage She does not want to bring scandal to his family or drive a wedge between him and his brother JulianAs with all Ms Brant’s books the romance is beautifully written; sweet tender romantic and sensual without being overtly explicit I particularly love the scene in the Neptune’s Grotto where Harry and Lisa finally consummate their love which reflects all these ualities Although he would never admit it in a hundred years Harry is a romantic at heart and I love the notes he leaves in the secret compartments of Lisa’s writing boxI loved Teddy in Proud Mary and was hoping she would get her Happy Ever After with Jack They are a delightful couple and Jack’s calm affability is the perfect foil for Teddy’s exuberant natureThe rest of the extended Roxton family play an important

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Satyr's SonOf relatives to keep her from the poorhouse Intelligent and unflappable Lisa will not allow poverty to define her She leads a useful life working among the sick poorUnder startling circumstances Henri Antoine and Lisa meet There is instant attraction When they find themselves attending the same wedding in the country Henri Antoine offers Lisa a scandalous proposition one she should refuse but yearns to accept Following her heart co This was a sweet Cinderella type of story and I very much enjoyed seeing Henri Antoine the younger brother of the H in Midnight Marriage get a happy ending at last Things seemed to meander a wee bit too much in the middle when everyone got to the country dropping a star for that but a satisfying finish Except that I'd have preferred a bit in the epilogue view spoilerthose nasty cousins of hers deserved a better comeuppance than they got hide spoiler