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Free read É Bonsái Author Alejandro Zambra Å PDF, DOC, TXT, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Ä Years passed and the only person who didn’t change was the young woman in the book Hailed as a great Latin American literary event this stylistically innovative elliptically told tale of a young A brilliantly explores the relationship between art love and life Bonsai is accessible yet profound as one critic in Chile’s Capital newspaper put it “brief as a sigh and forceful as a blow?. In the end she dies and he remains alone although in truth he was alone some years before her death Emilia's death Let's say that she is called or was called Emilia and that he is called was called and continues to be called Julio Julio and Emilia In the end Emilia dies and Julio does not die The rest is literature I only wanted a local short novel to read between transfers on my recent trip to Chile and I ended up with this precious gem of a poem in prose heavy with the memories of my own lost youth among books and movies and lost loves that I know nothing about today A poem dedicated to being young and careless and wasteful of the most precious moments of your life if you only had the wisdom to know it at the time A story about how literature intersects with life about how books brought them together and about how books where insufficient to save them from drifting apart An ode to the girl who lost her way and died much too young and to the boy who decides to grow up a tree in her memory When Julio fell in love with Emilia all the pleasure and suffering previous to the pleasure and suffering that Emilia brought him turned into simple imitations of true pleasure and suffering To analyze to deconstruct this novel seems like sacrilege to me It is intimate and painful and beautiful beyond the words that comprise it Beyond making a note to read one of the key short stories that define the relationship between Julio and Emilia and the reason Julio chooses to commemorate their love with a bonsai It is called Tantalia – by Macedonio Fernandez and as I understand from the references it is about a couple that decides to use a house plant as a symbol for their love—«»—«»—«»—As I prepared to write some thoughts about my first Zambra experience I found myself checking old notebooks from my student days for fragments of poetry that I underlined in the aftermath of broken relationships I'll just leave them here as 'feuilles mortes' from my own bonsai On and on the rain will fallLike tears from a star like tears from a starOn and on the rain will sayHow fragile we are how fragile we are Ne om aminti cândva târziude aceasta întâmplare simplade aceasta banca unde stamtâmpla fierbinte lânga tâmplaDe pe stamine de alundin plopii albi se cerne jarulOrice nceput se vrea fecundrisipei se deda Florarul APRIL is the cruellest month breeding Lilacs out of the dead land mixing Memory and desire stirring Dull roots with spring rain Les sanglots longsDes violons De l'automneBlessent mon cœurD'une langueur MonotoneTout suffocantEt blême uand Sonne l'heureJe me souviensDes jours anciens Et je pleure;Et je m'en vaisAu vent mauvais ui m'emporteDeçà delàPareil à la Feuille morte

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Man and his love who mysteriously disappears is as the narrator tells us “a simple story that becomes complicated”Through both the distance and closeness of these young lovers Alejandro Zambr. And better still after the third reading If anyone is interested in reading this one and needs a copy of Macedonio Fernandez's Tantalia feel free to give me a shout and I'll email you the 5 page story prontoEven better after the second reading The world is of tantalic inspiration So begins Macedonio Fernandez’s fantastic story Tantalia Zambra makes reference to it I encourage readers to get a copy and read it—bizarre and an incredible complement to this novella complement in its older sense of something which completes The He and She of Tantalia could easily be Julio and Emilia of this story Gazmuri an authorcharacter in this novella could easily be Fernandez if one is inclined The stories fit together like complimentary angles Fernandez’s story informs this one Zambra’s story attaches as if integral Where MF baffles AZ seems to illuminate entertain bedazzle and bedazzle with a healthy dose of humor which wasn’t as apparent if at allon the first read Get them both Read them both 4 pages from MF 83 from AZ—uickly accomplished and so well worth the time I’m tempted to revise my rating but I’m retaining it as my initial feeling Do yourself a favor read them bothTantalia may be found in The Book of Fantasy which the translator of Zambra’s novella translates literally as Anthology of Fantastic Literature—don’t waste time hunting around for that title Original reviewIsn’t it just the way—your GR friends start reading whoppers so what do you do you start chewing through some of the slimmest novellas you own Well that might not be what you do but it seems to be what I’m doing Going against the grain So here I am My Read list well ahead of where I need to be for meeting my year’s goal Building a cushion against the time I start my own next whopper And even that I screw up I recently got an email about a new group which I was checking out on my phone man I hate having a phone smarter than I am so I clicked Join—looking forward to reading Infinite Jest with the folks I expected to join or had already joined only to then realize I’d joined a group to read Gravity’s Rainbow—Gravity’s Freakin’ Rainbow It’s cool; I need to get it moved from TBR to Read—all’s good But and here’s the thing I like the randomness of what’s next for me—that is the randomness of what I read and when I read it So a long winded approach to a review of Bonsai I recently read and loved The Private Lives of Trees because the author’s Bonsai was constantly being recommended by this site and —all well and good that except that Bonsai was Out of Print or Out of Stock or something and the only copies available were used and 30 a throw Ya gotta love suggestions like that So now I was determined Get Bonsai and read it Lo Behold It’s being reissued in a movie tie in less expensive edition—all’s right with the world I started it almost immediately upon its arrival and have now read it twiceBonsai begins with what appears as the beginning of a framed story—it leaves no doubt where the story will go only how it will get there Then the lineIn the story of Emilia and Julio in any case there are omissions than lies and fewer omissions than truths of the kind that are called absolute and that tend to be uncomfortableFollowed on the next page with the passageThe relationship between Emilia and Julio was riddled with truths with intimate revelations that rapidly established a complicity that they wanted to understand as definitive This then is a light story that turns heavy This is the story of two students who are enthusiasts of truth of scattering sentences that seem true of smoking eternal cigarettes and of closing themselves into the intense complacency of those who think they are better purer than others than that immense and contemptible group known as the othersUltimately the novella is about fiction lies reading truth characters who do and don’t matter overlapping stories that may or may not be mentioned in one text or another Literature and love’s beginnings and endings All shoved into the briefest of 83 pages I liked this one A lot It gets 4 rather than 5 stars because I preferred The Private Lives of Trees Totally arbitrary Absurdist like the novel Worth spending the better part of a psychiatrist’s hour with

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Bonsái Author Alejandro ZambYears passed and the only person who didn’t change was the young woman in the book Hailed as a great Latin American literary event this stylistically innovative elliptically told tale of a young. ‘ What's the purpose of being with someone if they don't change your life’There are some books that can be consumed in a singular hour yet remain within you to be digested by the intellect for days or weeks Alejandro Zambra’s Bonsai is such a book The precise simplicity of the novel makes it a difficult book to talk as the novella feels as fragile as an intricately colored moth’s wing—admire its beauty but don’t touch it lest it turn to dust There is a feeling of weightlessness to the prose and story that still manages to weigh heavy in the heart and soul upon completion It is the story of two young lovers lovers of one another and literature and what happens to them once they part It is as simple as that yet complex in its mechanics and implications Like the bonsai grown by Julio the story exists and flourishes within the confines of its literary container with Zambra’s pristine prose trimming the limbs of love to enshrine it as a miniature work of art and beautyThere is a sweet simplicity and breathless fluidity to this tiny novel Characters silently sweep on and off the stage love is found and lost within the length of a paragraph revelations are made and people are lost forever all without rising from a soft idyllic tone that Zambra executes with the care of one polishing expensive glassware Broken into five short segments each comes like a delicate waves on the ocean each separate with their own emotional peak to crash onto our heart’s shores yet all one body of literature moving together There is also a wry humor integrated in the otherwise somber plot that gives it wings and keeps it from plummeting into melodrama What is most impactful is the way that Zambra circles around the story yet never jabs his pen into it’s heart keeping everything in the hazy peripherals of a story that need not be addressed head on as the reader already understands it’s shape‘ In the end Emilia dies and Julio does not die The rest is literature’This is a novel of love but most importantly a novel about literature Zambra shows his hand plot wise from the very first sentence entrusting the reader to understand that this is an exercise of literature and that the ‘from A to B’ plot is secondary a mere current of events to power the lightbulb of ideas There is a gorgeous character study at play Julio and Emilia two college students become lovers ‘ doomed to seriousness’ These two could be anyone symbols really for any two people connected by ‘ the emotional affinities that any couple is capable of discovering with only a little effort’ Much of the simplicity and the way Zambra refers to Julio and Emilia ‘ who are not exactly characters though maybe it’s convenient to think of them as characters’ helps build a universal microcosm of relationships Anyone that has loved or loved and lost can find charm in the hazy tale Zambra has created Julio and Emilia lie to one another on their first sexual encounter both claiming to have read Marcel Proust and embellish the lies with partly true details to bring their falsehoods to life In a way they are creating literature and as their relationship continues full of lies and truths and half truths like any young couple they further their depth as characters both literally and metaphysically Any lover of literature is sure to be charmed by their sexual foreplay consisting of reading to one another from role playing Madame Bovary neither ever wanted to be Charles and the way they ‘re read’ Proust together It is their reading of the short story Tantalia¹ by Macedonio Fernández—a story of a couple who fear the survival of their relationship is dependant on the life of a clover plant the unnamed woman gives the man as a symbol of love that gives them pause and reveals the mortality of theirs and all relationships‘ Once outside its flowerpot the tree ceases to be a bonsai’When Julio decides to grow a bonsai he discovers a few key lines in a care manual A bonsai is an artistic replica of a tree in miniature It consists of two elements the living tree and the container The two elements must be in harmony and the selection of the appropriate pot for a tree is almost an art form in itself The opening sentence ‘ in the end she dies and he remains alone’ becomes the container from which the story—the ‘ the rest is literature’ grows and flourishes The people that come and go from their lives are like the limbs of the bonsai tree which are carefully cut to grow in a desired shape However the story itself is a series of containers Julio writes a novel about a man who learns of the death of a lost love this being before Julio learns of Emilia’s death and grows a bonsai as a love plant in her honour the story of which later Julio will act out in his own life The story of the bonsai is the literature that grows from the container of Fernandez’s story Tantalia and finds itself actually occurring on several levels of the narrative; there is a doubling or tripling and so forth of meaning that all functioning in relation to one another a meta narrative style that works nearly like two mirrors reflecting back at one another with a bonsai situated between them The bonsai ‘ an artistic replicain miniature’ is then Julio’s novel but also the novel itself with so many self referential aspects that it teases the reader into fantasizing an intentional fallacy and pondering if the Zambra wrote his novel in relation to Tantalia as did Julio and if the love plot has any half truths in Zambra’s own life It is the intricate potting of a story within a story that really sticks with the reader the half truths of life that go on to become a work of art the literature housed in the container of experience Bonsai is a uiet little novel with uite the emotional punch It displays a budding promise for it’s young author who would later make good on those promises with The Private Lives of Trees which I found to be even emotionally impactful What I love most is the way this novella makes literature seem like the most important aspect of life The fragility of life and love is explored in beautiful and breathless prose that makes this elliptical little novel well worth the time 3755‘ I want to end Julio’ story but Julio’s story doesn’t end that’s the problem’¹ A big thank you to Mike and Matt for sending me Tantalia a uite insightful story that is also key to unlocking the heart of Zambra’s own story