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DOC ò READER Her Two Billionaires and a Baby ✓ Her Billionaires FREE Þ The 67000 word endingpicking up where Her Two Billionaires left offWHEN IS A LIE REALLY A LIELaura flees after an amazing encounter with Dylan and Mike a threesome lovemaking experience that sets her senses on fire and her hearHey have a shot with Laura When she accepts their offer for dinner and only dinner the guys see that being normal and comfortable and fun is the best remedy for their past transgressions and they're determined to win her back one Italian meatball and homemade tiramisu bite at a timeBUT FEAR MAKES EVERYONE KEEP SECRETSLaura lays it on the line tell her any secrets they might have They just can't though hiding their billionaire status they decide it's too much too soon with Dylan taking the lead as Mike feels they should tell the truth sooner than later Deferring to Dylan he keeps his mouth shut The trio move on and a night at Laura's house gives her the closure she needs to trust them again a no holds barred lovemaking session that seals the deal and heals her woundsUntil a morning news show reveals that Dylan Boston's FINALLY All is exposed Don’ get me wrong we get some AWESOME ménage scenes that Julia Kent is known for and some great laughs but it’s safe to say that Laura finds out about Dylan and Mike being Billionaires And it’s not from them It’s from the news It goes bad REALLY REALLY bad Laura stops speaking to Mike and Dylan telling them to leave her alone FOREVER and hole’s up at Josie’s Mike and Dylan get into a fistfight that ruins there friendship Mike moves out Dylan is practically fired from being a fire fighter as he is just holding up someone else’s job who really needs to work when he doesn’t In the space of a few chapters they have gone from being a tight little ménage group to none of them talking Laura told them from the start that they had to be honest with her When she found out that Mike and Dylan knew each other she forgave them As long as there was nothing else they weren’t telling her They didn’t tell her they are Billionaire’s and when she found out she ran Now she’s not being honest with them and doesn’t know how to be One of them is going to be a Father Is she going to be that much of a hypocrite Will she forgive their lies and deceit Well of course she will After all WHY READ IF THERE IS NO HEA Pfft Speaking of HEA we heard about Josie in Random Acts of Crazy and this BBW series so she has to get her own book right She sure does It mentions at the end of this book that Josie’s will be released in April After looking everywhere for it I emailed Julia who told me Ménage Match hasn't been released yet that is Josie's book which is coming in June It is now called It's Complicated and has Laura's birth a heavy dose of Darla plenty about the new business hot doctor Alex Derjian Josie's love interest and loads in it It is a huge book 400 pages and comes out at the end of June So I am super excited about it I really enjoy Julia’s writing style The Guys are hot the girls aren’t skinny little bimbo’sRemember Laura is plus size are usually hilarious with some great one liners The sex scenes are smoking And although this is a Menage series the guys don’t touch Just thought I’d throw that out there for my MM friends I can’t wait to get my hands on her other work

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Hottest eligible bachelor is actually a billionaire And so is Mike Standing in the office lobby gawking at the television as it spewed unbearable secrets Laura is agog and sprints to the safety of Josie Shutting Mike and Dylan out for good she licks her newly opened wounds and prepares for a life without themUntil a positive pregnancy test changes everythingAnd this time Laura's the one keeping secretsuntil a dangerous fire in her apartment leads to her rescue by Dylan who learns the truth in a life or death blaze that makes everything complicated becauseIt's always complicatedHer Two Billionaires and a Baby is the 67000 word final episode in a four novella arc though this one's novel length that brings closure to the very unconventional loving relationship between curvy Laura hot firefighter Dylan and calm mellow Mi This thing about not knowing who is the father of the baby just drives me crazy especially in contemporary romance novels where it's just harder for me to believe that people will keep their child's parentage a secret even when knowledge about the biological parents is available and there isn't any scandal involved If you aren't concerned about heritage then at the very least knowing one's parentage for medical reasons is important If one of the fathers takes the baby to the doctor and has to complete a uestionnaire about her medical history he'll be totally stumped It's not like each father couldn't have a child with the mother Whoever isn't the biological father this time could be the biological father of the next baby I just don't get why this has to be so difficult I feel like for a contemporary romance this should really be a cut and dry issue This was an issue that also annoyed me in the Colter's Woman series but at least in that plot the husbands were brothers so they shared a family medical history and familial heritage Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill but I can't pretend like such plot twists don't affect my enjoyment of the book because they absolutely do

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Her Two Billionaires and a Baby Her Billionaires #4The 67000 word endingpicking up where Her Two Billionaires left offWHEN IS A LIE REALLY A LIELaura flees after an amazing encounter with Dylan and Mike a threesome lovemaking experience that sets her senses on fire and her heart ablaze But hopes are uickly extinguished when reality settles in and she feels duped Had they set her up just to get her in bed Was she the butt of some elaborate sexual joke Running for the safety of her best friend Josie she pours her heart out and learns that Josie has a few secrets of her own involving threesomesCOMING CLEAN IS HARDER THAN IT SEEMSAfter Laura leaves in a panic Mike and Dylan must wrestle with their past to come to terms with how it may jeopardize their future with her A chance run in with Laura and her friend Josie at a legendary Boston diner gives them renewed hope that t This review is for the entire two billionaires series and covers the following booksHer First BillionaireHer Second BillionaireHer Two BillionairesHer Two Billionaires and a BabyFirst a rant I've found myself getting really irritated by authors that release a book series that is really chapters of a longer novel I feel that it is a cynical way to exploit readers into paying for their work than it's worth and in this case it's no exception I understand that authors have to make money but reallyAnyway enough of the ranting and onto the reviewI struggled with this series I really did The whole thing read like a bad movie script and I regretted spending my time and money on it I didn't connect with any of the characters and thought the whole premise was ludicrous view spoilerHer First BillionaireBBW is looking for love kookie best friend posts profile on dating website BBW is contacted by secret billionaire hunky fireman looking for a new love after his female menage partner dies BBW hunky fireman go on a date sleep together BBW wakes in the night sees pictures of female menage partner thinks hunky fireman is a cheat flees and blocks contact Her Second BillionaireNext morning BBW checks email and discovers one from a secret billionaire ski instructor and secretly hunky fireman's male menage partner Goes on a date sleeps with him hunky fireman finds out and goes ballistic Her Two BillionairesSki instructor arranges a surprise for BBW where hunky fireman joins in a sex session with ski instructor and BBW BBW fleesHer Two Billionaires and a BabyBBW discovers ski instructor and hunky fireman are billionaires and they didn't tell her She dumps them both discovers she's pregnant and keeps it a secret for 20 weeks Hunky fireman and ski instructor split up BBW's flat catches fire she's rescued by hunky fireman who discovers she's pregnant BBW hunky fireman and ski instructor make up have sex the end hide spoiler